Enterprise Connectivity at MARG


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Enterprise Connectivity at MARG

  1. 1. AIRCEL BUSINESS SOLUTIONS SOLUTION CASE STUDY Real Time Access to People and Data from Remote Construction Sites High Speed Connectivity Across 20 Remote Locations “Be it applications, messaging or live video streaming, the requirement is a robust data network. Aircel solutions provide us with a robust, flexible solution that impacts every aspect of our business from efficiency, productivity to employee morale.’ About MARG Group MARG Group is among the fastest growing infrastructure Amol Vidwans, Head – Information Technology, MARG Limited companies in India with projects of INR 3,000 crore under execution. Its businesses include industrial, urban and marine An Infrastructure major, MARG Group decided to revamp infrastructure, real estate, and EPC (Engineering, Procurement its IT and communications infrastructure. As it evaluated and Construction). The Group is now expanding its sectoral solutions, it realised one-size would not fit all site from presence to Greenfield airports metros to remote locations. Hence, a set of connectivity and multi-level car parking (MLCP). solutions would be required. With Aircel Business Situation Solutions, it found a flexible, feasible set of solutions that Consolidation and access to information were key goals of the met all its requirements. From a management perspective, company. Even after deploying this is a huge improvement over a few years ago. Now all SAP, there was a time lag in information receipt from its sites, be it ports or industrial clusters under execution, are remote sites across the country due to limited connectivity. all connected on high-speed ILL and VPN networks. This Solution provides reliable communication via email, video MARG deployed multiple Internet conferencing and phone across locations, which improves solutions from Aircel including ILL and VPN. inter-site and head office coordination leading to higher Benefits efficiency and productivity. In addition, access to up-to-  Up-to-date information improves information access, date information on its ERP ensures that the management transparency can take appropriate decisions on time.  Improves Internal Communications
  2. 2. Situation Incorporated in 1994, MARG Group is the new face of Indian infrastructure - undertaking holistic regional development, unlocking economic prosperity and creating inclusive and sustainable growth models. Listed by Dun & Bradstreet as among „Indias Top 500 Companies 2010‟, MARG Group has projects worth more than INR 3,000 crore under execution, a seasoned human capital of more than 1300, global partners in the infrastructure space and offices spread across India, “The management has a Singapore and China. real-time view of data and information leading to MARGs portfolio spans across the infrastructure value chain. enhanced productivity, To create new business entities be it a state-of-the-art port, Chennai‟s most talked about upcoming mall or an integratedbetter material and resource city, means starting from scratch. Until a few years ago, the management. Also, there is company had three offices in Chennai itself. While thesegreater transparency which were consolidated under one roof, MARG also decided to would lead to higher enhance the reach of its SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. productivity and on time delivery of projects.” Even though it had a state-of-the-art ERP solution across the Amol Vidwans, Head – Information organization, its reach was limited to 5 – 7 sites wherein we Technology, MARG Limited have connectivity links. We wanted to connect all our critical sites on a robust network and extend the reach of SAP, explains Amol Vidwans, Head – Information Technology, Marg Limited. Connectivity solutions are considered a part of the plumbing of the organization and no one thinks twice about it unless there is an issue. “As the Head of IT for the group, it‟s my job to ensure no-one worries about the connectivity,” says Mr. Vidwans. To obtain live data from remote locations it was important that we extend the SAP solution across all sites. Along with this, we had to ensure reliable, high-bandwidth solutions to ensure data reaches the headquarters in real time.
  3. 3. Solution As the bandwidth, utilization and requirements would be unique to each site and location, it was important for us to go with a partner that offered a range of solutions in far-flung regions of the country. MARG evaluated connectivity solutions from a range of service provider companies and finally selected Aircel. “The reason we chose Aircel was because it was player “As the Head of IT for the that had the most extensive coverage in places wheregroup, it’s my job to ensure we have operate from; and in addition, the Aircel team no-one worries about the was willing to work with us on our technical connectivity.” requirements,” comments Mr. Vidwans.Amol Vidwans, Head – Information Technology, Marg Limited Aircel spent several days evaluating the locations, last mile options and the bandwidth requirements for each location. MARG Group‟s headquarters has about 700 – 800 people who use various applications such as email, voice and data applications as well as video conferencing. The SEZ, which one of its largest site, has over 130 employees, while the smaller sites across the country have 15 – 30 employees depending on the stage and size of the project. Each location was sized based on its current requirements, potential growth etc. before recommending the ideal mix of connectivity solutions. For example, the MARG SEZ situated 80 Km outside Chennai, was not yet connected to the corporate headquarters. Employing over 130 people, the requirements of the SEZ were reliability, reach, security, capacity and cost. In addition, keeping in mind the growth and needs of the organizations that set up shop at the SEZ, Aircel recommended that it create a Point of Presence (PoP) at the SEZ. Similarly, based on these findings, MARG selected a bouquet of services from Aircel. These include:
  4. 4. 16 Mbps Platinum Internet Leased Line at the headquarters in Chennai for a Centralized Internet access for all users in MARG Group.“A mix of Aircel ILL and VPN  4 Mbps VPN Solution in 2 sites; 2 Mbps VPN solution services connects all our across 5 sites and 1 Mbps VPN Solution across 12 sites. The VPN solution is used for all voice and data locations. We have a requirements as well as accessing and updating SAP.flexible, scalable and a high  10 Mbps VPN Solution at the headquarters in Chennai. performance, private VPN This was essential, as the data center is hosted on- and high speed access premise at the head office. All offices connect to the SAP ERP and other centralised applications such as email, points at the most remote Project Systems etc. therefore there was a need for high locations.” speed data transfer Amol Vidwans, Head – Information Technology, Marg Limited  The PoP at the Swarnbhoomi SEZ meets MARG‟s requirements. Also, it will also connect all businesses, homes and educational institutions within the SEZ. Benefits “A mix of Aircel‟s ILL and VPN services connects all our locations. We have a flexible, scalable and a high performance, private VPN and high speed access points at the most remote locations,” says Mr. Vidwans. Access Provides Up-to-date Information, Increases Transparency By connecting all sites, MARG management can access relevant information in real time. For example, the management is aware of material consumption, heavy machinery in use, updates on tasks completed on site. All this is available in real time. “Armed with this information, the management will be able to take decisions to increase productivity through better material and resource management. Also, this will ensure greater transparency which leads to higher productivity and on time delivery of projects,” explains Mr. Vidwans
  5. 5. Better Internal CommunicationsVideo conferencing has become an important medium ofchoice for most teams and Top Management enhancingbusiness productivity, reducing spending several hoursto a day in transit. Instead, easy access to their teammembers using video conferencing gets the sameresults.For an infrastructure company, simple corporatecommunications activities such as town halls or CEOaddresses are a challenge. The widely dispersed teamsmakes it practical problem to address all employeestogether. Since the company build a robust, reliablehigh-speed connectivity, live streaming of Chairman‟saddress have become a regular occurrence.Explains Mr. Vidwans, “Be it applications, messaging orlive streaming, the requirement is a robust data network.Aircel solutions provide us with a robust, flexible solutionthat impacts every aspect of our business fromefficiency, productivity to employee morale.‟Good Technology and Investment Choice“During our evaluation and partner selection process, wewere looking at vendors that offered us a feasiblesolution using the latest technology and of course, theright pricing. Aircel provided us with all this. Moreover,the team‟s attitude to go the extra mile made us believethis would be the right investment,” says Mr. Vidwans.“In addition, the costs were comparable if not lower thanits competition.” Aircel Business Solutions, a SBU of Aircel