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Creative gundaz


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Creative gundaz

  1. 1. CONVENTIONAL MARKETING STRATEGY MEDIA Research Marketing Plan + Print Outdoor Concept T.V.Design & Content Radio & Etc…
  2. 2. How much moneyare you Spending on STRATEGY? how much on MEDIA?
  3. 3. The Conventional Marketing Mediums areVery Expensive now a days?
  4. 4. Market Completion? There are lot of upcomingInternational Brands in the Market who will compete with you at every step… What About Their Marketing Budgets?
  5. 5. They have A BIG FAT BUDGET for Marketing (A Huge Army)
  6. 6. How to win over your target audience withyour marketing budgets? (Your Small Army)
  7. 7. “You don’t need a huge army like your competitors”You can win over with your Small Army Also… How ?
  8. 8. This is aPROVEN STRATEGY!
  9. 9. “We can achieveConventional Goals usingUNCONVENTIONAL GUERRILLA METHODS”
  10. 10. IntroducingGUERRILLAMARKETING Helps you to achieve conventionalgoals using unconventional methods with LOW BUDGET.
  11. 11. Instead of Big Budgets we use TIME ENERGY IMAGINATION INFORMATION
  12. 12. We Are
  13. 13. Creative Gundaz is a brand newGuerrilla Marketing Agency, started for the unconventional marketing style and strategies where various low cost techniques are utilized. We utilize typical tactics to achieve a goal in a competitive and unforgiving environment. The concept of guerrilla marketing was invented as an off-beat & unconventionalsystem of promotions that doesn’t rely on a big marketing budget both online & offline.
  14. 14. Our Mission To Ensure More Profits to your Businessusing low cost & innovative mediums and highly creative strategies through surprising communication process. Our VisionTo become a successful & proven guerrilla marketing agency across INDIA.
  15. 15. Our Services Strategy + Design + ExecutionGuerrilla Marketing Campaigns  Ambient Media Solutions  Human Media Solutions  Social Media Optimization  Graffiti’s  Films & Photo shoots • Ad Films • Short Films • Social Media Films..
  16. 16. Our Team Account Producti Creative C.E.O Management on Purushotham ManagerAccount Manager Head Reddy – Pruthvi Amod Mathur - Sandeep Gandra B.B.M M.B.A B.F.A Photographer Teja.C – B.F.A Art Directors Client Service Swathi - M.F.A Executive Vijay - B.F.ASanthoshi Samala - PGDFM Copy Writer Barkhat Khan
  17. 17. Why CREATIVE GUNDAZ ? We Know HOW, Where & WHEN to use The 200 lethal weapons of Guerrillas effectively for your business.
  18. 18. We BelieveIf there is No Profit, It’s not Guerrilla Marketing.
  19. 19. Thank youplease get in touch to “ Go Guerrillaz” Amod Mathur Account Manager +91 98480 20941 z