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Circuit Analysis Slides
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Circuit Analysis-

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Circuit Analysis-

  1. 1. venins theoremThé
  2. 2. Introduction:Thevenin’s theorem is a popular theorem, used often foranalysis of electronic circuits. This theorem states thata linear circuit containing one or more sources andother linear elements can be represented by a voltagesource and a resistance. Using this theorem, a model ofthe circuit can be developed based on its outputcharacteristic.It was discovered in 1883 byFrench telegraph engineer Léon Charles Thévenin.
  3. 3. Through the use of thevenin theorem , we have theability to reduce the complex circuit down to a simpleseries circuit .
  4. 4. The four steps involved are:1- First Remove the load.2- Then determine the voltage seen by the load(Vth).3- Then replace the voltage source with a short.4- At the end determine the resistance seen bythe load (Rth).
  5. 5. 1- Remove the load:
  6. 6. 2- Determine the voltage seen by the load (Vth):Since R2 is not connected at one end as it does not carryany current. Hence it cannot have a voltage drop, thevoltage is present only across R3 Vth=VR3
  7. 7. 2- Determine the voltage seen by the load (Vth): Vth=(R3/R3+R1)*Vs
  8. 8. 3- Replace the voltage source with a short:
  9. 9. 4- Determine the resistance seen by the load (Rth):Find the total resistance from the open terminal side which is calledthevinin equivalent resistance (Rth) by removing actual voltagesource from the circuit. Rth=R2+(R1*R3/R1+R3)
  10. 10. Thevenin equivalent circuit:
  11. 11. Conclusion:• Certain circuits can be simplified by using Thevenin’s Theorem.• Equivalent Resistance is essential for the calculation of TEC.• Ohm’s law is useful in this theorem.• A linear network can be transferred into a voltage source.
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