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Summer internship project amul gcmmf

  1. 1. University of Mumbai’s ALKESH DINESH MODY INSTITUTE FOR FINANCIAL AND MANAGEMENT STUDIES A SUMMER INTERNSHIP PROJECT REPORT ONLaunch Plan of Amul Prolife Probiotic Lassee through Milk Distribution Highway in Andheri to Goregaon Market.
  2. 2. Objective• PrimaryTo launch Amul Probiotic Lassee in the area ofAndheri, Jogeshwari & Goregaon and create apotential market for the product.• SecondaryTo conduct market research and do competitiveanalysis of lassee in the given area.
  3. 3. GCMMF : An OverviewMembers: 13 District Cooperative Milk Producers UnionsNo. of Producer Members: 3.03 millionNo. of Village Societies: 15,712Total Milk handling capacity: 13.67 million litres per dayMilk collection (Total - 2010-11): 3.45 billion litresMilk collection 9.2 million litres(Daily Average 2010 -11):Milk Drying Capacity: 647 Mts. per dayCattlefeed manufacturing Capacity: 3690 Mts per daySales Turnover (2010-11) Rs. 9774 Crores (US $ 2.2 billion)
  4. 4. GCMMF: Sales TurnoverSales Turnover Rs (million) US $ (in million) 1994-95 11140 355 1995-96 13790 400 1996-97 15540 450 1997-98 18840 455 1998-99 22192 493 1999-00 22185 493 2000-01 22588 500 2001-02 23365 500 2002-03 27457 575 2003-04 28941 616 2004-05 29225 672 2005-06 37736 850 2006-07 42778 1050 2007-08 52554 1325 2008-09 67113 1504 2009-10 80053 1700 2010-11 97742 2172
  5. 5. About Probiotic:• Introduction:Probiotic organisms are live microorganisms that are thought to be beneficial to the hostorganism. Probiotics are commonly consumed as part of fermented foods with specially addedactive live cultures; such as in yogurt, soy yogurt or as dietary supplements• Availabilityfood products yogurt, smoothies, milk and juicedietary supplements pills or powders• BenefitsHelpful against diarrhoea irritable bowel syndrome rotavirus Clostridium difficile coldsand flu, eczema bladder cancer• RisksMild size effects gas and bloating. affect metabolic activity, over stimulate the immunesystem or cause gene transfer• Indian Probiotic marketIndian market currently Rs. 20.6 million can be pushed to1 Million Euro mark around2013-14 and 1.3 Million Euro by 2015. Estimates put global probiotic food and drink market at10Billion Euro.
  6. 6. Product Details • Product Name Amul Prolife Probiotic Lassee • Description Flavoured (Rose) Probiotic Lassee (Drinking Yoghurt) • Packing 200 ml GlassComposition Toned Milk, Sugar / Salt, Fruit Pulp Compound, Stabilizer , Active Probiotic CultureNutritional Information 60 kcal/100 mlShelf Life+ Best Before 10 days from PackagingStorage condition Keep Under Refrigeration below 8° C
  7. 7. Amul Prolife Probiotic LasseeProduct Features• Tasty, Healthy and refreshing treat for all age people.• Contains live Probiotic bacteria which helps digestion and improve immunity.• Made with special culture to give a smooth, mild acidic taste.• It is made from natural ingredients.• Available in one flavour namely RoseProduct Application• As a healthy drink.• For on the go consumption.• Breakfast table.Availability• Available in Gujarat and Maharashtra
  8. 8. SWOT ANALYSIS OF AMUL PROLIFE LASSEEStrength: Weakness: Appetizing Rose Flavour Less Margin Already well established brand name – Poor packaging in the initial stages Amul Not easily accepted because of the new Healthy probiotic lassee whose quality is segment – probiotic products much better than loose lassee Lack of Refrigerators to retailers Follows the same distribution network as that of Amul milk.Opportunities: Threats: Good potential market Fear of new entrant into the market Limited competition from organized players Other existing probiotic products in the market
  9. 9. LAUNCH STRATEGYModel used to launch Amul Prolife Lassee in the area of Andheri, Jogeshwari & Goregaon as follows: Visit to Retailers Provide them proper Scheme information about the Product Shelf Life Margin Generate sales Feedback from Replacement Price retailers Policy
  10. 10. Task Performed: . Visit to retailers: Following Area Covered Location Area Shere Punjab, Poonam Nagar Andheri East JB nagar, MIDC Seepz Sahar Road Marol, Chandwali Majaswadi Jogeshwari East Income Tax Hema Industries Location Area Aarey Road Goregaon East JP Road Dindoshi SV Road, Link Road Andheri, Jogeshwari, Goregaon (West) Four Bunglows, Seven Bunglows, Versova Prabodhan Provide Information about the productPiece 1 Cup Amul Prolife LasseeSize 200 mlRetailer price Rs. 09.60M.R.P Rs. 12Margin Rs. 2.40
  11. 11. Sell the Product FeedbackOther Strategies adopted:Provide Schemes/OffersProvide Banners for AdvertisementCompetitive analysis Key Factors Amul Danone Mother Krushna Mahanand Local Dairy Size 200 ml 165 ml 200 ml 200 ml 200 ml 250 ml Price Rs 12 Rs 18 Rs 12 Rs 12 Rs. 12 Rs. 24 Margin to Rs 2.40 Rs. 4 Rs. 3 Rs. 4 Rs. 4 Self Retailer(1 piece) seller Packing Plastic Poly Pack Poly Pack Poly Pack Poly Pack Loose Cup Lassee Availability In All In All In Some In few In few areas In few areas Areas Areas areas Areas Probiotic Yes No No No No No
  12. 12. Problems faced after the launch of Lassee• Flavour: Amul Prolife Lassee was available only in Rose flavor. While launching the flavor was very strong. The rose content was very high because of which it wasn’t easily acceptable in the market. Consumers were demanding for different flavors.• Sweet Content: Health conscious consumers were demanding the sweet content to be less, as they thought that it will increase the calorie content.• Packaging: Plastic cups consumed more space in the display was the thinking of the retailers. Consumers and retailers were asked to change the packaging to pouch as it will consume less space. They also wanted the packaging to be more attractive.• Distribution – The distributor complained about the distribution channel of lassee as it was damaging the product.• These were the few hurdles that were faced in the initial stages• Few of the retailers misunderstood as the sales representative of other amul products and started complaining about unavailability of the products, but we made them clear their doubts that we are in the market only to sell amul lassee and we convinced them that we will surely convey their message to the company.
  13. 13. PRIMARY TABULATION & INTERPRETATION CONSUMER (Sample size 100) Awareness about If yes, do you consume If No, would you like go for Amul Prolife probiotic foods? probiotic products 10% Lassee 15% 33% 67% Yes 85% 90% Yes Yes No No No5% Frequency4% Probiotic Brands that come to Packaging mind 1% 3% 6% Everyday 5% 10% Alternate day Yakult 37% 36% Weekly 55% Amul Can Mother dairy Monthly 85% 45% Pouch Nestle Never Glass Bottle 8% Tetra Packs Prefered Quantiity Amount you would Occupation 9% spend for one time… Service 43% 200 ml 22% 9% 7% 19% 27% Business 300 ml < 15 Students 500 ml 26% 37% 15-20 12% 47% Housewives 1000 ml 42% 20-25 25-30
  14. 14. Primary Tabulation & Interpretation Retailer (Sample size: 40) Awareness of Probiotic Frequency of delivery Products Appropriate Advertising Everday Medium 11% 43% Alternate57% Yes 53% 36% TV No Weekly 24% 45% Newspap er Top Of Mind Awareness Packaging People Demand 20% Hoarding 11% 6% 7% 5% Can 15% Pouch Magazine 31% Amul Yakult 23% Glass Bottle Mother Dairy 45% Expected Percentage of 57% 11% Pet Bottle Nestle Margin Tetra Pack 6% 4% Which Brand of Probiotic Preferred Quantity 10- 31% foods do you stock Amul 20% 17% 9% Yakult 200 ml 69% 20-36% 54% 300 ml 30% Mother 29% 45% Dairy 500 ml Nestle 1000 ml
  15. 15. SUGGESSTION & RECOMMENDATION • Make the packaging more attractive • Try the packaging in the form of pouches/ for plastic cups, use better sealing and preferably white cups rather than transparent one. • Introduce more flavours • Create more awareness about the product • Andheri to Goregaon is very niche, segmentation needs to take place carefully • Areas such as MIDC, Seepz, SV Road (near stations), Chandiwali are high potential markets. ConclusionAmul being household name in the market should concentrate more on the prospective market ofpeople who are very much health conscious. The company must also try brining in new flavours inthe market and also change the packaging of the product. The product has a great potential and cancapture a huge market as it is one of the early birds in its segment.