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Neodes branding august 2012


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This is our Branding portfolio

Published in: Design, Business
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Neodes branding august 2012

  1. 1. Branding Case studiesCopyright Neodes, 2012
  2. 2. About usNEODES is a multidisciplinary Interaction Design, branding & Product DesignCompany providing design services to various industries.We strongly believe in our Design Process which ensures that every productdesigned in our company is innovative and engaging.Our multidisciplinary experience in various fields (viz. Education, Healthcare,Finance, Telecom, Real estate, etc.), enable us to look at the design problemfrom different perspectives and help us in cross-pollination of ideas.We provide complete solutions including execution support to ensure thatthe design intent is retained till the production.
  3. 3. Neodes Design Process
  4. 4. Brand Identities
  5. 5. We’ve  created  the  new  brand  iden/ty  for  a  public  Limited  company.   Logo  Before  
  6. 6. New  Brand  values   Connect Create conserve
  7. 7. inspira/on  
  8. 8. The  famous  “9  dot  puzzle”  represents  “out  of  the  box  thinking”  which  resonated  with  the  company’s  innova/ve  approach.  The  solu/on  of  the  puzzle  was  the  star/ng  point  for  the  new  iden/ty.  
  9. 9. Final  Logo  
  10. 10. Extended  iden/ty  
  11. 11. Branding  for    Cambridge  Interna/onal  School,  Pune  
  12. 12. Our  Branding  Proposi/on   +Global Quality Local Context
  13. 13. The  stars  represent  kids  as  well  as  5  values   the  school  stands  for  
  14. 14. Marke/ng  communica/on  :  use  of  elements  from  the  logo.  
  15. 15. The  Logo  represents  the  Steps  which  are  a  part  of  any  real  estate  &  which  represents  Growth.  The  colours  used  signify  “earth”“Greenery”  &  “Sky”  
  16. 16. Logo for a real estate company
  17. 17. Visiting card
  18. 18. Logo for a Marathi literature blog
  19. 19. Website Design
  20. 20. AQer  
  21. 21. AQer  
  22. 22. Website for Panchshil Realty
  23. 23. Another concept
  24. 24. Brochures & booklets
  25. 25. Space Design
  26. 26. Thank you ! For Business enquiries contact : Amogh Chougule Director, Interaction Design neodes +91 98906 96063 amogh@neodes.inBrand identity 2007