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This amoCRM tutorial teaches you how easy it is to manage your contacts just by making new leads correctly. There's no need in wasting time creating a seperate contact from the lead. amoCRM does it automatically.

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amoCRM Contacts Tutorial

  1. 1. Managing Contacts in amoCRMamoCRM, LLC.505 Montgomery St. Suite 1016San Francisco, CA 94111415.874.3274
  2. 2. What you get with amoCRM Leads Management Contact Management Task Management On-going Reporting Sales AnalysisamoCRM is a simple, easy-to-use Sales Management System designed to save youtime and money. It helps you manage leads and monitor your sales pipeline in only afew clicks.
  3. 3. Contact Management Attracting new customers is becoming more and more expensive, so retaining the ones you have has never been so important. Contacts are automatically added to your database when you create a lead  Leads are automatically linked to the contact they are associated with  Save time, stay organized Import current contacts into amoCRM in seconds! Sync with Google Contacts
  4. 4. Contact ManagementA complete database full of your previous clients and good leads is a huge asset
  5. 5. Connecting Contacts to Leads Clicking here opens the Contact card Click on the email address to open up your default email client’s Compose Message window. The email will automatically be set in the To box, and your unique email integration address will automatically appear in the CC box.You have the option of connecting Lead Cards to Contact cards simply by adding thecontact name to the Lead. We highly recommends adding as much information as youhave available. You can add multiple contacts to any lead.
  6. 6. Connecting Contacts to Leads The system makes sure that if there was ever a new lead with the same contact information, you would know about it. There would be no need in creating a new contact because you would see it in the suggested names list right below the contact name. amoCRM made this system as intuitive as possible!
  7. 7. The Contacts Tab By selecting multiple contacts you are able to manipulate your data in bulk. One of the most popular things about amoCRM is the use of widgets such as MailChimp with bulk selections. With the MailChimp add-on, you are able to place multiple contacts into e-mail lists. This makes organizing email lists simple and sending newsletters to those lists a breeze!
  8. 8. Customizing your Contacts Tab You can adjust the width of the columns. amoCRM recommends adding extra columns to this tab as you would to the leads tab. This makes amoCRM a more efficient tool for you.
  9. 9. Custom Fields in your Contact Cards Leads associated with the contact appear here. Click “Yes” to show all lead notes and tasks in Contact Card.As administrator, you can add custom fields to ContactCards. These fields will appear in all Contact Cards.
  10. 10. PricingStart Improving Customer Relationships Now! Try free for 30 days anddecide which package works best for you.
  11. 11. www.amoCRM.comsupport@amoCRM.com415.874.3274