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Article Writing - an Effective Way to Improve your PR


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Article Writing - an Effective Way to Improve your PR

  1. 1. Article Writing - an Effective Way to Improve your PR
  2. 2. Learn About the Many Benefits of Using Article- Directories!
  3. 3. Using Article-Directories youre not only provided with acentral location for submitting and promoting all of yourarticles, you also have the key to a powerful resource forwebsite owners and ezine/newsletter publishers who are searching for excellent content to share with others!
  4. 4. When you set up your account with an Article-Directories, you can immediately begin submitting your articles.Writing and submitting articles is an extremely powerful method for promoting your websites, products, andservices. Here are just a few of the benefits youll receive by submitting articles to an Article-Directory:
  5. 5. => Increase the incoming links pointing to your website - Search engines use links as a gauge for determining how"important" your website is. Search engines view each link pointing to your site as a "vote" and the more votes your website receives, the higher the rankings!
  6. 6. => Boost your website traffic, sales, and newsletteroptions - When you submit articles to an Article-Directory, your articles can be picked up by other websites, newsletters, and ezines. This will create additional traffic and result in more exposure!
  7. 7. => Gain "expert" status and become recognized as anauthority in your field - By publishing quality informationpacked articles, youll soon enjoy the status of being seen as an authority on your topic. This can lead to jointventures and many other exciting opportunities that you would have never enjoyed otherwise!
  8. 8. If you are a website owner or a newsletter/ezine publisher, an Article-Directory provides you with a dynamic resource of relevant, on topic content that you can use free of charge. Just grab the articles you want to use, leave them in their original state complete with theresource box providing credit to the author, and use as you wish!
  9. 9. All Article-Directories have many different categories ofcontent just waiting for you to uncover! Here are some ideas for using the content to benefit you:
  10. 10. # Use articles on your website to provide your visitors withmore useful content and keep them coming back for more.
  11. 11. # Use articles on your blog to keep it fresh and updated daily with great information.
  12. 12. # Send articles out to your newsletter or ezine subscribersand provide them with fresh insights on the most popular of todays topics.
  13. 13. No matter how you end up using any Article-Directory,were sure that youll benefit greatly and we hope thatyou continue using our directory for years and years tocome as we continue to grow. Were always looking for ways to improve so if you have a suggestion, dont hesitate to let us know!
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