Change The Way We Build


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Change The Way We Build

  1. 1. CHANGE THE WAY WE BUILDHypercompressed Raw Earth Blocks (HRE) Manufacturing
  2. 2. HRE BLOCK TECHNOLOGY Offers a cost effective, environmentally sound masonry system Product – Hypercompressed Raw Earth (HRE) Blocks Applications  Walling  Vertical Load Bearing Walls  Partition and Interior Walls  Arched Openings  Corbels etc
  3. 3. HRE BLOCKS Features  Low Energy and Emissions (Environmentally Friendly – No Pollution, Requires Little or No Water)  Uniform Size  High Strength  Thermal Insulation  Versatile  Cost Effective  Manufactured and made Available Round the Year
  4. 4. HRE BLOCKS Manufactured by  Hypercompressing by Natural Drying  Use of ALL Surface or Deep Raw Earth / Industrial Mineral Refuse mixed with a stabilizer (maximum of 3% of the total content)  Use of Hydraulic machine under a pressure of about 200 kg/cm² applied to the product Product  Size – 9 cm x 14 cm x 29 cm  Compressive Strength – about 130 kg/cm² Raw Material  Earth Soil – Available at Construction Site
  5. 5. HRE BLOCKS – DEMAND ESTIMATES Burned Clay Bricks Market  Potential of 460 billion bricks every year  Growth Rate by 3-5% every year Even at a very conservative 3% market share, the Demand would be for 13.8 billion bricks per yearHRE Blocks can be used for Almost All the Applications of Burnt Clay Bricks
  6. 6. ALTERNATIVE TO BURNED CLAY BRICKS –FLYASH BRICKS However, manufacturing of Flyash Bricks  Need 50 cents to 1 acre Land  If it has to be Profitable, it needs to be within 100 kms from a Thermal Plan  Flyash Availability is a concern because of Demand from Cement Industry (about 15% is mixed with the Cement)  Flyash Quota needs to be approved, SSI Certificate required (if in Tamil Nadu)  Availability of Lime and Sand / Stone Dust
  7. 7. ANOTHER ALTERNATIVE TO BURNT CLAY BRICKS- HOLLOW & CEMENT CONCRETE BLOCKS Raw Materials  Cement  Stone Chips  Stone Dust  Sand Today, Cement (INR 240 to INR 250 per bag) and Sand (INR 50 + Taxes per cft) prices have sky-rocketed and unlikely to be reduced in the short-run, hence with inputs costs increasing the Hollow and Cement Concrete Blocks may not be feasible if Project Costs have to remain constant Needs 24 hours Drying and further 2 to 3 weeks of Curing before they can be used
  8. 8. HRE BLOCKS – A QUICK COMPARISONProperties RED BRICKS FLY ASH BRICKS HRE BLOCKSDensity 1600 - 1750 kg/m³ 1700 – 1850 kg/m³ 2000 – 2300 kg/m³Compressive 30 – 25 kg/cm² 90 – 100 kg/cm² 130 – 180 kg/cm²StrengthAbsorption 15 – 25% 10 – 14% 09 – 12%Dimensional Very Low High Tolerance Very HighStability Tolerance ToleranceWastage During Up to 10% Less than 2% Less than 2%TransitPlastering Thickness vary on Even on both sides Even on both sides both sides of the wall
  9. 9. HRE BLOCKS - APPLICATIONS Low-cost Housing in Rural and Urban Areas Middle Income Housing in Urban Areas Affordable Housing in Rural and Urban Areas
  10. 10. HRE BLOCKS Given that there is DEMAND for HRE Blocks, the Manufacturing Process would be  Manual  Mechanized To be Cost Effective and Produce Volumes of the HRE Blocks the process has to be mechanized Further slides talk about the Mechanized HRE Blocks Manufacturing Machine
  11. 11. HRE BLOCKS MANUFACTURING MACHINE Process  Uses Local and Available Resources at the Site of Construction  Double-sided Compression allowing  Perfect Homogeneity of the HRE Block  Steadiness of Mechanical Characteristics  Produces  High Density Product guaranteeing  Immediate Handling and Erection at Fresh State  Reduce in Bearing-wall Thickness but still offering Block Strengths of about 130 kg/cm² at Stabilized state  Perfect Finished Look to the wall  Precise Dimensions  Increased Thermal Insulation  Greater Stability  Mass Blocks without any Production Rejection
  12. 12. HRE BLOCKS MANUFACTURING MACHINE Standard Output Capacity – 600 Blocks / Hour If deployed in 2 shifts of 8 hours each per day, can produce  600 nos. x 8 hours x 2 shifts  i.e. 9,600 HRE Blocks per day  Resultingin Overall Construction of about 250 – 260 m² / day
  13. 13. HRE BLOCKS MANUFACTURING MACHINE–POTENTIAL BUYERS Group housing Companies  Can Benefit from the use of Available Local Material (Excavated Earth) at the site of Construction  Safety against Increase Costs of Construction Material Contractors  Avail of the Advantage of Mobility of the Equipment and Save on Transportation Cost by producing bricks at the site of Construction Owners of Local Clay Brick / Wire Cut Brick Kilns  As business diversification into production of HRE Blocks
  14. 14. HRE BLOCKS – POSSIBLE SOURCE OF REVENUE HRE Block Manufacturing Machine  Outright Sale  Rentals  1 Personnel deployed to Man and Operate the Machine  Operational Support & Costs to be borne by the Renting Party  Investments  Security Deposit – INR 500,000  INR 0.40 to INR 0.50 per HRE Block as per Manufacturing Capacity of the Machine used Sale of HRE Blocks in the Market Sale of Carbon Credits generated through use of Environmental Safe Technology
  15. 15. HRE BLOCKS Can we meet and discuss the Financial feasibility Of Taking up the Project?
  16. 16. HRE BLOCKSThank You for your Valuable Time