amoCRM integrates with Zendesk


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Wouldn’t it be great if your salesteam and account managers knew what kind of support issues were discussed with your customer support team? amoCRM has integrated with Zendesk to do just that.

With the new Zendesk integration, you can easily see all your lead nurturing efforts, and all your technical support conversations all in one place! Simply clicking on a ticket in amoCRM will take you to that specific ticket in Zendesk so everyone has quick and easy access to customer support.

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amoCRM integrates with Zendesk

  1. 1. amoCRM integrates with ZendeskamoCRM222 Columbus Ave. Suite 407San Francisco, CA 94133415.800.6744
  2. 2. Support Tickets in amoCRM Save time!  Stop wasting time manually going from Zendesk to amoCRM looking for notes and support tickets from current and potential customers. Here’s how it works:  A lead or current customer emails your support email asking a question about your business or service.  The Zendesk ticket will appear automatically in the amoCRM Contact card associated with the lead.  Your customer support team or sales team can click on the link to answer the support ticket in Zendesk.amoCRM is a simple, easy-to-use Sales Management System designed to save youtime and money. It helps you manage leads and monitor your sales pipeline in only afew clicks.
  3. 3. Set-up your Zendesk widget in 1 minute!  Find your API Key in Zendesk  Click >Channels>API>Token Access “Enabled”  Highlight & copy your API key and remember your account name/subdomain. (It’s the first part of the URL after the https://)  Login to your amoCRM system  Go into your Account tab>Widgets>Zendesk “Add Widget”  Paste your API key into the E-Token field  Type your Zendesk user email into the Login field  Type your subdomain into your Account Name field Zendesk is a powerful, easy to use online Customer Support Software. The widget lets you track all customer support correspondence right within amoCRM.
  4. 4. In Zendesk
  5. 5. In Zendesk
  6. 6. In Zendesk Your LoginYour subdomain Copy the API Key
  7. 7. In amoCRM Fill in the 3 required fields, activate and click “Save”Copy the API Key
  8. 8. That’s it! Your Zendesk support tickets will appear in their respective amoCRM contact cards. +You can optionally install the amoCRM app in Zendesk. This app will link contactinformation from amoCRM to your Zendesk ticket. You will also be able to click onthe contact to go directly to the contact card in amoCRM.
  9. 9. amoCRM app in Zendesk  Login to Zendesk  Click >Apps>Browse>amoCRM  Enter your amoCRM domain name (  Enter your login email (  Paste in your amoCRM API Key  Found by logging into amoCRM and clicking “edit” next to your user name in the top right corner of your amoCRM system.  Enable SSL encryption (if necessary)
  10. 10. In amoCRM Copy the API Key
  11. 11. In Zendesk Paste API Key
  12. 12. www.amoCRM.comsupport@amoCRM.com415.800.6744