The Philosophy of the Future - Cyborgs


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'Philosophy of the Future - part 2, the dawn of the Cyborgs' by Amnon Carmel.

Cyborg is a term coined to describe organisms who are part-human and part-machines. The last few years have seen the concept of Cyborgs come out of science fiction and into reality as a new generation of artificial arms, ears and even eyes are developed in research labs. These revolutionary devices integrate directly with the nerve system and the brain and allow blind people to see, amputees to enjoy the freedom of movement and deaf children to hear.
Moreover, researchers have managed to create remote controlled insects, cyborg monkeys, robots that are controlled by a mixture of computer chips and rat neurons and they have even managed to record and transfer memories between mice. This is just the beginning as we are witnessing the dawn of the cyborg era.
In this lecture Amnon Carmel will provide a brief introduction to this topic and will focus on the moral and philosophical questions which the Cyborgs revolution bring to our lives:
* How does the age-old mind and body question stand in the face of current technology?
* The morality of interacting with human brains.
* Does Dualism stand a chance when confronted with the materialistic science?
* Where is the border between man and machine? When do we stop being human and become Cyborgs?
* What makes us human?
* Where will evolution go from here?
Although some technological issues will be discussed, the main focus of this lecture would be philosophical. The works of great thinkers such as Rene Descartes, Gottfried Leibniz, Ray Kurzweil, John Searle and others will be discussed making some ancient philosophical concepts relevant in this post-modern era.

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The Philosophy of the Future - Cyborgs

  1. 1. The Dawn of the Cyborgs
  2. 2. Dualism Vs. Materialism
  3. 3. Mind Vs. Matter
  4. 4. Early Mind–Body Concepts
  5. 5. Cogito Ergo Sum
  6. 6. The Mind – Body Problem
  7. 7. Death of Dualism
  8. 8. Understanding Our Body
  9. 9. Who Are We?
  10. 10. Who Am I?
  11. 11. The Dawn of Man
  12. 12. Marshall McLuhan (1911 – 1980)
  13. 13. Star Wars Integrating Machines and Biology
  14. 14. Jessie Sullivan
  15. 15. Jessie Sullivan
  16. 16. Jessie Sullivan
  17. 17. Bionic Arm (2008)
  18. 18. Bionic Arm (2010)
  19. 19. Cheri Robertson
  20. 20. Linda Moorefoot
  21. 21. Extending Our Bodies
  22. 22. Mind
  23. 23. Understanding The Human Mind
  24. 24. Humanoids homo floresiensis Neanderthal
  25. 25. Who Are We?
  26. 26. Interacting With The Brain
  27. 27. Interacting With The Brain
  28. 28. Death of Dualism
  29. 29. Thank You