PAN India Single Board Number Solution for Call Centre


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PAN India Single Board Number Solution for Call Centre

  1. 1. Case Study - SBN Contact Centre SolutionsAbout Mahindra Holidays back-hauled to their main Call center incoming calls and distributes to theMahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd. location at Chennai through point-to- agents. This solution is robust, resilientis part of the USD 6.7 billion Mahindra point leased lines. With this setup and typically the call handling capacityGroup, one of India‟s leading Industrial Mahindra Holidays not only had issues is only limited by the number of PRIsHouses. The Group has interests in related to voice quality and mainte- terminated on the ACD PBX.various sectors such as Automotive, nance of VoIP gateways, but also hadAuto Components, Farm Equipment, to spend heavily on inter-city leased Value proposition for Mahindra HolidaysTrade & Financial Services, Infrastruc- line charges. Limitedture and Information Technology. Reliance Single / Similar Board Client Convenience – Single number Number (SBN) based Contact Centre across the country makes it eas y for SolutionMahindra Holidays & Resorts India Customers to remember one numberLtd., a part of the infrastructure sector Reliance has provided a centralized and helps to s trengthen the Brand.of the Mahindra Group brings to the Single Board Number based Contact Allows clients to dial local number fromindustry values such as Reliability, center solution. All their remote loca- their respective locations to reach MainTrust and Customer Satisfaction. tions have Fixed Line Phones and all contact centerStarted in 1996, the company‟s flag- these locations are activated with a Single Board Number (3988 0000). Ease of Maintenance – Mahindraship brand “Club Mahindra Holidays”, This helps their customers and pros - Holidays internal support team is nowtoday has a fast growing c ustomer pects across India to reach the Main free of maintaining VoIP gateways andbase of over 60,000 members and 15 Call Center at Chennai by dialing only multi-vendor coordination.resorts at some of the most exoticspots in India and abroad. a local number from their respective Enhanced Performance – Calls are locations. In their Main Call center lo- switched end-to-end on Reliance‟s cation at Chennai 3 PRI‟s are provi- TDM backbone giving best voice qual-MHRIL has made significant inves t- sioned and terminated on the ACD ityments in „state of the art‟ IT sys tems to EPABX. Business Enhancement – Turnsstreamline their operations and proc- phone number into a very powerfulesses to give smoother services to its Whenever a client makes a local call it marketing toolcustomers. Its CRM system also tracksimportant member information and will land in a Fixed Line Phone provi- Reliance SBN contact center solutionpreferences to enhance the total holi- sioned at the nearest Mahindra Holi- had not only helped Mahindra Holidaysday experience. days location and are auto-forwarded to overcome all the limitations they by Reliance local MCN‟s ILT switch to faced with the old setup, but also en-Mahindra’s concerns with their pre- the Pilot Number PRI provisioned in dow with an ideal platform to run theirvious setup the Main Call Center. The moment a contact center operations more effi-Each of their locations across the call is forwarded, the Fixed Line Phone ciently and free of Capex, Opex andcountry had multiple Centrex/FLP lines is free to receive another call . The Obsolescence cost.connected to VOIP gateway and then ACD EPABX does the sequencing of Amol Vidwans CIO M/s Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India Ltd.F or m ore d e ta ils, p le as e co n ta ct bu sin e sss ol ut ion stn .r co m @re li an c ea d a. co m