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Projects of Partnerships For Change highlights from 2008.

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Pfc Portfolio2008

  1. 1. Sendivakkam Women's powerment Em Center -o.4.*pquot;. Y Taking Actionto achieve Millennium Development Goals: + Ending Poverty + Promoting Gender Equity
  2. 2. from Poverty for Liberation Trap Women Untouchables in Se n d iv a k k a m Living o 38%Literates, Children 48% dropouts o Living Poverty Women - withoutmeans in to fam ily su p p o rt o Employment situation: Average days work peryear 1-50 of - per 50 Cents Day 35 Rupees dayfor men,20 a rupees women for andhigh Bonded labor depend enc e land on owner s o Children womenmalnourished and
  3. 3. Center Em Women's Powerment for Ski Training ll o Tailoring ST. ASSISI TAILORING CBNTRE . EmbroiderY o Typing o lnformation Technology o Nursing o Ma n a g e m e n tYB o n b Secou Convent, rs Su p e r i oS t .M arY r Ra l p h AT SENDIVAKKAM
  4. 4. A Building Empowerment For ARRANGING THI] MACHINN Rooms Stay to a Rooms Wash o for Wellfor CleanWater Center Community and Facility and Training Classrooms Rooms Professional for Trainers
  5. 5. Provide Nuns BonSecours V i s i o n Ma n a gem ent &
  6. 6. Outcomes Date to o A P laceo Acqu ire t Skills dB u ild reers an La A 10 Tai loring-Sewing Machi nes 3 Emb roi der yachi nes M o 50 w ome n n d5 0 g ir ls r a in e d e ryea r a p t As s i sitn Jo bPla c e m e n t Sm a ll ca le in S lndus tri e sn dc r e a t e m e a Ho Emp lo yme n t lmprov e e n d eEq u it y sSkills ssist G r a a in b ec omi ne q u a p a r t n e rin f a mily s g l
  7. 7. Sendiva kka m childre a n dS i s te r n Angelina BonSecours of Convent
  8. 8. Women's Empowerment Center ' ' ls' 1 . - ;^ d - ' - :*l --!. BE RE FO C ONSTRUCTION IN PROGRESS (August 2OO7)
  9. 9. TotalBudeet for Women's powermentCenter Em Construction Rs.15,55,000.00 Building 39,477.LO USDollars: Costs years) (2 Program Embroidery Units Rs.L,24,000.00 (10machines) 3148.01 USDollars: (2006) 3 purchased Units Tailoring Rs. L,54,000.00 (10machines) USDollars:3909.63 (2006) L0 purchased Rs. 18,23,000.00 Total USDollars:46,280.88
  10. 10. *1i3fnrAl <a J'trt'o Gangchsn Kyisho.€ ,.1 X.B- Dharemsala'l 76215 4 Disti. KafEm (H.P.)tnils OFFIGEOF HIS HOLINESSTHE DALAI LAi'A Tet: +91 18922348t Vcn, Thu$co Ngodub t Fq:+91 1892e738 gtb A!di} {Thc Medlum ot Tlb.t! E{ad: nshur|gLorsl€@YdEo.m [q|.||.fY Or.Ydtgilttg Ootl. il.clwng Date:MrY l2'.2t07 I I May2007 TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN to *ct on my behalf to It is my pleasure to authorize the following individuals TO WHOM I1'MAY CO.i!CERN june lli* to Aug 8F' axtz' Thev are *y trip to the united Stateon ;;;i;J a Proiect manager it togit,i* fot my epeaking tour 'six monks' rquot;lriquot;s United State with quot;p quot; purquot;otJ rquot;.o,itiea witibe traveting fram tndie to We are pleasedto know that Ven. Thupten Ngodup, (Medium of the State ;;t;quot; oracte) is planning to establisha monasteryand residentialquartersfor the me as well. Monk-studentsof Deyang Dratshangpresentlyundergoingreligious studies at Drepung Loselicg in Mundgod, KarnatakaStatein South India. 501(c)3 Non-Profit Partnerships for Change is a San Franciecobas€d (www.pafinershipsforchange'cortl-that is sPonsoring for their Organization Ven. ThuptenNgodup,(NechungKuten) is planningto visit the USA and while in the US 'The following finincial care .accommodation and their tour South Korea to raise funding lbr the aboveprojects. to are working in affiliation with Parlrrerships change For individuals expediteour successfultriP' othersto assistin whateverway We supportthis project and would encourage they can. The namelist of team organizer in US: 1. Andrew Michaet ESQ; Director 2. Dr. MarY T Weiss 3. Richard Diefenbach 4. JacquelineMiller 5. llonka Harezi 5, Bonnie Levinson 7. Dana Walden Chhime R. Chhoekyapa 8. SteveAllen Joint Secrctary 9. Michaet FitzPatrick w 10,Manny Otto u. LamaT€l?i8.9[oerYat .: '' J41 r.a-'. Sincerely ,;3 Ven.Thupten NlPdtlP {The Medium of Tibet'e StateOracle) Pradah,India Dharursdr, Himachal Thckchcn Chocling, Mclcod Ganj 176219, 8 l3 E'mail : ohhdl@dalailamr'com fi)9r- 1892-22I 343 / 721879 | 22l2l0 Fgxr 0091-1892-221
  11. 11. I'ltr: Sir ir ti'r'rliirisr:o l.)t:1ra rirr:t, nt rii' t lrr: illrquot;r lorr;nr r:L i'i 'l'hr Sii it t,'trittr:ir*ct I ) ulr I ir - : l , i l r i 'r l r v r i l t {l i ) l l i 'l n r r s }r i 1 i n }i r r '{I h ; i r r l l t , l ) }'( i s ( : ! ) i The Oracleof Tibet Discusses GlobalWarrning Offeringthe indigenouswisdom of Tibet on pressing challenges the eurth'senvironment to Tibet's State OraclerVenerableThupten Ngodup (quot;/Vechung Kutenl, with the blessingsof His Holinessthe 14th Dalai Lama (to whom the Oracle is a s pi r i t u a la d v i s o r )w i l l be m a kin g h is fir st p u b licvisit to th e Uni tedS tatesto offer i nsi ghtsand di recti ons regardi ng obalw armi ng and i ndi v i dual gl responsibility. Travelinq from his monastery in the Himalayas-quot;the rooftop of the worldquot;-/Vechung Kuten will offer solutionson the biggest crisis of our times, del i v e r i n g l e c t u r e s a n d co n d u ctin g o p e n d ia lo g u e swith a u di encesacrosstheU S fromJunel 5toA ugustS ,2OOT. l aredB l umenfel d,D i rectoroftheS an FranciscoDepartment of the Environment,will moderate the June L5,2OO7discussionat the SF Main PublicLibrary. 4:15 - 5:15 pm Friday, June I5, 2007 San Francisco Main Public Library 100 Larkin Street (at Grove) Koret Auditorium - Main Library, Lower Level All programs theLibraryarefree. Seats beffired onafirst come, senedbasis.Nofoodor drinl<s will at inside auditorium the first @ SF Environment Ourhm. o|rdrt,Ourdsta. Library SanFranckco Public l Dwld d Scr I'm,*o aI tuC*ydd CW www.partnershipsforchange. com www.sfenvi ronment.ors