How To Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes 2014, Part 1


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All new, posted 11 June 2014, to reflect the changes at Pinterest.
Learn how to use Pinterest to market your business in this series. Part 1 gives you an overview of what Pinterest is and why it could be a good social media site at which to market your business.

A presentation derived from “How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes,” by Jeff Hamilton, Evelyn Trimborn and Martin Warner
Eternal Spiral Books

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  • Survey by Social Media Examiner revealed these top social media goals for 2011.
  • How To Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes 2014, Part 1

    1. 1. How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes 2014 A presentation derived from “How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes,” by Jeff Hamilton, Evelyn Trimborn and Martin Warner Eternal Spiral Books PART 1 of 3
    2. 2. What is Pinterest? Pinterest is an Internet pinboard there you can store all sorts of items that interest you, for future reference. “We wanted to create a place where you can go to upload or collect things on the web and simply organize it the way you want to.” Evan Sharp Pinterest Designer and Co-Founder
    3. 3. Why is Pinterest So Addictive? • Simple design • Easy to grab and store content • A fun visual format • Easy to use • Fun and attractive • Socializing through visuals and interests, not just networking • The goal is to get re-pinned
    4. 4. What Can I Do on Pinterest? • Store content • Organize content • Share images • Bookmark articles and images • Organize what you love • Share pins on Facebook and Twitter • Comment on other pins • Follow other pinners • Follow other boards
    5. 5. Fastest Growth Site Ever “Pinterest Hits 10 Million U.S. Monthly Uniques Faster Than Any Standalone Site Ever” Tues, Feb 7, 2012 This is faster than Facebook or Twitter. Best of all, you can sign in using these accounts and then cross-post your pins to these social media sites, to streamline your marketing efforts.
    6. 6. More Referral Traffic Than… • YouTube • Google+ • LinkedIn • Reddit Combined!
    7. 7. Even More Referral Traffic Than… Twitter! Pinterest puts the media in social media, instead of the other way around. And you can tweet your pin in two clicks as well as pin it on your board, which is very handy when there is so much to do to market your business online.
    8. 8. Very Pintesting Data 1 Look at these statistics as of Jan 31, 2014: • 70 million users worldwide, 79% US based • Average 1090 users per minute, who stay an average of 15.8 minutes • The majority are women – 83% • 47% have shopped via the site • Their average spend is $80, $40 more than Facebook shoppers
    9. 9. Ages of users= – 18 to 34=32% – 35 to 54=45% – 55+=23% a very similar profile to Twitter users, and younger than Facebook users – Over fifty percent of moms would buy from a brand if given incentives – Over 81% trust recommendations at the site – Average income over $100K Very Pintesting Data 2
    10. 10. 27th most visited site in the world in all languages, according to • Top categories are – Cooking – DIY and Crafts – Health • 73% use it to help the time pass, and 67% to keep up with the latest trends • 55% repin and 36% follow certain brands • Pins that also include prices will receive 36% more likes than those which do not Very Pintesting Data 3
    11. 11. How Does Pinterest Work? • Interest boards • Pinners can follow one another • Upload images • Pin images directly from websites • Pinmarklet app in Chrome allows for a pin in a couple of clicks • Repin other people’s content • Great WordPress plugins will also let you and your site visitors pin easily
    12. 12. Is Pinterest Right for Your Business? • Can you visually represent your business or brand? • Is your audience on Pinterest? • Is your website optimized for Pinterest? • Do you have someone that can create or edit images? • Can you upload a plugin on your WordPress blog? • Then YES, you should use Pinterest.
    13. 13. What Can Pinterest Do for My Business? • Drive traffic to your website • Let you interact with customers/leads • Increase awareness about your brand • Make your brand visually interesting • Give a great visual first impression of your product/s • Allow for virality as people pin or repin • Pass along to Facebook and Twitter if you connect your accounts
    14. 14. Summary • Pinterest is the most rapidly-growing site on the Internet and in Internet history • Their audience has been shown to take action and make purchases based on items they see there • High trust value at the site • Almost 83% women • Consumer goods focused, but that can include books etc.
    15. 15. What You Will Learn in Part 2 • How to get an account at Pinterest • Set up your account • Get followers • Start pinning on Pinterest • Add Pinterest to your marketing mix effectively
    16. 16. Credits Thank you to Evelyn Trimborn for this presentation, derived from “How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes,” by Jeff Hamilton, Evelyn Trimborn and Martin Warner, from Eternal Spiral Books Statistics sourced from business-pinterest-2014-infographic-0763727#gSzQhWvZLySlJXHp.99 created Jan 2014