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Advoc8tor client presentation june 2018


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Build awareness, educate and mobilize community to support your issue, cause or project . We help mobilize, message and deliver to MAKE GOOD HAPPEN. Grassroots connections get things done.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Advoc8tor client presentation june 2018

  1. 1. The amplifi Advoc8tor Campaign Customized cloud-based software supporting grass-roots action for your issue or cause. Your members and community can easily deliver approved concepts in personal messages directly to Elected Officials.
  2. 2. Technology To Enable Citizen Engagement Engage members to become ambassadors for an issue or cause using simple & familiar tools Provide for personal message development with approved content that supports your cause or case Shift the pressure to focus on locally elected officials to make the changes your community needs
  3. 3. Advocacy Positioning Digital Advocacy – a virtual interaction for a changed reality The voice of many surpasses the noise of a vocal few Constituent interaction is directly related to re-election 3
  4. 4. Can you get here from there?
  5. 5. Create a Campaign Your issue | Your members | Your message | Delivered • All politics are local • Representatives are always campaigning for re-election • They are always looking for ways to connect • Most constituents don’t know how to connect with their Representative
  6. 6. Find your elected representative First name* | Last name* | Email* | Postal Code* N2J4A8 ENTER Select level of elected official to contact Click to open direct email browser Click for display of constituency map Sign Up / Log In A simple click scrolls authorized options to personalize message choice and then deliver directly to Elected Representatives at any level of government! Postal Code 1 2 3  Federal  Provincial  Municipal
  7. 7. MESSAGE YOUR ELECTED REPRESENTATIVE Call to action With this fully customized introduction you invite campaigners to connect directly to their Elected Official about the priorities that matter most - to them and your organization. (This is how your name will appear in the signature block of your email letter to your elected official.) Enter your first name Enter your last name Enter your email address CONTINUE 20% DONE Copyright © 2018 Advoc8tor. All Rights Reserved.
  8. 8. Selected official Advocate This is the sample subject greeting line …
  9. 9. We tackle the complex… …and make it feel simple… Campaign Building Blocks Member Forum News Feed Civics Tutorial Twitter Issue Insight Concierge Chat Support FAQs Social Media Letter to Membere Mail Hashtag Follow Templates Polls Photo Video Meeting PrepINFORM INVOLVE INSPIRE Badging Phone Script
  10. 10. Quick Click Campaigns • e-mail Your Elected Official • Postal Code Quick Connection • Select From Template Messages Socialize for Impact • Custom Campaign Hashtags • Invite Your Friends Forms • Polls and Surveys Membership Community • Private, Secure Campaign • Landing Page or Microsite • Custom Data/Analytics Reports Action Assistance • Campaign Concierge • Contact Playbook • Tips, Tools, Tactics Own the Narrative • Pin Point Story Maps • Stories and Blogs • Campaign Podcast Updates Fast Activation • Software and Services • Customized Design & Support • Simple Hosted Solution Advoc8tor Campaign Dashboard
  11. 11. What’s in it for you? Build a deeper relationship with your members 1 Create a new and valuable experience for your users 2 Ready-to-go software, supporting social networks, CRM tools 3 Community shares experiences, joins discussions, blog, surveys, story maps & videos 4 Inspire interaction among members; understand what excites, motivates and concerns them 5 Be able to react quickly to the emerging needs of your members with analytics and reports 6
  12. 12. What success can look like Automotive after market repairs & services > $20 Billion/yr* • Distributed 75% Independents/25% dealerships • Dealers; “ …technology repairs are proprietary solutions” Industry adopted National Advocacy Campaign • amplifi “re-oriented” complex economic arguments • Digital portal for member advocacy materials and real-time support in EVERY riding • Focus on educating & engaging consumers to connect with all candidates • Private member bill • OEMs scrambled to settle and provided access to all repair solutions
  13. 13. Proven for getting response from locally elected representatives • Your members are busy, and you are too. We can implement your campaign and spare you the effort. • Sound business understanding • Government relations success • Focussed program implementation
  14. 14. We take the pressure off of you and put it on the politicians – who signed-up for it! • We remove the clutter and distractions. As easy to engage from the living room as it is from the halls of the legislature • Key content curated for your members • Streamlined identification of target elected representatives • Personalized coaching just a click away • Community sharing reinforces confidence and motivates further action
  15. 15. No risk to your organization • Our digital solution empowers individual members to take action, supported with approved and targeted messaging • Posting may be digitally monitored to protect the integrity of your organization • Secure system to protect the rights of your members 15
  16. 16. Campaign Creation and Implementation Strategy development and campaign design Content creation Member enrollment and engagement Message curation, social sharing Badging and gamification Tracking, analytics and reporting Adjustments, maintenance updates INFORM INVOLVE INSPIRE
  17. 17. What is Your “Ask”? • Give voice to your concerns • Empower your members • Change your future
  18. 18. Digital Advocacy in the 21st Century 18
  19. 19. 1.877.729.1699 Affordable Implementation Options for Any Campaign* Free Crowdsource Private Enterprise Email connection to elected officials     Formatted personal email    Issue background portal    Custom micro-site design    Member only access    Custom message content options 3 5 10 Templated social media options 1 3 8 Editorial control   Custom hashtag management   Secure hosting   Campaign reports and analytics   Real-time Concierge assistance  Campaign duration Open 3 month 6 month Annual Monthly fee per user Free $5.99 per user min 500 users $3.99 per user min 250 users $.99 per user min 500 users Custom content creation n/a 3 prepared message options $5K includes 5 custom message choices $10K includes 10 custom message choices Software support and hosting n/a n/a $5K one-time or $1K per month $10K one- time or $1K per month Implementation Options *Ask about custom strategic communications programs or retainer/management options