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Project management software of your dreams


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Did you ever try to build the project management solution of your dreams? Which tools do you use? Trac? Plone? Pyramid? Google Apps? Maybe Dropbox? Why not all of them? In this talk you will find out that it’s not so difficult in 2012.

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Project management software of your dreams

  1. 1. how to buildproject management software of your dreams Mün chen , 24-0 2-20 12
  2. 2. author Andrew Mleczko integrator amleczko
  3. 3. We all needs o me sort ofprojectman agemen ts o f t w ar e
  4. 4. what is a projectman agemen t s o f t w ar e ?★ groupware ★ resource management★ issue tracking ★ document management★ scheduling ★ reports★ worklog ★ ...
  5. 5. do you have a choice ?
  6. 6. most of them sucks...
  7. 7. common problems★ they are good in some tasks ★ minority of the software is but not in all Python based...★ every company is an island ★ ...or even Open Source★ most of them lacks integrations with your existing software...★ ...and easy to use API
  8. 8. do you really have a choice ?
  9. 9. you s ho u ldtry to buildyour owntool
  10. 10. That’s why we’ve built penelope
  11. 11. started in 2011 by r ed t urtle biodec elogic
  12. 12. is n ’t thate x p e n s iv e ?
  13. 13. co- f un de d byEmilia-RomagnaRegion an d euwith budgetover € 200k
  14. 14. long term project
  15. 15. focused on integrations
  16. 16. current status
  17. 17. beta version ★ reports ★ bug tracking ★ worklog ★ scheduling ★ document managementstatus
  18. 18. intranet andknowledge basemain applicationbug tracking
  19. 19. oauth, scheduling and document management CSS framework
  20. 20. the deta ils
  21. 21. why★ out of the box intranet with knowledge management★ easy to integrate with and★ hundreds of add-ons★ we have more then 8 years of experience
  22. 22. why★ great for massive issue tracking★ flexible reports★ supports WSGI - easy to integrate with★ hundreds of plugins★ we are using it for over 6 years
  23. 23. why★ easy to integrate with and★ good support for third-party authentication thanks to Velruse★ easy development thanks to fa.bootstrap★ we have 2 years of experience
  24. 24. why★ we have used as corporate mail★ great online document collaboration thanks to★ hundreds of add-ons in marketplace★ it has API (almost)
  25. 25. why★ powerfull and easy to use css framework★ the most popular repository on github with 3800 forks★ from version 2.0 with responsive design★ customizable thanks to
  26. 26. demo
  27. 27. what’s next ?
  28. 28. next integrations
  29. 29. questions?
  30. 30. questions? Andrew Mleczko amleczko
  31. 31. credits
  32. 32. the end