Case Study: Carol's Daughter & USA Swimming Make A Splash


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I created this case study as a part of my application to the Associates Program at Ogilvy & Mather. I did a case study based off of a sponsorship proposal that I developed for USA Swimming's Make A Splash Tour and Carol's Daughter.

USA Swimming's Make A Splash:

Carol's Daughter:

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Case Study: Carol's Daughter & USA Swimming Make A Splash

  1. 1. Creative Portfolio for the !Associates Program at Ogilvy & MatherCase Study: USA Swimming Make A Splash Foundation & Carols Daughter Sponsorship Proposal ! ! Alix Montes! New York | Atlanta !
  2. 2. ! Agenda
• Synopsis!• Challenges!• Finding the Brand Fit!• Sponsorship Proposal!• Recap: Projected Outcomes & Lessons Learned
  3. 3. ! Synopsis! ! !This is a sponsorship proposal that I prepared on behalf of USA Swimmings Make A SplashFoundation to present to Carols Daughter. This project was inspired by my background as aBlack swimmer. As a swimmer I appreciate the value of the skills and health benefits of the sport. I am also familiar with the issues that many African-American women face when looking to care for their hair.
  4. 4. Challenges
  5. 5. A lack of diversity in the sport.
  6. 6. ! !Drowning rates are highestamong African-American & low- income communities.
  7. 7. African-American women cite physicalappearance as amajor deterrent to the pool.
  8. 8. Finding the Brand Fit
  9. 9. • Through the Make A Splash Foundation, USA Swimming works to provide affordable swimming lessons to low- income, minority communities. !• With Olympic Gold Medalist, Cullen Jones, the Make A Splash Tour aims to draw attention to the issue.
  10. 10. Carols Daughter makes hair products for African-American women.Carols Daughter is alsofunded, owned, and operatedby African-Americans. Jay-Z,Will Smith, and Jada Pinkett arethe brands most famousinvestors.
  11. 11. Finding the Brand Fit USA Swimming Carols Daughter African-American Swimmers. ! women concerned withNot at risk of drowning.! the well being of their Health conscious.! hair. Competitive.! Target audience.
  12. 12. 
 Proposal FormatSponsorship proposals are usually made up of fiveelements:!1. Overview.!2. Fast Facts: Who, What, Where, Where, How, & Why.!3. Demographics.!4. Sponsorship Benefits. !5. Contact Information.
  13. 13. !USA Swimming Foundation Make A Splash Sponsorship! ! Prepared for
  14. 14. 
!! Make A Splash, is an initiative of the USA SwimmingFoundation, aimed at lowering the drowning rate amongstminorities and increasing diversity in the sport byproviding affordable swim lessons. Make A Splash wasfounded in 2007 in response to a study which found thatthe youth drowning rates in ethnically diversecommunities are double the national average.!! ! Cullen Jones, the 2nd Black male to win an OlympicGold Medal in swimming, is the official spokesperson ofthe Make A Splash Tour.!
  15. 15. Fast FactsWhat: Make A Splash Tour with Cullen Jones! Presented by Conoco Phillips!When: Summer 2011; July through August!Who: 300-1,000 Children per city!Where: Six Cities across the U.S. (TBA)! Last year cities included: Omaha, Chicago, Washington! D.C., Shreveport, LA, and New York City.! There are four elements of the tour that will be outlined in the following slides. !
  16. 16. Fast Facts: 
 Community Relations Breakfast• Cullen Jones and Rowdy Gaines (U.S. Olympic Hall of Famer) meet with local MAS partners, the Mayor, and Sports Commission.!• Here, they discuss the importance of swimming and access to low cost swim lessons. !
  17. 17. Fast Facts: 
 School Assembly! • Cullen Jones speaks to •Giveaways include: T-shirts, students about the swim caps, and USA Swimming importance of memorabilia.! swimming.! ! • Information on low cost •Attended by 300-1,000 swim lessons is students. provided.
  18. 18. Fast Facts: 
 Free Private Swimming LessonsStudents are selected from the school assemblyto receive a private lesson from Cullen Jones.
  19. 19. Fast Facts: 
 Media Tour! • PR Agency arranges for a series of interviews.! • Radio, Newspaper, TV.! • Swim Clinic for about 100 children which will include local swim coaches.!!
  20. 20. Demographics: 
 USA SwimmingEthnicity of USA Swimming Top 10 Markets by Membership! • Illinois! Members! • S. California!• 44% respond as White/Caucasian! • Pacific!• 4.4% respond as Asian! • Indiana!• 2.8% respond as Hispanic or Latino! • Potomac Valley (DC)! • Michigan!Members by Age! • Middle Atlantic & Northeast: portions of• Age 6 – 12…………….52%! NJ, DE, PA, and NY!• Age13 – 17……………40%! • New Jersey!• Age 18+………………….8%! • Florida!! !
  21. 21. Demographics: 
 Drowning Statistics• Mostly African-American & Hispanic kids.!• 70% of African-American and 58% of Hispanic children with little or no swimming ability.!• A University of Memphis study showed that appearance deters African- Americans from swimming.!
  22. 22. Demographics: 
 Make A Splash• Target Demographic: African-American and Latino children from 6-8 years old.!• In two years, 690,000 kids have been reached.!• 385 Local Partners through the Make A Splash Local Partner Program! – 44 States! – Parks & Recreation Departments! – YMCA’s !
  23. 23. Associate Sponsor Benefits:
 Advertising, Merchandising, ActivationCarol’s Daughter logo to appear on:! • USA Swimming Foundation Make A Splash homepage (! • “Make A Splash” Banner at each pool site of the tour.! • “Make A Splash” shirts for kids who pass swim tests! • Swim caps for swimmers in the program! • Press Releases and Direct Marketing Material.
  24. 24. Associate Sponsor Benefits:
 Advertising, Merchandising, ActivationOn site activation! • Product displays for Carol’s Daughter.! • Distribution of shampoo and conditioner for girls to wash their hair after their lesson.! • Table or booth with representative to discuss how to maintain healthy hair as a swimmer using Carol’s Daughter products.!
  25. 25. In-Kind SponsorshipOn-Site Activation! • Product displays of shampoo and conditioner! • Samples to distribute to swimmers after their lessons.! • Promotional Material to distribute at Make A Splash partner sites.
  26. 26. Contact Info Alix Montes! The George Washington University!! (786)-877-5947! Guillermo Rojas!Director of Marketing and Business Development, USA Swimming!!
  27. 27. Recap.Recap
  28. 28. Projected Outcomes• African-American girls can learn to swim while learning how to take care of their hair.!• Carols Daughter can start building brand loyalty with consumers while they are young. !• USA Swimming can effectively combat drowning rates and bring diversity to the sport.
  29. 29. Lessons Learned• Creative ideas must be able to drive results.!• The importance of segmentation and demographics. !• How brands can work together to achieve mutual goals.
  30. 30. Fin.