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Published in: Education, Career
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  1. 1. February 22, 2010 Mrs. Carol Sloane Joy Elementary School 1600 E. Coolspring Ave Michigan City, IN 46360 I am recently an undergraduate student attending Ball State University. I recently went to the job fair that the university handles biannually and learned of many open positions for my desired field of Elementary Education. I saw several open positions to fill in as a teacher that I look forward and hope to successfully fill. My entire college experience has been focused and geared to being a teacher and one of the best teachers I can possibly be. I have taken many classes to help prepare me of obsticles that will occur and to teach students in many different areas of study from various different stand points. Not every child learns in the same way or method and it is my personal goal to educate every student I come across and make school something a child sincerely looks forward to. I sincerely hope for the time to prove myself to everyone and place an interview promptly. In an elementary school setting it normally is everyone in the staffs goal is to reach out to students and help them progress into shooting stars. I personally cannot wait to reach every student in a classroom setting and assist molding them into their future selves with bright futures. I believe that everyone should have dreams and as a students teacher I will be there to assure them that anything is possible and help shape them into the respectable adults they will become. I have been educated on many different methods and approaches to take to towards educating a child and to work successfully in a school environment. Each child is different, some learn from visuals, writing, rubrics, or hands on activities. I will have each method prepared for the class and work with what is best for the students. Working as a teacher not only involves cooperation from your students, a teacher also has many coworkers and a principal to look up to. I question myself endlessly how easy is it to fit yourself into a place full of people working for the greater good? The last two words help me know why I aspire to be a teacher, because of the greater good. Each one of the teachers are working hard and really want to work on a students achievements. Education is not to set up students for failure, but to assist student to succeed. I want to be apart of something so wonderful and positive and help brighten a child or two’s future
  2. 2. I would sincerely appreciate an interview to fill the position acquired and believe I could be an excellent addition to the school. I aspire to be the best and I can only be the best if I join the best. I appreciate your time Thank You Ashley Pace 1810 W. Charles St Muncie, IN 47303