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Open Campus Newsletter_Summer 2011


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Open Campus Newsletter_Summer 2011

  1. 1. Open Cam p us Fac ul ty Bull etin Volume 3, Summer 2011 A Message from Interim President, Dr. Sheri Litt We are pleased to share with you an exciting new program that will be launched fall term. The Exceptional Faculty Experience will engage faculty who call Open Campus ―their campus‖ despite where they reside. This ―experience‖ will provide an environment that combines inspiring and motivating online support and state of the art resources in order to maximize educational quality. Recruiting and hiring, orientating, mentoring, learning, networking, evaluating, assessing and broadening responsibilities are just a few of the areas that we will feature. While the program will officially launch during fall term, you may have already noticed some improvements. I‘d like to take a moment to point these out. The faculty newsletter, designed and edited by Amy Moore, Social Media Coordinator, weekly media messages and faculty sur- vey by Dr. Jose Fierro, Associate Dean, and the first faculty and student awards ceremony, the OC Awards, just to name a few. If you liked these, I am certain you will love what‘s to come. The diagram below provides a snapshot of the themes. Click the image below for a full video explanation.An Introduction to Jana Kooi, Incoming Open Campus PresidentJana Kooi has been a Campus President at Pima CommunityCollege in Tucson, Arizona, since 1991. Since 2009, she hasserved as the President of the Northwest Campus, the youngestcampus in the district. During her tenure, campus enrollmenthas grown almost 25% each year. She also established keyrelationships and credibility of the campus in the community andfostered an innovative training partnership with the PascuaYaqui tribe. Kooi moved to the Northwest Campus from theCommunity Campus as an opportunity to turn the youngcampus into an innovative showcase for the College.Prior to the Northwest Campus, Kooi served as the President ofthe Community Campus for 18 years.She was brought to Pima Community College to build an innovative distance and workforceeducation program. Kooi built a comprehensive competency-based distance education programthat now has more than 50,000 students annually and includes comprehensive student services.She led in the development of the institution‘s first virtual college, including the creation of aCenter for Learning Technologies to develop and support online learning. Kooi also developed afully online post-baccalaureate teacher certification program to address the K-12 teachershortage. She also guided and managed the development and rapid growth (15,000 enrollments)of the Public Safety and Emergency Services Institute that trained all law enforcement, firedepartment, paramedic, and EMT personnel for the County.Additionally, Kooi built a dynamic business development enterprise that provides customizedcontract training throughout the country. She was a founding Board Member of Global CorporateCollege, a national group of community colleges whose purpose is to close the national talent gapin the US by providing a nationwide system of training services. She also developed andimplemented a nationally recognized Industry Training Credit Approval Process (ITCAP) model toconfer college credit for mastery of industry-standard certifications -- cited as a ―Best Practice‖ byMicrosoft Education and Certification. ITCAP generates approximately $1,000,000 annualrevenue and has served more than 55,000 students in 38 states.While at the Community Campus, Kooi partnered with the Tohono Oodham Nation to establishTohono Oodham Community College from start-up to independent accreditation.At both Campuses, Kooi improved organizational systems to support staff development, resourceleveraging, service delivery, human resource management and program and fundingdevelopment.Prior to Pima Community College, Kooi served as the Associate Vice President for ExternalAcademic Affairs and Associate Dean, both at Triton College in River Grove Illinois. She hasextensive teaching experience from GED and Developmental Education courses throughSupervision/Management and Business Writing for industry.Kooi is currently the President-elect for the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC)Presidents Academy Executive Committee (PAEC) and has been an Executive Board Membersince 2006. Formerly she served on the AACC Commission on Economic and WorkforceDevelopment and the National Association of Community College Teacher Education Programs.Locally, she is a member of the Arizona STEM Education Center Advisory Committee and isactive in the local Chambers of Commerce. She received the YMCA Women on the Move Awardin 1995 and was named one of the "Women of Influence" by Inside Tucson Business in 2004.Kooi earned a Master of Arts in Educational Leadership from Western Michigan University and aBachelor of Arts in Secondary Education and Communications from Calvin College in GrandRapids, Michigan.Open Campus Updates: Welcome to Our New Staff!Lori Atkinson, Advisor IILori Atkinson has a B.A. in English from UNF. She has taughtAmerican Sign Language to high school students andEnglish, Writing, and Literature to homeschool students. Shehas two adult daughters and is still raising anenergetic teenaged boy. Lori has worked extensively as anAdministrative Assistant and has experience as a newspaperwriter. Here at FSCJ Lori provides Academic Advisingassistance and referral to all of our Open Campus students.No call or question is too small or too big. Lori is also involvedwith designing and creating student success resources forour students through face-to-face workshops and onlineBlackboard community options.Katherine Martin, Project CoordinatorKatherine Martin is the Academic and Student SuccessGroup Coordinator for the Open Campus, where she helpsOpen Campus advance its many projects. Katherine iscurrently completing her active role in the College‘s HigherLevel Leadership Program and her term as Vice President ofthe Career Employee Council. She has an Associate‘sdegree in Graphic Design and is actively pursuing herBachelor‘s degree in Fine Arts/Graphic Design Track at theUniversity of North Florida. She has been in the College for11 years and has worked at the Advanced TechnologyCenter and South Campus before joining Open Campus inMay. Ms. Martin is married to her High School Sweetheartand has a dog named Bella.John Weber, Instructional DesignerJohn Weber, newly hired instructional designer, grew up inSouthern California and Washington state. He attendedWestern Washington University, where he earned abachelors degree in Chemistry. John later pursued an onlinemasters degree in Instructional Systems from Florida StateUniversity, where he completed his degree in 2009. John andhis wife Betsy live at Lake Asbury, near Middleburg, Florida,with three dogs, three cats, and a bird. They enjoy hiking,jet-skiing, and taking trips to the Georgia mountains. As aninstructional designer for the Open Campus, John can helpfaculty and staff create engaging, interactive, and motivatingcourses for online delivery.Dr. Barbara Yankowy, E-Learning Project CoordinatorBarbara Yankowy received her doctorate in higher educationadministration from the University of Florida in May, 2011 . AsE-Learning Coordinator, Barbara will be working ondistance learning-related projects and initiatives. Shewill also serve as a liaison for new and current facultyand can help others by answering faculty- andcourse-related questions. One of her daily goals is toinspire and make a positive impact on others. Her passionsare education, music, and traveling. Her favorite traveling hotspots are New York City, Europe, and Bermuda.Exceptional Faculty Profile—Lucy MacDonald I have been teaching online since 1992 BW (before the web). For me, discussion is where class happens. I have several of these each week: one is to engage the learners in the topic of the week and the other is to engage the students with the textbook and multimedia materials. In order to get students started early, I offer bonus points for the one who starts the discussion first. Students are also encouraged to contribute to the weekly topics with photos of their materials and workspace as well as links that they find that are pertinent to the topics at hand. My courses include SLS classes and Basic Writing at FSCJ, as well as Instructional Technology for Education Majors at Chemeketa Community College in Salem, Or. I also teach a Faculty Development course at Texas State in the summer. This is a one-week institute called TIDE: Technology Institute for Developmental Educators. It is now in its twelfth year.I am also the founder of the howtostudy site This student-centered siteprovides learning strategies from time management to test anxiety. It also organizes thelearning strategies by discipline areas and includes writing strategies for each discipline.Students can interact with other students by sharing their hints and tips with other students inwriting a review. They can remain anonymous or be famous. I read all reviews and edit asneeded. Students can add their instructor‘s email, so their reviews can be used as anassignment. Tutor trainers can also have tutors review the learning and writing strategies in theirdiscipline area.I love teaching online, reading mysteries and visiting my grandchildren in Australia.Lucy can be reached at Corner: Chatting with Guest Experts by Dr. Julie GiulianiTalking with a nationally recognized author is easier than you think.Recently, Open Campus had the privilege of conversing with Dr.Lee Bolman, co-author of Reframing AcademicLeadership, via Skype. Skype, a free internet tool, enabledfaculty and staff to see, hear and address questions to Dr.Bolman during a 60-minute interview. Dr. Bolman discussed bothrealistic and practical strategies to help leaders adapt moreeasily to demanding, fast-changing, circumstances. Viewingcomplex situations from multiple perspectives-structural, humanresources, political and symbolic-was cited as being at the veryheart of academic leadership. Beyond engaging virtually with Dr.Bolman, participants also discovered creative ways to use Skype intheir classroom and/or department.Click the following link to find an informative Skype tutorial. To view and listen to the Dr. LeeBolman interview, please click the link containing his name.New Online Course Syllabus Being Made Available to Faculty by Floyd Ballard We in the Digital Media Education and Training Department are delighted to announce that we have a new Online Course Syllabus available! Some of the innovative features include:  A User-Friendly and Visually Appealing Layout  A Warm Introduction Page to Students  A Convenient Interactive Table of Contents  New Important Topics such as Blackboard Supported Browsers and Recommendations for Success in This Course  Official Learning Outcomes from Course Outline  An Expanded User-Friendly Calendar of Activities that displays Week, Learning Outcomes, Lessons and Assignments and Due Dates in a Color-Coded ChartIn addition to our new Online Course Syllabus Word Template file, we have also created aninnovative Online Course Syllabus Training document that has eight 1-2 minute to the pointTraining videos on how to use our new Online Course Syllabus! You probably will not need toview all eight Training videos, but they are included for your convenience. Our new InstructionalDesigner, John Weber, will be maintaining and keeping our Online Course Syllabus WordTemplate up-to-date every semester.Feel free to contact John if you have any questions – To access our OnlineCourse Syllabus Training document, click here. To access and download our Online CourseSyllabus Word Template file, click here. Let us know how you and your students like our newSyllabus! We love feedback.The Truth about Open Campus Faculty by Dr. Jose FierroWhen I came to Open Campus a few monthsago, I was very interested in meeting the faculty.Given the fact that we have faculty members inover 36 states, getting to know everyone wasn‘tas easy as taking a walk down the hallway tosomeones office and introducing myself.Therefore, I decided to send out a short survey toget to know the Open Campus faculty a bit better.The survey contained 10 basic but verymeaningful questions.As I predicted, the survey results showed thatOpen Campus faculty members are highlyqualified to teach their subjects and care deeplyabout Florida State College and our students.Because many of you havent met yourcoworkers, I would like to give you a briefoverview of the results so you are aware of thecaliber of educators of which this group iscomprised.Please click the image on the upper right to access the final results of the survey. Here, you willfind an incredible number of fascinating facts about you and your colleagues! Again, thank youfor your dedication and commitment to Florida State College Open Campus.Save the Date! Helpful Links A12, B8, C4 Classes End:  Blackboard 9 Grade Center July 31 Tutorials End of Summer Term:  Student Tutorials August 26 Collegewide Fall Convocation:  Academic Calendar September 9  Enriching Teaching Open Campus Convocation: TBA New Student Success Blackboard Forum Expands Services to All Online Students by Melanie Clark The Open Campus Student Success Team has been busy working on our new Student Success Forum Blackboard Learning Community. All students taking Open Campus online courses will now have access to this Community. The Student Success Forum offers a wide variety of service, support and opportunities for connection for students taking online courses, including survival tips, academic success strategies, student ambassador blogs, faculty interviews, and contacts for Open Campus student success staff. Our team is excited about this opportunity for increased engagement with our students.We encourage all Open Campus faculty to include an announcement with instructions on how toaccess this new student resource at the beginning of each term. We believe that with increasedstudent engagement in this online community, you will see benefits in your classrooms! Contactthe Student Success Center staff for a script you can post as an Announcement.The Student Success Center team is: Melanie Clark, Associate Dean of Student Success;Kathleen Dobson, Instructional Program Coordinator; Keri Dozier, Developmental EducationAdvisor; and Lori Atkinson, Advisor. We can all be reached at 904.632.5070. Please contact uswith any comments or suggestions.Did You Know? Open Campus Has a New Entryway! (Click image to see a slideshow)Blackboard Tip of the Month: Creating a Timed AssignmentBy Amy Moore1. Go into the content area in which you‘d like to create the assignment.2. Click the button marked ―Evaluate‖ and select ―Create Assignment‖ from the drop-down.3. Name and describe your assignment in the fields provided.4. Scroll down to ―Availability‖ and click the check boxes next to Click the image to link to a ―Display After‖ and Display Until,‖ and then select the date video tutorial on this topic. range during which you‘d like the assignment to be available to students.First Annual OC Awards a Success! The first annual Open Campus ―OC‖ Faculty and Student Awards were held April 28th, and all who participated joined in calling it a huge success. Held at the Urban Resource Center in downtown Jacksonville, the OC Awards hosted faculty, students, and their families for a fun-filled reception with cake, snacks, and lots of accolades of course! The ceremony was also broadcast online via Skype so faculty and students from all over the country could participate. Of the awards, Professor Jerry Shawver said, ―That was probably one of the most special moments in my teaching career, and I owe it to your shared vision and desire to host such an event. Whether professors share this or not, events like these motivate us to continue with the hard work and effort behind the scenes to make these courses the best they can be.‖ Student Julie Worden-Allen says ―This award tells me ‗I can.‘ Many times the course load is overwhelming and staying focused takes a willingness to succeed. The professor who nominated me believes that I can do difficult course work, even when I lack confidence. I will surely hang it proudly over my desk.‖ Please join us in congratulating all of our amazing student and faculty awardees!Who You Gonna Call?See the list below to learn who to call at the Open Campus in your times of need!Blackboard 9 & Course Shells—Floyd Ballard 904.632.3258Faculty & Student Concerns—Jose Fierro 904.357.8933Syllabi/Course Readiness—Cindy McNally 904.632.5055Testing & Assessment—Carl Jowers 904.632.5020Social Networks & Lifestyle Integration—Amy Moore 904.632.3115Schedules/Textbook Adoption—Bea Harrison 904.632.3126Virtual Student Learning Center—Keri Dozier 904.632.3149IRM (Contracts/Pay)—Teresa Dickerson 904.632.3119Overrides—Cindy McNally 904.632.5055Appeals—Linda Ludwig 904.632.3044To remove your name from our mailing list, please click here.Questions or comments? E-mail or call 904-632-3115 Follow Open Campus on Facebook and Twitter!