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Proyecto final crs

  1. 1. NATIONAL SERVICE OF LEARNING FORM FORMATION`S PROJECT Name: Angie Melissa Perea Grade: _9-e_ Dirección General Dirección de Formación Profesional Direction Web: Tel:6100861 IETISD 1.2 MUNICIPALITY: 1.1 EducacionalInstitución: Neuralizathor 1.2 Name of the project: Training in neurology and electronics 1.3 Training Program that responds to Eight or nine months 1.4 Estimated time of execution of the project (months): Corum, AstroFisi 1.5Companies or institutions that take part in his formulation or financing : (if exist) 1.7 Key words of search Neuron, wave electromagnetic, brain, neutralizing, synapse Marinilla
  2. 2. 2. Structure of the Project 2.1 Approaching the Problem To construct a dispositive for increment our mental capacities. With it we can revolution the world 2.2 Justification of the Project This project comes a solution to low mental and artistic endowments made by most people pretending improve through ergonomic helmet whit electromagnetic sensor 2.3 General objedive Build a device that increases our mental capacities and revolting the world 2.4 Especifica objetive: .find the elements necessary to carry out the construction of the hull .collect all possible information on the subject .save all problems that arise 2.5 sopeoverol 2.5.1 Beneficiarias of theProject Everyone who provided the use of the device Social People could increase their mental capacity Economic Monetary profit by implementing the artifact Environmental none Technological 2.5.2 Impacto Hull respective inovation 2.5.3 Restrictions or associated risks: the risk fatal hull implement fracased 2.5.4. Products or results of the project: the end result would simply put the improvement of the world help people with mental disabilities and ambitious People who want to increase their mental abilities
  3. 3. 2.6:Innovation/ Technological management yes The project addresses a need of the productive sector yes/no yes The project improves the process / product / service exists? yes/no no The project involves the use of new techniques and process technologies yes/no no The end products are susceptible to industrial protection and / or copyright yes/no yes The products obtained in the project can be positioned in the market? yes/no 2.7 Productiva assessment yes With the development of the project can meet the need for a potential customer. yes/no Feasibility of project business plan yes/no 3. Planning
  4. 4. 3.1 PROCESS STAGES Fase 1: Fundamentación PHASE 2:formulación PHASE 3:DIAGNOSTIC 3.2 ACTIVITIES OF THE PROJECT Mental changes assured by slides to the public 3.3. RESULTS OF LEARNING(a patriot the program of formation) 3.4 ASSOCIATE COMPETITIO N DESCRIPTION OF THE ACTIVITY Requires sufficient grounds and canoes to persuade the dense The end grave much credibility Brain failure peripheral vision We start with the feasibility of the construction Assignment of The language should go in order and long neurology an investigative to provide better understanding hours of veers electronics and schedules for the public for the public behind determine their ability Give prior to the publication any information you provide Properties and Strong fundamental arguments for happened our the project theories Neurological research has enabled us closer to achieving this objectivity After several Adjustments 4 PHASE:ANALYSIS AND tests we Neurology to make this possible was to the CONSTRUCTION OF THE make final and electronic needed an apartment with a prototype to PROPOSAL adjustments aesthetics neurologist and an electrician make it viable to the project TEACHERSTHA HOURS T TAKE PART Jairo Vicente Miranda Alba InésGiraldo Jairo Vicente Miranda Alba InésGiraldo mine EVIDENCES Our instructions considered viable foundation four Clarity of the public to the presentation of our project Ana Maria six Conversions and dialogues established whit our advisers Ana Maria Jairo Vicente Miranda sixteen The only evidence is all encounters that were made corum
  5. 5. 5 PHASE: Project presentation in the week institutional A propagation of subject and belief in what is said Good expositions Public outreach and provide clear Alba Inés Giraldo seven Clarity of people to the information printed in exposition.