Press Release 06/30/2011


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Press Release 06/30/2011

  1. 1. Fort Dodge Community School District Our Schools. Our Community. Our Pride.For Immediate Release06/30/2011Contact: Ashton NewmanFort Dodge Community School DistrictDirector of Communications and Community Relations515.574.5668anewman@fort-dodge.k12.ia.usExpanding Communications: A Telephone in Every ClassroomFort Dodge, IA - A new telephone system will take communication to new heights in the Fort Dodge Communityschools. Partnering with Frontier Communications, a new contract will allow the District to deploy a telephone inevery classroom.“The system will expand communication as well as convenience,” said Director of Technology Jeremy Pearson.With nine school buildings, the Fort Dodge Community School District is one of the largest districts in the immedi-ate area. Like all schools, Fort Dodge must be able to ensure that teachers, principals, and staff at each location cancommunicate effectively and request help in the event of an emergency.Currently, phones are installed in strategic areas at each school building such as main offices, teachers’ lounges, andteam or department rooms. An intercom system allows staff to communicate with the main office; however, if astaff member needs to receive or make a phone call, they must leave the classroom to find a telephone or use theirpersonal cell phones. In the past, the idea of providing even basic telephone service to every classroom was unaf-fordable.This year, the District’s contract with Frontier Communications was due for renewal. For some time, the Districthas been working with Frontier to devise a plan that would expand telecommunications at a cost effective rate. Atthe Board of Education meeting on Feb. 28, the Board approved a new five year contract with Frontier that woulddeliver greater communication options at no additional cost.The new contract will provide local and long distance service, new equipment, and a phone in every classroom.Each telephone will be equipped with a voicemail system and extension number. The new system will allow staff tobe more accessible and enhance communication between staff, buildings, students, and parents/guardians. Parentsor guardians will be able to reach teachers by dialing the school buildings direct line and then entering a classroomextension number.“It will allow staff to communicate with parents a lot easier,” said Pearson. “It will help to eliminate trying to relayphone calls from the main office.”Central Administration Office104 South 17th Street • Fort Dodge, IA 50501515-576-1161 • Fax An Equal Opportunity Employer
  2. 2. Fort Dodge Community School District Our Schools. Our Community. Our Pride.Expanding Communications: A Telephone in Every Classroom06/30/2011-Page 2-Pearson said one concern is that a phone in the classroom will disrupt instructional time. However, when class is insession, calls that do not need immediate attention will be programmed to go directly to voicemail. This will pre-vent the phone from ringing, causing interruptions.The new telephone system will not cost the District any additional dollars despite the extra lines. Over time, Pear-son said the monthly telephone payment will actually decrease. The savings will come from the long distance fee.The renewed contract bundles local and long distance calls at a standard fee, whereas the previous contract billedthe District separately for long distance and local phone calls.The District’s technology department along with Frontier Communications has nearly 90 percent of the new phoneequipment installed. The District plans to train staff members on the new equipment and implement the systembefore the start of the 2011-2012 school year. ###Central Administration Office104 South 17th Street • Fort Dodge, IA 50501515-576-1161 • Fax An Equal Opportunity Employer