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  2. 2. Indian E&M Industry• Estimated to grow from INR 646 billion in 2010, at 13.02% for next 5 years to reach INR 1198.19 billion in 2015.• Indian Film industry is the largest film industry in the world in terms of number of films produced and admission each year.• Indian film industry was accorded the status of an industry in 2000.• There were 107 bollywood releases in 2011.• Indian Film industry is expected to grow at 9.3% over next 5 years, reaching to INR 136.5 billion in 2015 from the present INR 87.5 billion in 2010.• There were 215 Hindi releases in 2010 as compared to 235 in 2009 and 1059 regional releases (Tamil, Telugu etc.) in 2010 as compared to 1053 in 2009.• As of 2010, there are approximately 9000 single-screen theaters along with 200 to 250 multiplexes having around 950-1000 screens across India.
  3. 3. Film Industry in India
  4. 4. pvr
  5. 5. PVR• VISION :“The companys long-term vision is to remain Indias most premiums and most preferred Retail Entertainment Company”
  6. 6. HISTORY March 1974, PEPL Started with single screen cinema hall. 1990, A set back to businesses of Cinema Halls. Renovation of Priya Theatre (PEPL) at a cost of Rs. 4 Million. April 1995, PEPL Joint Venture with Village Roadshow Ltd. (VRL), forming PVRL (Priya Village Roadshow Ltd.) Inscription of PVR „Movies First„ Logo. The first multiplex cinema in the country PVR Anupam in June 1997 at Saket, New Delhi.
  7. 7. PROGRESS 2003 – 04, Grand Opening of 7 Screen Multiplex. Came up with the IPO in 2005 Largest Multiplex with 11 Screens in Bangalore – 2006. Launch of PVR Cinemas, Hyderabad – 2006. 26 Cities, 108 Screens – The Growing Chain Nation wide. Joint Venture with “K Sera Sera & Factory” – The first of its kind. PVR entered into a JV with Major Cineplex Group in 2008 based in Thailand for setting Blowing Alleys, Ice Skating rinks, Karaoke Centers and gaming zones.
  8. 8. PRESENT India consists of 37 Cinemas with 162 screens spread over 21different cities Delhi, Faridabad, Gurgaon, Ludhiana, Ghaziabad, Mumbai,Kolkata, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Lucknow, Indore,Aurangabad, Baroda, Allahabad, , Ahmedabad, Udaipur,Chandigarh, Surat, Latur and Raipur. FY 2011 the PVR brand has been successful in entertainingmore than 19 million esteemed patrons Today PVR Cinemas contributes 20-25% of domestic boxoffice collections of any leading Hollywood movie and 12-13%of any leading Bollywood movie, highest across the Indian FilmExhibition space.
  9. 9. Contd.. It has also successfully forayed into retail entertainment formatssuch as bowling Centres with BluO- Indias largest 24 lane bowlingcentre which was set up in Gurgaon in 2008. The movies co-produced by PVR Pictures include "TaareZameen Par", "Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na", "Aisha" etc. Movies distributed by PVR include "Ghajini", "GolmaalReturns", "Sarkar Raj", "Lions of Punjab", "Tum Mile", "Aviator","Chicago", "Hannibal Rising", "Don", Twilight Series", " ActionReplay" to name a few.
  10. 10. FUTURE Definite plans to grow multifold over the next 3-5 yearswith plans to set up 300 screens and expand to 40 citiesfrom 20 cities at present. The company also aims to set up more bowling centres,ice skating rinks and expand its presence in key cities andbecome a dominant player in the Retail entertainment spaceat pan India level.
  11. 11. PVR Policies• PVR Pictures ,entered into Film Co-production• JV with Major Cineplex – PVR Blue O Entertainment• Off season renting out
  12. 12. 7 P’S PRODUCTPVR Cinemas, one of the leading cinema chains in the country with over108 screens in 26 different cinemas spread across multiple locations.State of the Art Technology that enhances the whole experience of watchinga movie-the great picture quality, sound system etc. What you Get ? • The bright red colors in the interiors to glittering gold in the foyer. • Comfortable seats with more leg-room. • Refreshments serving staffs in the theatre itself. • High Class audio-visual quality.
  13. 13. PRICE• One of the most important factors for Brand Loyalty.• PVR offers “HIGH PRICE discrimination” for various segments of its customers.• In addition it has come up variety of schemes also.• Flagship Product• ATP between 100-200 Rs.• Excellent viewing value to middle market audience• Movie tickets cost 12-40% cheaper now.• PVR Cinemas has dropped prices for shows screened before 1 pm to as low as Rs 50-100, depending on properties. Its tickets were earlier priced between Rs 80 and Rs 150.
  14. 14. CONTD…..• PVR Premiere screens, which would be high end luxury screens with an ATP beyond Rs200. • Middle upper market and premium location in metros.
  15. 15. CONTD….PVR Talkies which have an ATP below Rs 100. • Aimed at value conscious market in tier 2 towns.
  16. 16. CONTD….• Gold class have an ATP over Rs 500 • Caters to upper end of the market
  17. 17. PLACE Availability at the right place, at the right time, in the right quantities…Entertained over 18 million moviegoers in 2007-2008PVR additionally plans to invest Rs 300-400 croreto open 250 screens by 2010 PVR - Maiden Mall, Amritsar (5 screens) - Ampa Mall, Chennai (7 screens) Premiere - Odeon, Ghatkopar, Mumbai (4 screens) PVR PVR Cinemas Talkies
  18. 18. 26 CINEMAS WITH A TOTAL OF 108 SCREENSDelhi LaturGurgaon ludhianaFaridabad LucknowGhaziabad IndoreMumbai AurangabadBangalore BarodaHyderabad
  19. 19. PROMOTION….
  20. 20. “VISA PVR OFFER”PVR customers who use Visa Platinum, Visa Signature orVisa Gold cards who buy cinema tickets throughhttp:// will receive one free ticketout of every two tickets purchased Online Movie Booking Websites PVR Cinemas  BookEazy  Kyazoonga   
  22. 22. MEMBER’S ZONE
  23. 23. CONTD….
  24. 24. MULTIPLEXES DRESS UP FOR PARTIES Where’s the party tonight? ?? - At A MOVIE HALL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Multiplex chains are now positioning their luxury format lounges as a place where “MOVIE BUFFs” can enjoy a get-together and also watch a movie. You could also get your favourite cake in case it’s your birthday. Delhi-based PVR Cinemas offers their 36-seater Gold class auditoriums for private parties. The ticket price per seat range between Rs 300-500. “We are offering private party packages at our luxury auditoriums for movie-goers. Besides corporate, the concept is a huge hit with celebrities,” says Gautam Datta, VP-marketing, PVR Cinemas
  25. 25. • It was the first cinema company to introduce computerized ticketing through use of international box office software in its cinemas; first cinema to accept credit cards in India against tickets; and the first to offer cinema tickets on Internet with online payment gateway for payment.• The company had a turnover of Rs 41 Crores in 2001-02, which is expected to rise to about Rs 60 Crores in 2002-03, and with the growth envisaged, the turnover in the next 3 years is expected to be over Rs 250 Crores. ONLINE SELF Process CHECK IN For MOBILE Customers CARD SYSTEM
  26. 26. CONTD…
  27. 27. PEOPLEPVR makes all employees train at different levels from time to time Teaches employees to be helpful, polite, courteous to all customers and coworkers Report customer grievances to managers Strict on rules on no smoking, drinking on job etc. Very great importance is given to person hygiene and appearance – clean uniformand shoes. Not allowed to make a gesture to ask for any sort of a tip / gift from customers. Job performance evaluation at the completion of first 90 days of Employment All trainees are made to train at all departments like ticket sales, computerticketing telebooking, sales enquiries, customer service ,skills, cash handling sales,credit card sales etc. On the occasion of Childrens Day 2005, PVR created aremembrance for children from PVRs Housekeeping Attendants,Projectionists, electricians, with the movie IQBAL.
  28. 28. PHYSICAL EVIDENCEThough customers cannot see a service, but they can definitely see varioustangible clues of the service offer like facilities, communication, objectives,employees, other customers, price etc.Exterior –The movie hoardings, movie schedules, computerized service, glassentrance, PVR banner, deign of PVR building, parking etc all contribute to theexternal environmentInterior –Seats, color coordination and combination (blue in case of PVR), hygienicwash rooms, candy bars, corridors, stairs, sound and visual equipment, designof the hall, ambience etc are all included hereAttention to detail and stress on high quality cinema viewing experience isevident from the unique seating arrangement that ensures unobstructed viewingfrom anywhere in the auditorium.
  29. 29. CONTD….Plush, ergonomically designed seats have been installed to provideflexibility and ultimate comfort to guests.Convenient cup holders have also been installed on every armrest. Edge toedge screens and digital sound will contribute in creating the ultimate moviegoing experience.The multiplex has an avant-garde lobby with studio effect interiors. Stationconcession counters which offer customers a wide selection of thetraditional movie going fare of sweet and salted popcorn, hotdogs and softdrinks, as well as candy, nachos, fruit juices and Mineral water.
  30. 30. THE IMPORTANT BENEFITS OFFERED BY PHYSICAL EVIDENCE ARE-Increased employee productivityCreation of good impression among customersIncreased credibility of the service providerDifferentiation from competitorsEffective management of service quality and repositioning of services
  32. 32. STRENGHTSFilm DistributionFirst Mover AdvantageLargest Multiplex Operator in India WEAKNESSESIncreasing CompetitionLack of Customer Feedback for further Improvement of Services
  33. 33. OPPORTUNITIESGrowing BusinessFilm DistributionFranchising THREATSDistributorsGovt. Regulations
  35. 35. SEGMENTATION• PVR Cinemas has approx. 22 million movie goers per month PVR segmented the market as• Demographic Segmentation – As per Age ,Income & Education• Psychographic Segmentation - As PVR Movie Goers are people with high resources and can be classified as “ Experiencers” who seek variety and entertainment and Spend a comparatively high proportion of income on fashion, entertainment.• Consumer Behavioral Segmentation - Usage rate: 1/3 of the population attends the movies one or more times per month
  36. 36. TARGETING• Targeted Metro and Non Metro People• In Metro ,targeting Premium customers by providing PVR Gold and Urban customers by providing PVR Cinemas• In Non Metro, targeting tier II & tier III cities by providing PVR Talkies• Age: between 18 and 49• Income: Having income 40K and above per month• Education: College degrees or higher - as more than 50% of movie- going audience are adults and out of these adults, 37% have college degrees or higher
  37. 37. POSITIONING• PVR had, and still has a very well planned market position• Positioned as Premium Class• Premium positioning affects the customers perceptual positioning• PVR comes across as a superior brand in terms of cinema viewing as well as the experience
  38. 38. Service Marketing TriangleInternal Marketing:• Training and motivating to employees at different levels from time to time• Employees are given personalized badges – symbolizes that the employees pride themselves on being a part of the PVR family• Employees are taught to deal with safety problems like accidents, fire, bomb threat, armed robbery etc• Incentives and Bonus to Employees
  39. 39. External Marketing• Advertisement on T.V ,Newspaper• Sales Promotion• Monthly Magazines „Movies First‟ for Latest Movie updates• Online newsletter called „PVR Wire’• Internet for online ticket booking• Public Relation - Any new developments are communicated to the audience via press releases.• contests pertaining to latest festivals like Valentines Day, New Years Eve, Oscar Movies Week etc
  40. 40. Interactive Marketing• Employees are very friendly, helpful to customers• They are also polite & courteous to customers• Employees are very cheerful reliable & informed• Audience can easily relate and communicate with employees• In case of any customer complaints, the employees are immediately directed to report the same to their managers• Caring, individualized attention to the customer
  41. 41. PVR Firsts First to launch a multiplex in India - PVR Anupam Saket, Delhi First to launch Indias biggest 11 screen multiplex - PVR, Bangalore First to bring premier movie viewing to India with the exclusive Europa Cinema and Lounge at PVR Gurgaon First to introduce Gold Class Cinemas in India at PVR, Bangalore First to form a foreign joint venture with Village Roadshow, Australia First to receive institutional funding in the cinema industry - from ICICI Venture First to offer computerized & online ticketing First to accept credit cards in cinemas First to introduce mobile based information & ticketing service First to launch a loyalty program for movie-goers in India First to launch Movies First - a monthly magazine that updates the movie lovers on the latest happenings in Bollywood and Hollywood. PVR has also ventured into the business of film distribution and set up PVR Pictures, a fully-owned subsidiary of PVR Ltd. PVR Pictures specializes in acquisition and local distribution of films
  42. 42. Gap Analysis• Technological Innovation• Once inside...Service must match the price charged…• Outlets are few in number• ATM facilities are not available.• Too much of undue advertisement.• No Flexible Discount schemes• Regional movies are not entertained much
  43. 43. Recommendations• Foray more into technology, Like imax by adlabs,• Less price for first two rows, food and beverage should be reasonably charged, more leg space between the rows, and more variety of food.• There should be many outlets at convenient places along with ATM facilities.• More of entertainment and less of advertisement.• Expanding reach: promotional campaigns once or twice in a month.• Riding high on sport
  44. 44. Awards & Recognition• Highest Box Office Collections in India for 5 consecutive years• “The Theatre World Newsmaker of the Year” Award for 2003• “Retailer of the Year”- 2005• “Franchise Award” - 2005
  45. 45. Future Plans• Collaborating with Networking Sites• Radio Frequency Identification – RFID• Increasing No. of Screens• Involving more into producing movies• Giving throughout India a Digital Movie Experience
  46. 46. PVR ZOOM “It comes with more leg room It makes you go vroom,It’s a place for all the fun n dhoom, So jab aana ho ghoom,It has to be PVR ZOOM