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How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes 2014, Part 3


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All new, posted 11 June 2014, to reflect the changes at Pinterest. Learn the best ways to use Pinterest for marketing. Part 3 teaches you how to produce effective marketing campaigns at the site.

This presentation is derived from “How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes,” by Jeff Hamilton, Evelyn Trimborn and Martin Warner
Eternal Spiral Books

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How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes 2014, Part 3

  1. 1. How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes 2014 A presentation derived from “How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes,” by Jeff Hamilton, Evelyn Trimborn and Martin Warner Eternal Spiral Books Part 3 of 3
  2. 2. What You Learned in Part 2 • You have learned how to get an account, set up your profile, and set up a business profile. • You have learned how to pin and upload pins, edit and delete them. • You have learned how to create and manage pin boards. • You have also learned how to format your pins, link using your pins, and about the type of pins you can use to market your business on Pinterest.
  3. 3. What You Will Learn in Part 3 • How to set up a pinning strategy • Copyright issues you need to be aware of when using Pinterest • How to collaborate with others • How to build your audience • Integrated marketing strategies using Pinterest • How to measure and track your success
  4. 4. Set up a Pinning Strategy • Key Topics • Use Keywords • Photos of your products will be key!! • Video if you wish • Related content from Amazon and other trusted sources-don’t forget to put in your affiliate links, but remember, you are not allowed to use url shortening
  5. 5. Housekeeping Issues on Pinterest • Administration-you can have more than one person pin on the board and invite others to do so as well • Artwork-if your site is not that visual, start snapping pictures! • Etiquette and copyright-always credit sources if possible, or make everything in house so there is no doubt. • Do more than self promote-make your boards useful to others interested in your niche
  6. 6. Collaborating With Others • Group Boards • You can enable permissions on your boards so others can pin too. • You can have enterprise-wide boards in your account. • You will receive invitations from others to join their boards. Do so strategically and helpfully. Focus on your niche only and pin high quality material.
  7. 7. Building Your Audience • Use the find friend option – Facebook – Twitter – Google+ and Gmail – Yahoo! • Follow pinners posting relevant content • Cross connect your social media accounts • Add a Follow or Pin it button to your site
  8. 8. Marketing Strategies • As a promotional tool • As a traffic driver • As a connection tool with other platforms • Hashtags • Commenting and @responsing • Connects to Facebook and Twitter • One pin, several cross-posts
  9. 9. Copyright Issues to Be Aware Of • Make sure you read the Terms of Service and do not violate copyright • Cite your source • Pin from original source • Create your own content to be sure of rights. • Check before repinning • Avoid embed=be clear about ©
  10. 10. Measure and Track Your Results • Google Analytics – tagged URLs – Direct traffic • Cross-posting engagement with Facebook and Twitter • Repins • Re-Tweets • Shares and likes on FB
  11. 11. PinPals to Follow • Check out for a list of top pinners or look at the most active pinners. You can also nominate your board. • Reciprocate pins • Note the top right corner of your account, which will show the most recent messages related to your account, such as pinners who pinned your content or who are following your board now
  12. 12. Marketing: Pin Consistently • Pin every day for a couple of minutes • Cross-post with Facebook and Twitter • Make your pins useful • Be a real person with interesting pins • Set aside time to follow other pinners • Comment on pins • Link up with friends • Accept board suggestions
  13. 13. Get help as needed • The new help menu is a great way to find out more without having to hunt everywhere • This site is far more user friendly than the new Facebook system for 2014. • New items for business are here, or on their way
  14. 14. Conclusion • Pinterest is a fun and interesting way to interact with others and market your business • It is highly visual and you can link to specific URLs to track your marketing goals • New business and analytics tools are coming, so 2014 is a good time to get started marketing at this popular site • Participate and be real and your content will get re-pinned.
  15. 15. Credits Thank you to Evelyn Trimborn for this presentation, derived from “How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes,” by Jeff Hamilton, Evelyn Trimborn and Martin Warner, from Eternal Spiral Books