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Fast content import in Plone


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Published in: Technology
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Fast content import in Plone

  1. 1. fast content import in Plone how to import 120k documents in 8.43 minutes?
  2. 2. The problem ✓ we have 36.000 documents to migrate (which gives 120.000 with all their children) ✓ we don’t want to wait few hours to do that ✓ users shouldn’t be aware of the migration process
  3. 3. The Idea ✓ Why not just create brains and let users decide which document fully migrate?
  4. 4. It’s quite simple
  5. 5. First: Metadata ✓ dummy_object is a simple python object with minimal metadata >>> pp dummy_object.__dict__ {'title': u'dummy title', 'id': u'simple_id', 'review_state': 'private', 'path': '/plone/importfolder/ToBeMigrated_simple_id'}
  6. 6. Second: import script ✓ import script which creates brains in portal_catalog from our dummy object pc = getToolByName(self.context, 'portal_catalog') pc.catalog_object(dummy_object, dummy_object.path)
  7. 7. Third: Traverser ✓ Now we need to allow users to see them. ✓ So we created traverser in our import folder def __bobo_traverse__(self, REQUEST, name): if name.startswith('ToBeMigrated'): view = getMultiAdapter( (self, self.REQUEST), name='to_be_migrated') view.setBrainId(name) return view
  8. 8. At the End ✓ The view informs end- user that this document need to be migrated ✓ When user decides to import it - we will start the import process for selected brain.uid
  9. 9. At the End ✓ The rest is pure Plone folder_contents will lists 'to_be_migrated' brains in import folder for you ✓ Simple and much faster
  10. 10. Thanks! Andrew Mleczko Plone archaeologist