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Starbucks brand advocacy

The leader in employee social media advocacy. This company has a full blown army of brand ambassadors posting on their behalf everyday. How? With an awesome employee brand advocacy program. This program actually encourage all of their staff to share updates about the brand on their own social media accounts to help spread awareness and build relationships with the public. Not only does this boost employee morale, it also gives customers unique insight into Starbucks’ company culture.

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Starbucks brand advocacy

  1. 1. Starbucks’ brand advocacy strategy
  2. 2. • One of the most appreciated tactics used by Starbucks’ brand advocacy strategy is that they refer to employees as “partners.” • This simple decision made employees feel the sense of belongingness and accountability for their social media activities. • An important ingredient in their employee advocacy program is the extensive social media guidelines they made widely available to their partners. • They also built dedicated social media accounts for their partners, which now has almost 44 thousand followers on Twitter and over 340 thousand likes on Facebook How To Turn Your Entire Staff Into A Social Media Army Click Here to read more
  3. 3. ◎ Share the right content with employees ◎ Help them to schedule it on social media ◎ Save time and create a great brand online Check out Amplispot for your employee Advocacy planning
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