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  1. 1. Questionnaire Analysis of questionnaire for music magazine
  2. 2. Question 1 : What is your preferred genre of music? After seeing these results I think my overall magazine will be constructed on the basis on Indie music as it seems my target audience (15-25) mostly listen to this type of music. I also think I will involve some dup step to please the second highest rate of people. I think I will also include an indie culture theme such as dress , and a dup step clubbing theme.
  3. 3. Question 2: Who would you like the main article to be of? After seeing these results I think my overall magazine will have information and be diverse on all different indie/rock acts because all people like different things. However because The Libertines have the highest percentage vote they will be focused on more.
  4. 4. Question 3 : What sort of articles would you read? After seeing these results I think my double page spread will be of an interview because the public seem to be most attracted and interested in this form and structure of text. To please others I will also add gossip and interesting facts about the artists.
  5. 5. Question 4: Price willing to pay for a music magazine? After seeing these results I think my magazine will cost £3.25 because it works out to be the required and most favourite price by more than half of my consumers that took the quiz.
  6. 6. Question 5: How often would you buy the magazine? I will make my magazine available every month because 48% of consumers prefer it. To also take in to account the 36% that like it every fortnight I will in tale the magazine to have up to date information and gossip on recent news , events and charts.
  7. 7. Question 6 Favourite Music Chanel : After seeing these results I think I will research and have a look at the information and artists on MTV and find out why people have an interest in MTV ; what makes it so great? Using theses ideas I will convey them in my magazine.
  8. 8. Question 7: Favourite Festival After seeing these results I will research what makes Glastonbury and reading so attractive to my age group and input some of these ideas into my magazine.
  9. 9. Question 8: Favourite Stylised Font After seeing these results I think I need to experiment more with a range of styles and also relate to my research and analysis of magazines , festivals and music channels to see what fonts most represent Indie Rock.
  10. 10. Magazine Analysis NME Q
  11. 11. Mast head is in a bold font to attract attention and address customers to the magazine. The colour white stands out and is clear therefore is understandable and easy to distinguish. Because NME stick to this font and style of basic primary colours people become associated with the magazine and its design therefore boosting familiarities and sales. This is why a short and bold style is effective. This head line is small but effective using the bands name as the main attraction. Again the colour context of using primary colours white , red and black (in this case black) present a highlighted kicker. Underneath the explanatory text is quick and choppy with an exclusive touch by saying ‘comeback interview’ making it sound exciting and persuasive . Having it on the left hand side shows that it is important it is because everything on the left will be the first thing you see Date line Barcode shows a sense of realism This ‘free’ incentive makes the customer want to buy the magazine and the preview of the posters make it clear and give a ‘sneaky peek’ of the exciting things on offer. The way it is separated from the rest of the magazine words well because it shows it’s a separate incentive that is not offered every week. The top writing , again using the primary house style colours make it seem important but not as important as the kickers or title. ‘Mick Rock’ is in bold red presenting it’s the best free poster available however still presents the other free items available
  12. 12. This highlighted print of ‘My Chemical Romance’ highlights the most exclusive and interesting contents of this weeks NME. Using quotes give an insight to ‘behind the scenes’ of the magazine and also a hint of gossip. The connotation of Gerard sees red and his red hair makes it powerful. The My Chemical Romance text is also slightly shadowed to stand out even more and show the importance. The juxtaposed position of the main photo and this text works powerfully as your eyes follow. This kicker is different to the other black one. Its presented in white and is highlighted by the red hair behind it. The words again repeating ‘NME’ sends reminds us once again what magazine is it. The words ‘2011’ and ‘revealed’ show that it is again exclusive and although it is on the right it presents some importance because it is on the top and contracted with its background. These kickers and explanatory texts are less important however still show different aspects of the magazine. Ina smaller more detailed context for more interested readers. They are in a smaller font to show this. The contrast again works well with the white and red difference , the blue background also complements these colours. The main photo is amazing because it shows a celebrity from My Chemical Romance looking flawless and his face sells the magazine. Again the red and black he wears helps keep in tact with the colour scheme and sells the NME style. The head shot also gives a close up view and helps formulate the front cover structure. His eyes stare right at the camera so it looks like he is looking at the reader or consumer directly again helping to keep eye contact , attract and sell the magazine. The eye flow the main picture and text creates is effective because it leads you from the title of the magazine to important kickers , incentives and also into the singers eyes. It is almost as though his eyes and face are what guides you round. What is also good about this magazine is the clear spaces left around so it looks professional and not to crowded – it gives the indented audience actually what they want.
  13. 13. The Mast head is in a big italic font to attract attention and address customers to the magazine. The colour white stands out and is clear therefore is understandable and easy to distinguish. Because Q always stick to the same font people become associated with the magazine and its design therefore boosting familiarities and sales. This is why keeping a consistent style is effective. This is a clear and understanding kicker that identifies with and excites the reader. Again the colours used are simple and all go well(black white and red) they are a common style for Q and other indie or rock related music magazines. It summaries ‘of the year’ to show the best albums that have been around this year and leaves the readers wanting to know ; this will appeal to everyone because not any specific bands or musicians are named. Also the quotes used of the frond page also help describe the overall theme and context of an interview and the interviewees state of mind. Using the names with a highlighted background and just naming bands interest the reader because it shows what the magazine covers. The writing is bold and eye-catching , however still playful with its borders.
  14. 14. They way in which the models are placed is in an easy going and fun loving way. They look like really cool rock stars and give away the classic Q style of being beautiful , energetic and rocking. They white space around them also presents a professional look so everything is not crowded and allows the reader to have a real eye flow throughout headlines
  15. 15. Photoshoot Plan and Photos
  16. 16. Item/Model Shot type/angle/ distance Macro, Flash and Lighting Background Positioning on front cover/TOC Details of editing Roundhouse Actors (about 12) A straight Establishing shot Natural day time lighting Liverpool , the Beatles poster This photo will be used for TOC in the middle left-hand corner. Any logos , unwanted sun , people or props. Lauren , Ashleigh , Sami , Ryan Medium short from a high angel with certain close ups on reached out arms. No flash , even when indoors using the party lights and Photoshop to create atmosphere A House decorated This photo will be used for TOC in the bottom right hand corner Any logos or unwanted props. Nightclub lighting added and also changed to finger tips. Biffy Clyro Establishing shot Natural lighting from stage lights Stage and stadium Full front cover , a4 size. Any unwanting lighting or logos , effects may me added such as intensity of lighting and such. Brink wall Medium shot Natural light This is the background Cover whole of front magazine Colour changes from red to grey.
  17. 17. Front Cover Mock Up MASTHEAD Main Kicker Exclusive Band names. Spray Can Art Date Line Price
  18. 18. Photos taken for front cover
  19. 19. Evaluation on Final Photo I have chosen to use this photo because of the amount of space it has , which allows me to use more of it and scale the model to my desired size. It also allows me to edit the background more clearly and edit out any unwanted objects.
  20. 20. Experimenting With Fonts & Names
  21. 21. INDEGO retral kerf INDEGO retral kerf INDEGO retral kerf
  22. 22. First Draft & Feeback Unrealistic Unrealistic unnecessary Over the top Unable to see ‘f’ and snow can go out of season Shadow is not consistent Erase to make clearer