Faculty Expectations


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Faculty Expectations

  1. 1. An Introduction from Dean SheriLitt
  2. 2. Here at Open Campus, our priority is providingonline students with quality experiences parallelingthose of face-to-face students. Clearly, you, as aninstructor, are a vital part of that equation. In orderto help streamline and standardize ways of dealingwith students, we have developed a standardizedset of best practices which you may have noticedwas sent out recently in a document called “FacultyExpectations.” The goal is to provide a consistentand quality learning environment conducive tostudent success and instructor sanity! The followingvideo will outline a little more about theseexpectations and what they look like applied in theclassroom. We hope you’ll find it not only
  3. 3. All faculty are expected to host at least one virtualoffice hour per week. Platforms for virtual officehours include but are not limited to:• Blackboard Collaborate• Google talk• MSN Instant Messenger• SkypeYour hours and method of contact should beclearly stated in your syllabus, as well as underyour faculty contact information in Blackboard.
  4. 4. In Blackboard, under the “Tools and Resources Tab”,please make sure to have your contact informationincluding:• Name• Photo of you• Biography• Commitment Statement• Location• Phone number• Email addressThis information should also be clearly stated in yoursyllabus.
  5. 5. • Under the introduction link in the discussion board, please be the first to post your introduction. You are expected to respond individually and by name to all of your students’ introductions. The response does not have to be lengthy.
  6. 6. Frequency:• Faculty should have a total of 5 posts including the intro and wrap-up.• Post an initial prompt on the discussion board to help students understand what was expected and encourage participation• Respond to a minimum of 3 students mid-week• Close the discussion with a wrap-up/summary. The wrap- up/summary can be posted in either the discussion board forum or the announcements pageResponses:• Ask good follow-up questions that generate further exchange of ideas• Model critical thinking skills• Share personal expertise• Discussion board forums typically last for one week. Faculty who choose to leave discussion board open for more than one week are still expected to participate in the forums regularly.
  7. 7. Grades:Grades should be distributed for assignments 7 days after thedeadline posted in the syllabus.Comments:• Provide feedback on assignments in the grade“comments” window for each student.• Tone for grading comments is positive and constructive• Grading rubrics and their criteria are clearly incorporatedinto gradingFinal Grades:• Final grades are automatically calculated in the finalgrade column of the grade book• All final grades for each course taught must be issued byspecified deadlines. See the college catalog for final gradedeadline dates
  8. 8. Welcome:• Post a welcome announcement to students at the very beginning of the course• Weekly announcements should include the following:• Wrap up of the previous week• Introduction to the upcoming week• Assignments due for the upcoming week• Post a wrap-up announcement before closing the course, thanking students for their participation while providing positive feedback and encouragement regarding their educational goals.
  9. 9. Presence:• Participate in the classroom at least 3 times per weekResponsiveness:• Respond to students’ email messages, phone calls, or questions posted in the Q&A section of the discussion forum within 24 hours. If you will be unavailable for more than 24 hours for any reason, let students know as soon as possible.Personalized Interactions:• Communication to students should be clear and organized• In all communication/correspondence, students should be addressed by name• Maintain a supportive and encouraging tone in all student communications• Convey positive encouraging words to students, reinforcing their ability to complete the course
  10. 10. • Courses should be ready for release four days before the beginning of the start date to allow time to implement a readiness check.• Courses that are not ready by this date will be automatically populated using the master shell.
  11. 11. Stay in touch with Open CampusFor more information, contact me,Dean Sheri Litt @ Sheri.Litt@fscj.edu.