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  1. 1. “Autumn is a second spring where every leaf is a flower”-Albert Camus8509002921000Grab your rakes and help out the elders in the communityWhen?This is a community that is mostly elders and need a helping handCommunity Leaf Raking54495707885430“Uninterrupted deep sleep is critical to children for many reasons. First, growth hormones are secreted during deepest sleep. Second, sleep deprivation may erroneously be attributed to attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Third, a recent study cited by the National Sleep Foundation shows a higher accident rate for children following any period of sleep loss.”If you notice your child is having problem sleeping you should consider to start a sleep diary and record when they wake up in the middle of the night and how long it takes for your child to go back to sleepIdeal room temperature between 60-65 degreesKeep door openAvoid caffeine before bed timeNo tv right before bedDarken the room (nightlights are fine)www.eduguide.orgOctober 2nd grade 2009Did you know?26797003136900Come around 3:00pmAutumn Trail10-29-09What?Where?What a parent can support learning at homeDevelop Literacy Skills:Designate a reading timeRead to your child, then let them read to youMake reading enjoyableCreate activities developing around your latest bookA Parent is a Child’s First TeacherWhat’s Happening In Our Community?1005205299720019240501702435Contact Information:Miss Ashley PacePhone: 219-898-1488Email: ampace@bsu.eduSecond Harvest Food Bank: To free others from hunger. Everyone is knowledgeable and sensitive to all cases6621 N Old State Road 3Muncie, IN (765) 287-8698660400945515Write a brief narrative story about a pet or a close family member. Events, setting, characters (Standard 2.5.1Poetry! Short poems; introduction of rhyming (Standard 2.5.4)Practiced legible hand writing (Standard 2.6.1)Capitalization; proper nouns (Standard 2.6.7)Writing/EnglishMeasurements! We measured everyone in class; How Tall is the teacher?Estimating feet and yards (Standard 2.5.1)How many inches are in a foot? How many centimeters are in a meter? (Standard 2.5.2)What We Will LearnMathRead “What Do You Do With a Tail Like This?” informational book and each student selected their favorite animal and described what they learned from the book (Standard 2.2.2)Did a project why the animals were so different from each other from the noted book above and applied the comprehension from the text (Standard 2.2.3)Recognize the difference between fantasy and reality (Standard 2.3.6)Reading/EnglishAdding and subtracting numbers up to 100! 100 is the number of the month and we are doing various activities with this numberThe class cut out various shapes and then had to describe and identify them (Standard 2.4.2)Number Blocks: 1’s, 10’s, 100’s; with this we are learning place values and have visual aides to guide us (Standard 2.1.2)Match the number to the name Bingo (Standard 2.1.6)Identifying odd and even numbers up to 100 (Standard 2.1.7)MathA friendly monthly update on what has been going on in our 2nd grade classroomWhat We Learned!6896106856095Cleo’s Biscuits377190965200Sed metus orci, ultricies eu, vulputate quis, porttitor ut, diam. 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Cras gravida sapien et nunc. Cras tristique lacus vel magna. Nam quis sapien.In felis felis, accumsan at, ornare nec, congue nec, augue. Lorem Ipsum!Spring 2012 THe Lorem Ipsums6315561190786Suspendisse potenti!The Lorem IpsumsPLACEHOLDER IF USERPROPERTY WorkStreet 302 Autumn Trail=" " " [Street Address]" USERPROPERTY WorkStreet 302 Autumn Trail302 Autumn Trail * MERGEFORMAT302 Autumn Trail PLACEHOLDER IF USERPROPERTY WorkCity Michigan City=" " " [City]" USERPROPERTY WorkCity Michigan CityMichigan City * MERGEFORMATMichigan City, PLACEHOLDER IF USERPROPERTY WorkState Indiana=" " " [State]" USERPROPERTY WorkState IndianaIndiana * MERGEFORMATIndiana PLACEHOLDER IF USERPROPERTY WorkZip 46360=" " " [Postal Code]" USERPROPERTY WorkZip 4636046360 * MERGEFORMAT46360Address Line 1Address Line 2Address Line 3Address Line 4[Recipient]<br />