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New concept of the story hare and the tortoise


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New concept of the story hare and the tortoise

  1. 1. The Rabbit and the Tortoise• Once upon a time a tortoise anda rabbit had an argument aboutwho was faster?• They decided to settle theargument with a race.• They agreed on a route andstarted off the race.Lecturer at Department of English Language & LiteratureUniversity of the Punjab , Lahore Pakistan
  2. 2. •The rabbit dashed almost out ofsight at once.•But soon stopped.•To show his contempt fortortoise.•Lay down to have a nap.
  3. 3. •The tortoise plodding onovertook him and soon finishedthe race.•Emerging as the undisputedchamp.
  4. 4. •The rabbit woke up and realizedthat he’d lost the race.The moral of the story is:Slow and steady wins the race.
  5. 5. •This is the version of the storythat we’ve all grown up with.•But then recently, someone toldme a more interesting version ofthis story.•It continues…….
  6. 6. •The Rabbit was disappointed atlosing the race.•And he did some DefectPrevention.•He realized that he’d lost therace only because:• He had been overconfident,careless and lax.
  7. 7. •If he had not taken things forgranted, there’s no way thetortoise could have beaten him.•So he challenged the tortoise toanother race.•The tortoise agreed.
  8. 8. •This time the Rabbit went allout and ran without stoppingfrom start to finish.•He won by several miles.
  9. 9. •The moral of the story:Fast and consistent will alwaysBeatThe slow and steady.
  10. 10. But the story doesn’t end here:The tortoise thought for a whileand then challenged the Rabbit toanother race,but on a slightly different route.
  11. 11. •The rabbit agreed, They startedoff.•In keeping with his self-madecommitment to be consistentlyfast.•The rabbit took off and ran attop speed.•Until he came to a broad river.
  12. 12. •The finishing line was a coupleof kilometers on the other side ofthe river.
  13. 13. •The rabbit sat there wonderingwhat to do?•In the meantime the tortoisetraveled along.•Get into the river.•Swam to the opposite back,continued walking and finishingthe race.
  14. 14. •The moral of the story:First identify your corecompetencyAnd thenChange the playing field to suityour core competency
  15. 15. •The story still hasn’t ended.
  16. 16. •The rabbit and the tortoise, bythis time, had become prettygood friends.•And they did somethingtogether.•They decided to do the last raceagain.•But to run as TEAM this time.
  17. 17. •They started off, and this timethe rabbit carried the tortoise tillthe river bank.•Then the tortoise took over andswam across with the rabbit onhis back.
  18. 18. •They reached the finishing linetogether.•They felt a greater sense ofsatisfaction then they’d feltearlier.
  19. 19. •The moral of the story is:“When we stop competingagainst a rival and instead thatcompeting against the situationwe perform far better.”
  20. 20. •To sum up, the story of therabbit and the tortoise teachesus many things:
  21. 21. Fast and consistent will always beat slow andsteadyWORK TO YOUR COMPETENCIESPooling resources and working as a team willalways beat individual performanceNEVER GIVE UP WHEN FACEDWITH FAILURE