Disruptive Technologies to watch out for in Apparel Retail Industry


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Disruptive Technologies to watch out for in Apparel Retail Industry

  2. 2. Disruptive Technologies to Watch Out for The 3 most Distant Disruptive Technologies that would change the way business is conducted in the future  Cloud Computing  Big Data  Augmented Video Communication
  3. 3. Trends in the Disruptive Technologies wouldpossibly… Change Key Business Initiatives in the Apparel Industry  Shift from Focusing on Reducing Product Costs to Improve Margins  Focus on –  New Ways to provide Value to Customers and Shoppers  Reducing Lead Time for New Products  Improved Alignment between New Product Development, Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, and Merchandising and Store Operations  Business Intelligence an Analysis  Growth plans through  Introduction of New Products / Brands or Categories  Adding New Retail Stores to Increase Sales of Existing Products / Brands  Addition of NEW Sales Channels (E Commerce & E-tailing)  Acquiring and Merging other Companies  Increasing Customer Reach and Facilitate Selling through Mobile Technologies  Necessitate a Complete Re-Look at the Existing Application Portfolios  Need for Investments in Technology that  Deliver Scalable, Reliable and Integrated ways to support Decision-making Activities across Geographies, Supply Networks and Selling Channels  Facilitate Seamless Service across Buying Experiences and Channels Help Create and Facilitate Disruptive Business Models
  4. 4. Cloud Computing Current trends in Cloud Computing applications in Enterprise  Attempt to Automate  Non Mission Critical Applications  Routine Business Applications in HR, Administration, Travel Desk  Certain aspects to ERP Functions  No ERP Product available for the “Cloud”  Limited Adaption from the “Real Big Boys” of Business World  Security citied as the most deterrent for acceptance of the technology The Future of Enterprise Applications  Change from internally supported business management applications cloud based infrastructure and applications, including  ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning),  CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and  LOB (Line of Business)  “Death” of Owned Enterprise Software  “Buyer „s Market” for Enterprise Application Products  Enterprise Application Footprint will be a cluster of “Best in Breed” Applications from Various Cloud Service Providers (CSP)
  5. 5. Big Data Present Mostly Prevailing Process  Customer Data in Retail Industry is normally available in disperse and diverse systems and applications as under  Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems  Point-of-Sale (POS) Information  Purchase History  Catalogue Subscription  As Standalone, all the above Data has little value  Combining the above Data when Matched with Demographic & Psychographic Data can offer Important Insights into Internal Operations & Customer Behavior Big Data Opportunities  Manage Loyalty Program  Manage Merchandise Performance  Improve Customer Insights  Manage Procurement and Replenishments in Stores
  6. 6. Augmented Video Communication Existing Video Conferencing Solutions  Limited to Conversation  Little to No Real-time Interaction or Collaboration The “NEXT” in Video Conferencing  Video Conferencing + Augmented Reality  Ability to share and interact with content in real time Today, it is possible to use  Interactive HD Telepresence to collaborate between the Design Teams, Reduce the time-to-market Future,  Webcam Social Shopper – E-Commerce Visualization Application  Augmented Reality video Chat  3D holograms would able Customers to see how a particular dress would look when s/he actually wears it  Mobile Augmented Reality Solutions  In Store  Use Video Devices to reads faces upon entry,  Computers can pull up individual„s past shopping histories, and  Recommend products that way.  Will facilitate the Apparel Retailers to stay competitive with on-line outlets
  7. 7. Some thoughts on Disruptive Technologies inthe “In Shop” Apparel Retail Industry for theFuture Automatic Intelligent People Counting & Integrated , Analytics System(s) Interactive & connected to the Intelligent Digital Smart phones o guide Signage Network HD Telepresence customers to the Right ensure consistency of collaborate between product, push Offers marketing messages , teams, reduce time-to- to customers real time, remote, market, interactive centralized kiosk Smart Fitting approval process management Rooms Network Storage allows Retailers to stay competitive with online stores, create a single Wireless Broadband Router customer experience across channels Wireless IP Cameras (ONVIF Compliant) Supporting IR Night vision, 2 way Audio Network Video Analytics Integrated “In Store” targeted advertising based Surveillance on audience demographics centrally integrated &
  8. 8. Thoughts on E-tailing Solution – Needs to beMore than “Just” Brochure-ware A Disruptive Business Model, which would be an complementary model to existing business models Existing E-Tailing Solutions are  merely Brochure-ware wherein paper-based product catalogues are been digitized  have some component of e-commerce through shopping carts, payment gateways Perhaps, a Futuristic Design for E-tailing Solution website could for the Apparel Retail Industry could include -  option for anybody to create & upload their own individual apparel designs in various category design catalogues  a customer can select and choose a design of their choice and liking from these design catalogues  a customer has the option  to take photograph using their in-house webcams or technologies like “Kinnect”  create a 3D Image using a Smart Virtual Fitting Room application available on the E-tailing website, and also  entry his / her body measurements  visualize herself / himself in the selected apparel design  an Apparel Manufacturer can offer customized tailoring solutions and product delivery to such customers
  9. 9. Some thoughts on an Integrated ApproachBuilding & Security Management IP Loudspeakers IP Cameras IP / SIP Vandal Resistant Intercom Stations Radio Public Announcement System Street Lights EPBAX Central Control Access Control System Central Control Station Integrated NEW Approach to Building and Security Management Surveillance System Fire Detection System AlphaCom XE1 & MP-114 Gateway – Products of Zenitel Grou
  10. 10. Thank you for sparing your valuable time