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Second life fit

  1. 1. Presentation by Agnes Pompeii
  2. 2. What is Second Life? 3D virtual world created by its Residents Unique experience where you can create, buy, and sell Online social platform where you can interact with people around the worldNot targeted towards one group of people in particular “Created for everyone around the world, all walks of life, and all age groups”
  3. 3. Features Meet People  Meet other users who have made Second Life their virtual home  Find people with common interests at virtual events or online communities  Access live chats with real people Shop  Personalize your avatar with the click of a button to change clothes and styles  Shop in Second Life Marketplace  Use Linden dollars to make purchases
  4. 4. Features Buy Land  Buy developed or undeveloped land and build your dream home  Customize your home  Start your own business Explore  Design, create, and launch any type of product you desire  Travel the world by foot, flying, or magic carpet
  5. 5. FeaturesMake Money Virtual job opportunities: dancers, models, bouncers, architects, fashion designers, psychologists, event planners and DJs… Become an entrepreneurGet Educated MIT and Notre Dame have virtual classrooms that allow for online collaboration Youll find IBM and Dell among dozens of multinational corporations who use Second Life
  6. 6. Impacts on the RealWorld Businesses are starting to explore opportunities created in Second Life:  Companies have links that go from second life to real online websites  Realistic graphics could affect film industry in the future  Games have been created in Second Life then licensed to real life companies
  7. 7. Affiliate Programs “The Second Life Affiliate Program is an easy and simple way to be rewarded by associating your Web site with ours. When you place a Second Life banner with a link on your Web site, you have the opportunity to make money. When a visitor clicks a Second Life link on your Web site and registers as a new Second Life Resident, you earn a flat commission for each new valid registration.”
  8. 8. Competitors
  9. 9. Join Now!Go online to www.secondlife.comFour Quick Steps:1. Choose an avatar2. Create a username3. Select an account type4. Download Second Life to your computer System Requirements Not compatible: dial-up internet, satellite internet, some wireless internet services. All Second Life Applications Included
  10. 10. 3 Account Types Cost Per Month Features Basic Free Own private regions, rent land Premium Starts at $6.00 Own houses, live chat Concierge Starts at $9.95 Access to all features
  11. 11. Web Site Referenceshttp://www.secondlife.com