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Chetankumar Mistry Cv

  1. 1. Chetan S. Mistry Lecturer Tel: (R) 91-261-2793587 (M) 9879674074 (O) 91-2615542506, 07 Email:, PERSONAL INFORMATION Date of Birth : 5th April,1979 Nationality : Indian Residence Add: 7/Guru govind nagar society, Behind Navyug College, New Rander Road Surat-395009 EDUCATION: ME (Turbo machines) S.V.National Institute of Tech., Surat-2003 BE (Mechanical) S.V.Regional College of Engg. & Tech., Surat-2000 RESEARCH INTERESTS: Turbo Machines Alternative fuels & Internal Combustion Engine Computational Fluid Dynamics COURSES: Elements of Gas turbine Hydraulic Machines Fluid Mechanics I.C. Engine Automobile Engineering PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE Lecturer In Mechanical Engineering Dept. at C.K.Pithawalla College of Engg. & Tech.,Surat. 2001- Continue Trainee Engineer Condor Footwear India Ltd. Surat. 2000-2001
  2. 2. ADMINISTRATIVE ACTIVITY July 2005-onwards I/C Training & Placement Officer at parent Institute. HONORS AND AWARDS Inclusion of Biography in First edition of The Marquis “WHO’S WHO IN ASIA” Publication 2006 -07. COMMUNITY SERVICES Member of Organizing Committee for “Testing & Instrumentation sessions” at SAE World Congress. Member of Reviewer Committee for SAE INTERNATIONAL. Reviewer for “ASME 2004 International Mechanical Engg. Congress”. MEMBERSHIP Member of SAE Member of JSAE (Japan) Life member of ISTE EXPERT LECTURES Guest Lecture on “Design of Radial inflow gas turbine” at S.V.National Institute of Tech., Surat on 23rd June, 2003 to M.E. (Turbo Machines) students. ORGANISING WINTER/SUMMER SCHOOL/WORKSHOPS: Member of Organizing Committee on “Staff Induction Training Program” at REC- Surat ORGANISING SEMINAR/CONFERENCE/SYMPOSIUM: Member of Organizing Committee for State Level Paper Presentation Competition “PRARAMBH-2005” Sponsored by GUJCOST at parent Institute SEMINARS ATTENDED: 1. Measurement Techniques NIT,Surat 23rd -25th June,2005 in Turbomachines 2. 3-D Modeling for CAD NIT,Surat 6th-7th February,2006 application
  3. 3. SHORT TERM TRAINING PROGRAM ATTENED : No. Particulars Organizer Duration 1. Staff Induction Training E D Cell, REC-Surat. 17th July -04th Aug. 2000 Programme. 2. Design, Selection & GCET in Association L & T Operation of heat 12th October 2002 ChiyodaLtd.,V.Vidhyanagar exchangers 3. Present & Future Annamalai University, 31th May- 11thJuly,2004 Automotive fuels Tamilnadu 4. Advanced Computational I.I.T., Kanpur 14th Dec to18thDec,2004 Fluid Dynamics 5. Computational Fluid 26th July to 30th Dynamics & Heat NIT,Hamirpur July,2006 Transfer RESEARCH PROJECTS 1. Experimental investigation on Multicylinder engine using LPG as a fuel. (Completed) 2. Experimental Investigation on Effects of friction and wear in reciprocating systems. (Completed) 3. Comparative assessment on multi-cylinder engine using CNG, LPG and Petrol as a fuel. (Completed) 4. To study the effect of variable compression ratio on single cylinder engine using LPG. (Completed) 5. Performance assessment of single cylinder variable compression ratio engine using 10% Ethanol. 6. Design of nozzle less radial inflow gas turbine for small capacity gas turbine engine.
  4. 4. PUBLICATIONS INTERNATIONAL 1. Chetan S. Mistry, Anish H Gandhi, “Experimental Investigation On Multi- cylinder Engine Using Petrol And LPG As A Fuel”, SAE 2004 World Congress & Exhibition ,Detroit,USA, 8-11 March,2004 ,SAE Paper no 2004-01-1653 2. Chetan S. Mistry,Dr. S.A.Channiwala “ Design of nozzle-less radial inflow gas turbine for small capacity(20kW) gas turbine engine”, 2004 ASME International Mechanical engineering Congress,USA,13-19 November 2004,Paper no IMECE2004-59949. 3. Chetan S. Mistry “ Comparative assessment on performance of multi-cylinder engine using CNG/LPG and petrol as a fuel”, SAE 2005 World Congress & Exhibition, Detroit, USA, 11-15 April 2005 , SAE Paper no 2005-01-1056 ( SELECTED FOR PUBLICATION IN SAE TRANSACTIONS) 4. Chetan S. Mistry, Piyush P.Gohil D M Sharma, “Performance Assessment Of Multi-Cylinder Engine Using CNG” 2005 ASME International Mechanical engineering Congress, USA, 5-11 November 2005. Paper no IMECE2005- 79950. 5. Chetan S. Mistry,Dr. S.A.Channiwala “Preliminary Design Concepts for High Solidity Nozzle-less Radial Inflow Gas Turbine for Small Capacity Gas Turbine Engine”, ASME Turbo Expo 2006,Barcelona, Spain ,May 8-11, 2006 , Paper no GT2006-90962. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL 1. Chetan S. Mistry “ Comparative assessment on performance of multi-cylinder engine using CNG,LPG and petrol as a fuel”,SAE2005 Transactions Journal of Passenger Cars-Electronic & Electrical systems, March 2006
  5. 5. NATIONAL 1. C K. Desai, Chetan S. Mistry, “Stress and deflection analysis of horizontal pressure vessel with different dished end using FEM”, National conference on AIME 2004, Yavatmal, Maharashtra. 2. Chetan S. Mistry, C.K.Desai, Piyush P.Gohil, “Experimental Investigation on Effects of friction and wear in reciprocatig systems”, National conference on Recent Trends in Mechanical Engg 2004. ,Kopar Gaon,Maharastra. 3. Chetan S. Mistry, C.K.Desai, Piyush P.Gohil, “Design concept of ball piston rotary engine”, National conference on Recent Trends in Mechanical Engg 2004,Kopar Gaon,Maharastra. 4. Chetan S. Mistry, Anish H,Gandhi , “ Design of Sterling Cryocooler for development of liquid nitrogen”, National conference on Recent Trends in Mechanical Engg 2004,Kopar Gaon, Maharastra. 5. Chetan S. Mistry, Piyush P.Gohil, “ Design and development of line focusing through parabolic collector”, National Conference, Karnataka 6. C.S.Mistry, A H.Gandhi, “Performance Test On S.I. Engine Using LPG”, National Conference on Energy and Fuel Issues of Future –2004,Pune. 7. Piyush P.Gohil, Seema Sharama, Chetan S. Mistry, “X by Wire Technology in aviation and automobile Industry”, National Conference on Precession Manufacturing, Longwal, Punjab