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LTAG Horizon Scanning


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Published in: Technology, Education
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LTAG Horizon Scanning

  1. 1. Learning AnalyticsLTAG Horizon ScanningAnne-Marie Scott (IS)13 June 2013
  2. 2. Learning analytics is…• Learning analytics is the measurement,collection, analysis and reporting of dataabout learners and their contexts for thepurposes of understanding and optimisinglearning and the environments in which itoccurs[LAK2011]
  3. 3. Learning analytics is…• Is the analysis of many kinds of learner-produced and learner-related data• Seeks to monitor learner activity and progressand to predict learner outcomes• Enables interventions and decision makingabout learning by instructors and students
  4. 4. It can be used for…• Sense making• Identifying students ‘at-risk’• Driving pedagogic change
  5. 5. What does it mean for UoE?
  6. 6. • Increase student satisfaction with academicand pastoral support• Increase the level of overall satisfactionexpressed in responses to the NSS, PTES, PRESstudent surveys to at least 88%[University Strategic Plan 2012-2016]
  7. 7. Opportunities / Barriers• Much of what can be measured easily is notnecessarily of use• What is student ‘success’?• Do we understand what data / measurementsare significant for our students?• Ethical issues• Data literacies
  8. 8. Opportunities / Barriers• Increased use of VLEs– ECA portfolio– eeMec– eeVec– Learn– Moodle
  9. 9. Opportunities / Barriers71%2012/1363%2011/1254%2010/1148%2009/10Schools with <70% courses in LearnECA 47%Law 4%MVM 3%Dick Vet 36%Clinical Sciences 34%Informatics 8%Growth of academic courses in Learn
  10. 10. Opportunities / Barriers• Other data– Library usage– Computing labs?– Wireless network?
  11. 11. Opportunities / Barriers• Vendor growth– Course Signals– Tribal Student Insight– Blackboard Analytics– Various retention systems packaged up asanalytics (Starfish etc)
  12. 12. Final thoughts…• Big vs Small– What is possible / appropriate to do at aninstitutional level?– What is best done at a local level (School,programme, course)?• What do we want to predict / change?• What are the ‘success’ criteria?• How is it measured?