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  • The total production of fruits in India is 68466000 metric tones
  • The total area under cultivation of fruits in India is 6101000 hectors
  • Farmers in the region are pretty affluent one. Annual income in the region in banana is around one lakhs per acre . Average land holding is between 5- 10 acres. Crops taken in the region other than banana are cotton & sugarcane(to some extent). The socio economic class can be considered to be R2,R3
  • Farmers in this region are affluent too. Annual income is 70-80 thousand per acre. Average land holding is more than 10 acres . The crops taken in the region other than banana are cotton & wheat. The socio economic class can be considered to be R2,R3
  • In both the regions the farmers are not much dependent on rain. Rising temperature year by year is being an issue of worry as 40°+ is not desirable for banana
  • In Tamil Nadu the farmers have tried Kubota B 2420 and they are satisfied with the results. Kubota B 2420. It weighs 590 kg , track width of 39.96 inches, 4 WD, three cylinder engine, 24 hp with power steering tractor 
  • The problem of power cut off is getting serious in Maharashtra so if the tractor will be compatible to run the generators it will be well in demand.They expect the power generation which can run the pump ranging 12-20 hp. Running pumps directly on the P.T.O. shaft is not possible as most of them have submersible pumps on their wells
  • The small tractor with which the farmers in Tamil Nadu region comfortable is Kubota B 2420. It weighs 590 kg , track width of 39.96 inches, 4 WD, three cylinder engine, 24 hp with power steering tractor available @ 4.5 Lakhs + 1 lakhs for rotavator. The banana plant needs loose soil so that the roots could penetrate easily , the heavy tractor damages the roots as roots are very delicate & it affects the yield , this is been the reason why Mitsubishi small tractors have measurably failed in Jalgaon region, the expected weight by farmers is less than 5 quintals which resembles to a pair of bullocks. They expect the rotating disc cutter running on P.T.O. shaft which can cut down individual plant without disturbing other plants.
  • Crop study banana

    1. 1. Crop study<br />Banana<br />
    2. 2.
    3. 3.
    4. 4. Crop background<br />Banana is one of the most important fruits being produced in India<br />It contributes around 39 % of total fruits production in India<br />India is one of the most prominent exporter of banana<br />The total production of banana in India is been 26217.2 thousand metric tons & total area under cultivation is 708.8 thousand hectors as per the report of National Horticulture Board Of India<br />The prominent states producing banana in India are Maharashtra, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu , Karnataka, A.P., M.P., Assam<br />
    5. 5. Crop background<br />As per report of NHB published in 2008-09<br />
    6. 6. Crop background<br />Areas Visited<br />Maharashtra :- Jalgaon (Production belt of river Tapi)<br />Gujarat :- Vadodara (Production belt of river Narmada)<br />Tamil Nadu :-Kumbakonam and Trichy(production belt of river Kaveri)<br />The soil type needed for the banana plan is the one which readily drains out<br />the water . This kind of soil is found in the areas nearby riverside.<br /> The areas selected for visit are one of those areas which contribute most in banana production in India<br />
    7. 7. Pricing pattern<br />Rs /ton<br />
    8. 8. Various cropping patterns<br />Gujarat(Vadodara)<br />Prominent method being used in this area is tissue culture<br />They plant the tissues in two patterns<br />6 * 6 feet <br />4.5 * 6feet<br />The pattern depends upon the type of soil, type of tissue, Quality of feed water(weeds are introduced through water of river)<br />It is seen that yield in terms of tonnage is better in 6 * 6 feet<br />
    9. 9. Various cropping patterns<br />Maharashtra(Jalgaon)<br />Both the methods tissue culture & Flower (they call it Gadda) methods are being used<br />Two patterns are seen in this region<br />5 * 5 feet<br />6 * 6 feet<br />The pattern depends upon type of tissue/flower & soil<br />
    10. 10. Various Cropping Patterns<br />Tamil Nadu (Trichy and Kumbakonam the production belt of river Kaveri)<br />They plant two rows 1*5 feet then leave a gap of 6-7 feet again two rows 1*5 feet (Pad row system) <br />6*6 feet (bed system)<br />
    11. 11. Farming activities<br />Ploughing open land<br />Dry tilling<br />Preparing cavities <br />Trench digging<br />Sowing tissue<br />Weeding ,watering, manuring ,spraying pesticides<br />After 3-4 months when the plant grows to 1.5-2 feet they support the base of plant with soil<br />Some child plants grow around the parent plant they cut down child plants<br />Weeding , watering & manuring (weeding is not an issue after 5-6 months as banana leaves don’t let the weed grow by stopping sunlight to reach the weed)<br />Crop cycle is of 12months <br />After cutting out the bananas they cut the tree down<br />
    12. 12. The child plant to be cut down<br />
    13. 13. Scope for small tractors <br />small tractors can be the complete replacement of bullocks<br />It will be a secondary tractor<br />The activities that can be carried out with the small tractors are Supporting plant with soil, Weeding ,cutting trees down & spraying<br />Most of the farmers are fascinated by the concept of small tractors as maintaining bullocks is tedious & also laborers are not easily available<br />
    14. 14. Target customers<br />The farmers having land holding 5 acres can be targeted. <br />The average income seen in the banana is Rs 70000-80000 per acre.<br />In Jalgaon region Mitsubishi (Mitsubishi shakti 18 hp) has launched small tractors but it failed due to weight issue(the banana plant needs loose soil so that the roots could penetrate easily , the heavy tractor damages the roots as roots are very delicate & it affects the yield)<br />
    15. 15. Target Applications<br />Tilling with tiller<br />Preparing cavities (2-3 inch deep) with harrow plough<br />Harrow plough. Expected to be adjustable to achieve desired gap between two rows<br />
    16. 16. Target Applications<br />Trench digging right now done manually 7-8inch deep. diameter being 5inch on and average<br />The equipment for trench digging can also be provided(this is not a serious issue for them<br />
    17. 17. Target Applications<br />Weeding with wider or rotavator(supposed to reach 1.5 inch deep in earth) right now it is done either with the help of bullocks or manually<br />Bullock driven weeder<br />Rotavator provided with Kubota B 2420<br />40 inches in width<br />
    18. 18. Target Applications<br />Ridging with rigger( right now ridging is done manually or with the help of bullocks)<br />
    19. 19. Target Applications<br />Cutting trees right now done manually. The cut trees can be used in paper making, for preparing manure and in cuisine decorations<br />
    20. 20. Future improvements<br />The tissue culture method is becoming famous<br />As the temperature is increasing year by year the farmers have started spraying water on leaves to keep it cool<br />The farmers are tending to mechanization to maximum possible extent<br />
    21. 21. CHALLENGES/LIMITATIONS<br />The tractor must have low weight so that it will not affect the root zone of the plant. The expected weight is less than or equal to 500 Kg which resembles to a pair of bullocks<br />The track width should be less than or equal to 4 feet<br />It should have power steering so that it could be easily maneuverable and will not affect the plants at the end of rows while operating<br />Frequent power cut off is a serious issue in Maharashtra region so the tractor should be capable of running generator which will be capable of running pumps ranging 12-15 hp <br />
    22. 22. Farmers expectationsabout small tractors<br />The tractor should be in affordable price range (3.5 – 4 Lakhs with implements)<br />It should be 4WD tractor<br />It should be having power steering <br />Multispeed is not expected(according to farmers 600 rpm of P.T.O. will fulfill their requirements)<br />It should be multipurpose tractor(Tilling, weeding. harvesting, puddling etc)<br />It should have low track width (Less than or equal to 4 feet)<br />It should have ground clearance more than or equal to 3 feet<br />Banana orchardist expect it to be low weight<br />The tractor should be robust one (It will be only a m/c for them)<br />