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Hello friends from denver


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Presentación alumnos de 3º

Published in: Education
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Hello friends from denver

  2. 2. LOCATION • Fuengirola is a large town on the Costa del Sol in the province of Málaga in the south of Spain.
  3. 3. HISTORY • The town has its origins in Phoenician, Roman, and Arab civilisations. • In ancient times, Fuengirola was known as Suel and then Suhayl. • A the beginning of the 19th century it fell into the hands of the French. Later Fuengirola came under the jurisdiction of the municipality of Mijas and gradually the population grew. Fuengirola got its independence from Mijas in the 19th century.
  4. 4. This is “Castillo Sohail”
  5. 5. RELIEF • One of the Fuengirola’s main attractions is, of course, its wonderful seven kilometres (five miles) of sandy beaches.
  6. 6. POPULATION • Population (2016) • • Total: 77,486 • • Density: 7,600/km2 (20,000/sq mi) • In the last decade, Fuengirola’s population has increased by 50 per cent.
  7. 7. TYPICAL FOOD • Pescaíto frito (fried fish) such as anchovy. • Sardines made with hot coal . • Cold soups like gazpacho o ajoblanco, made with vegetables, olive oil and garlic. • Ensalada malagueña ( typical salad from Malaga with cod, potatoes and oranges). • Tortas de Fuengirola, made with olive oil. • Gambas al pil-pil (shrimps with garlic, olive oil and pepper).
  8. 8. These are sardines.
  9. 9. ACTIVITIES TO DO • Puerto de Fuengirola”: It is a sport and fishing port. • • Castillo Sohail (Sohail Castle). • • Finca del Secretario: archaeological site, dated between the 1st and the 5th century. • • Termas de Torreblanca: Roman baths found in 1991. • • Iglesia de Nuestra Señora del Rosario: The main catholic church in the town. • • Bioparc Fuengirola: A zoo inaugurated in 1978, with 1300 animals and 140 diferent species. • • Feria Internacional de los Pueblos in April and the fair in October. • • Street markets during several days of the week.
  10. 10. This is the fair in October.
  11. 11. OUR SCHOOL • Our school is called Valdelecrin. We are in the third year of Primary Education. • This is our school.
  12. 12. We like going on trips.
  13. 13. We celebrate Christmas and we sing Christmas carols.
  14. 14. Here we were celebrating Thanksgiving Day.