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Meetup - DevCloud and CloudStack 4.2


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CloudStack Bay Area meetup : Hands on session using DevCloud

Published in: Engineering
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Meetup - DevCloud and CloudStack 4.2

  1. 1. DevCloud – Setup and DemoCloudStack Meetup Oct, 2013 Amogh Vasekar
  2. 2. Typical Dev Requirements • CloudStack needs a cloud!! o Hypervisors o Networking infra o Storage • Not everyone has access to such expensive hardware
  3. 3. What is DevCloud • All-in-one-box solution • Developed by Edison Su
  4. 4. Whats on the disk • VirtualBox • DevCloud2 o DevCloud2_421 : With 4.2.1 branch already checked out and mvn artifacts downloaded [!!!!! IMPORT TAKES TIME!!!!] o DevCloud2_Demo : With the cloud already set-up with system VMs etc. • Commands.txt : Useful commands to copy 
  5. 5. VirtualBox • Windows 1. Skip 2. Right click and select "Edit host- only network", then uncheck "Enable server" in the "DHCP server" tab 3. Disable Firewall : Administrative Tools > Windows Firewall with Advanced Security. Click on the "Windows Firewall Properties" (central panel, possibly quite small print) and for each of the profiles (Domain, Private, Public) click on the Protected Network Connections "Customize..." button and uncheck the "Virtual Box Host only Network” 4. Enable PAE 5. Match “Host Only” network • *nix 1. Enable “Host-Only” network via File -> Preferences -> Network -> "Add host only network” 2. Right click and select "Edit host-only network", then uncheck "Enable server" in the "DHCP server" tab 3. Skip 4. Enable PAE 5. Skip
  6. 6. Use Cases • Build and develop in DevCloud as isolated environment (we shall do this) • Build on localhost, deploy on DevCloud • Use DevCloud as Xen hypervisors
  7. 7. Basic Build • Username/password = root/password • Set maven debug options • Build o Add –DskipTests=true to ” clean install “ command for faster build • Deploy database • Start WebServer
  8. 8. DevCloud • From host machine : • admin/password • Set “host” IP to (56.1 when MS is outside DevCloud) • Restart Management Server • Deploy using Marvin in another shell o pip install requests o cd tools/devcloud o python ../marvin/marvin/ -i devcloud.cfg • #Restart Management Server (kill systemvms if any) • Start instance – ALL DONE!!
  9. 9. Try Out • Build CloudStack on localmachine • Use many DevCloud VMs to use as Xen hypervisors (change iface IPs) • Deploy using Advanced Zone