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Reach Overview 2010


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This is a basic 2010 overview of the Tom Joyner Morning Show, and all Joyner events. Customized, integrated campaigns can be executed using these opportunities as a platform.

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Reach Overview 2010

  1. 1. 2010 Overview
  2. 2. The Tom Joyner Advantage… Based on his personality and unrivaled personal relationships, Tom Joyner has a proven track record of success that can be leveraged to your advantage: Appealing promotional platform Dedicated to the community Values that are unrivaled Activist & Humanitarian National visibility Talented on-air team A –list advertisers Generous personality Extremely loyal & responsive listeners “ People just want to have a good time, and when you show them a good time and give them value and more for the money they’ve spent, they show you nothing but love.” --- Tom Joyner (excerpt from “I’m Just a DJ But…”) 1
  3. 3. Tom Joyner Connects Tom Joyner’s radio audience is loyal and responsive He has over eight million listeners and is heard on more than 115 stations. The Tom Joyner Morning Show reaches one in four African American adults each week. Tom Joyner has developed to educate, entertain and inform the African American community Nearly 1.8 million members and as many as 7 million page views per month. Has become an important news and information source for the African American community. The Tom Joyner Foundation was developed to support African American students in need Over $55 million raised for students at Historically Black Colleges and Universities. Has created programs to help African American teachers secure accreditation. Tom Joyner travel and entertainment events are generally sell-outs More than 4,000 supporters have sold out the Fantastic Voyage cruise each year since its inception, partying with a purpose, and raising millions of dollars for African American college students. More than 10,000 have attended the Tom Joyner Family Reunion event in Orlando with major theme park/entertainment attractions and celebrity performances. 2
  4. 4. The Tom Joyner Morning Show In its 13th year, the TJMS is the #1 Urban radio show in the United States. Hosted by Tom Joyner, along with Sybil Wilkes, and J Anthony Brown, the four-hour show delivers a combination of music, talk, listener interaction and comedy while informing, entertaining, mobilizing and empowering its audience. The show is ranked #1 or #2 for 70% of the stations in the 25-54 year-old African Americans market. In over forty markets, Tom is ranked in the top five spots for 25-54 year-olds within the entire general market audience, where African Americans represent 13% of the US population. Top Market / Top Stations Include: Popular TJMS Features: WSRB/WPWX-FM (Chicago) Little Known Black History Fact WDMK-FM (Detroit) Roland Martin WMMJ-FM (Wash. D.C.) Thursday Morning Moms Old School Mix KMJQ-FM (Houston) BlackAmericaWeb News w/Jacquie Reid WRNB-FM (Philadelphia) Christmas Wish WALR-FM (Atlanta) Celebrity Snitch / Huggy Lowdown WHQT-FM (Miami) 3
  5. 5. Tom Joyner Morning Show Average Listeners’ Consumer Behavior Profile Tom Joyner Listeners are Innovators. More than half (58%) of Tom Joyner listeners said they “like to be the first among my friends to try new products and services”. Tom Joyner Listeners are Brand Loyal. Better than “9 out of 10” listeners (93%) say that once they find a brand they like, they usually stick with it, the same findings as in the 2000 study. Tom Joyner Listeners are Brand Conscious. Better than “4 out of 5” (86%) say they pay attention to advertising to find out about different product brands. Almost half (48%) say they like to buy brands that “make me feel like I’ve made it” Tom Joyner Listeners Show Community Involvement. More than “9 out of 10” (94%) indicate they “support” businesses and companies that contribute to the African-American community. Tom Joyner Listeners are serious Internet users. Approximately “3 out of 4” (74%) indicate they “enjoy surfing the Internet whenever they can”. “7 out of 10” (72%) say they use the Internet everyday. More than half (56%) do so to shop or to research various products or services. Listener’s online purchases “more than doubled” from the previous 2000 study. * Brand Equity Study by Harris Interactive 4
  6. 6. Why You Should Have A Presence Within the Tom Joyner Morning Show Tom Joyner’s Influence on Purchasing Tom Joyner’s recommendation is most influential in the entertainment category (62%) including films and live events. Additionally, across product categories studied, Tom Joyner’s recommendation of a brand is “extremely,” or “very” influential, to at least one-third of listeners. Over 40% of listeners would be strongly influenced by a Tom Joyner recommendation on health-focused services, retail purchases, financial services and airlines. Using the composite score for ten products/services reviewed in this study, almost half (47%) said Tom Joyner would influence the brand and or product purchased compared to slightly over a third (34%) who cited a competing urban radio station personality. * Brand Equity Study by Harris Interactive 5
  7. 7. REACH Media Properties REACH Media was formed in January 2003 to develop, acquire and partner in quality media and marketing opportunities targeting the African American community. Tom Joyner, radio’s preeminent African-American entertainer is REACH Media’s founder and chairperson. The Tom Joyner Morning Show #1 Urban radio show in America Over 8 million listeners on over 105 stations, reaching one in four African Americans. Delivers a combination of music, news, comedy and listener interaction while entertaining and empowering its’ audience. More than 1.5 million members Over 500,000 unique visitors stream TJMS each month Over 4,000,000 page views each month Popular channels include TJMS-”Listen Live,” News, Relationships & Dating, Games, and Praise & Inspiration The Tom Joyner Foundation Founded by Tom Joyner in 1998 - Raises and donates money to Historically Black Colleges and Universities in the U.S. All funds donated used for higher education scholarship aid to students. Ultimately, every HBCU in the U.S. providing higher education will receive support. Has raised over $55 million to date for HBCU’s 6
  8. 8. REACH Media Events Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage The ultimate “Party with a Purpose”...a floating party with non-stop entertainment benefiting the Tom Joyner Foundation, where each year over a million dollars is raised and donated to HBCU’s. This seven day cruise sets sail Memorial Day weekend on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line on Liberty of the Seas. More than 1800 guest cabins are sold for the cruise each year, with the event selling out within 3 months of opening day sales. Top entertainers like Earth Wind and Fire, LL Cool J, Michael McDonald, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, The Gap Band, New Edition, Erykah Badu, Monique, Whoppi Goldberg, John Legend and The Isley Brothers. Tom Joyner Family Reunion Labor Day Weekend event at Orlando theme park/venue that attracts an estimated 12,500 guests with fun, fellowship and entertainment for the whole family…all served up Tom Joyner style! Headline musical entertainment has included: Aretha Franklin,, Jill Scott, Beyonce, Destiny’s Child, Maze featuring Frankie Beverly, Jennifer Hudson, Vanessa Williams, Maxwell, Omarion, Lionel Richie, KEM, Earth Wind & Fire, Ne-Yo and Chris Brown Comedians include: Cedric the Entertainer, D.L. Hughley, Huggy Lowdown, Damon Wayans, Rickey Smiley, Sinbad and others. 7
  9. 9. TJMS Special Broadcasts Take A Loved One To The Doctor Day Started by Tom in 2002 as a call to action, to improve health care among minority groups, especially African Americans. Includes local and national events across the country, attracting over 6,250 listeners across the country Founded to encourage individuals to take a more proactive role in their health by simply making an appointment for a check up or a screening and encouraging a friend, neighbor or family member to do the same. Back 2 School Began in August 2008 promoting education for all elementary, middle school, high school and college students! During the 2009 broadcast over 20,000 listeners attended the broadcast event and 80,000 attended the non-broadcast market events Celebrity guests like Ruben Studdard, Cupid, Urban Mystic and others participated at live across the country! Back to School vaccinations, hair cuts, scholarships, education related information, school supplies and child friendly activities, college fair. Connecting the power of the radio with the web, The Virtual College Fair on offers a rare opportunity to connect the Tom Joyner audience with higher education awareness 8
  10. 10. At a Glance Approx. 1.5 Million Members 500-1000 new members per day Approximately 500,000 unique visitors stream per month Best at cross-platform marketing with radio messages More than 4 MM page views per month Most Popular Channels/Content TJMS – Listen Live Popular Features News Fantastic Voyage Games Family Reunion Relationship & Dating Promos & Contests Home & Family Gender Advertising Units Available Female 62.5% Standard Advertising units available Male 37.5% Sponsorship and data collection opportunities Household Income Enter to Win Promotions Email and Newsletter advertising to audience Median $69,210.80 of more than 600K opt-in members Age Median 42 9
  11. 11. 2.0 Updates / Improvements Improved navigation at the top and bottom of every page One-click access to content channels Better display of all content A widescreen layout to better fit today’s monitors Responsible social networking Improved video player Better user registration and collection of demographic data 10
  12. 12. TJMS/ Mobile Initiative African American Consumers and Mobile Usage More likely to be living in wireless-only households when compared to the general market They subscribe to and utilize more advanced mobile services such as text messaging, mobile internet, and mobile TV at a much higher rate than the general market They invest in the advanced devices required for a rich mobile media experience at much higher rates than other demographics They tend to actively seek new mobile information and entertainment sources to take full advantage of their mobile investments They are the largest purchasers of premium content services, 75% of African American mobile ringtones, etc users are over the age of 25 and skew They text message more in a given month, 45% vs. 28% for female (57%), aligning perfectly with the general population the Tom Joyner Morning Show & demo. 11
  13. 13. Radio Affiliates Top Stations in Key Urban Markets Chicago WSRB-FM 106.3 Greensboro WQMG-FM 97.1 Dallas KSOC-FM 94.5 Jacksonville WSOL-FM 101.5 Houston KMJQ-FM 102.1 West Palm Beach WNEW-FM 106.3 Atlanta WALR-FM 104.1 Oklahoma City KRMP-AM 1140 Atlanta WBKZ-AM 880 Memphis KJMS-FM 101.1 Philadelphia WRNB-FM 107.9 Hartford WKND-AM 1480 Washington WMMJ-FM 102.3 Buffalo WBLK-FM 93.7 Boston WILD-AM 1090 Louisville WMJM-FM 101.3 Detroit WDMK-FM 105.9 Richmond WKJM-FM 99.3 Miami WHQT-FM 105.1 Richmond WKJS-FM 105.7 Seattle KYIZ-AM 1620 New Orleans WYLD-FM 98.5 Minneapolis XRNB-FM Cable Birmingham WBHK-FM 98.7 Tampa WTMP-AM 1150 Greenville-Spartanburg WJMZ-FM 107.3 Tampa WTMP-FM 96.1 Dayton WROU-FM 92.1 St. Louis WFUN-FM 95.5 Tulsa KGTO-AM 1050 Baltimore WWIN-FM 95.9 Grand Rapids WJNZ-AM 1140 Portland KBMS-AM 1480 Baton Rouge KBZE-FM 105.9 Charlotte WQNC-FM 92.7 Baton Rouge KQXL-FM 106.5 Cincinnati WMOJ-FM 100.3 Harrisburg WNNK-FM 95.3 Cleveland WZAK-FM 93.1 Gainesville WTMG-FM 101.3 Kansas City KMJK-FM 107.3 Muscle Shoals WMXV-FM 101.5 Orlando WCFB-FM 94.5 Charleston WMGL-FM 107.3 Columbus WXMG-FM 98.9 Little Rock KOKY-FM 102.1 Milwaukee WJMR-FM 98.3 Greenville-New Bern WIKS-FM 101.9 Port St. Lucie WFLM-FM 104.7 Columbia WLXC-FM 103.1 Indianapolis WTLC-FM 106.7 Des Moines KJMC-FM** 89.3 Norfolk WKUS-FM 105.3 Toledo WIMX-FM 95.7 Cleveland WAID-FM 106.5 Mobile WDLT-FM 98.3 Raleigh-Durham WFXC-FM 107.1 Pensacola WRRX-FM 106.1 Raleigh-Durham WFXK-FM 104.3 Lexington WXRA-AM 1580 West Helena KAKJ-FM 105.3 Lafayette KFXZ-FM 105.9 Nashville WQQK-FM 92.1 Chattanooga WMPZ-FM 93.7 January 2009 12
  14. 14. Tom Joyner Makes Headlines… 13
  15. 15. Anthony K Mootry Account Manager, Midwest/ West Coast Home of the Tom Joyner Morning Show 500 North Michigan Avenue, 3rd Floor Phone: (312) 924-1349 fax: (312) 396-4185 Cell: (312) 731-9772