How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes 2014, Part 2


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All new, posted 11 June 2014, to reflect the changes at Pinterest.
Learn the best ways to use Pinterest for marketing. Part 2 teaches you how to get started on the site. by registering and then beginning to pin your marketing messages on the pinboards you will create.

This presentation is derived from “How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes,” by Jeff Hamilton, Evelyn Trimborn and Martin Warner
Eternal Spiral Books

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  • May have to wait some time to get the invitation. Need to follow instructions when you do, and be sure to log in using your BUSINESS Facebook account.
  • How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes 2014, Part 2

    1. 1. How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes PART 2A presentation derived from “How to Use Pinterest forMarketing Purposes,” by Jeff Hamilton, Evelyn Trimbornand Martin WarnerEternal Spiral Books
    2. 2. Summary of Part 1• We looked at the statistics and demographics of Pinterest• Based on what you have learned so far, you have decided whether or not Pinterest would be a useful addition to your marketing mix.
    3. 3. Proceeding with Pinterest• If you have decided that Pinterest would be a good option for your business, you will need to remember the ‘social’ in social media. Do not oversell. You are joining a community, not spamming everyone.
    4. 4. Adding Pinterest to Your Marketing Mix • Define your goals • Review your website • Consult with your web designer • Request an invitation to join • Wait for the invitation • Link your account through Facebook4
    5. 5. Request an Invite5
    6. 6. Log In • Facebook • Twitter • Email login We recommend Facebook for a number of reasons which have to do with getting followers right away on Pinterest.6
    7. 7. Profiles and Settings • Create a great profile • Add your profile picture/logo • Add links to social networks • Add keywords • Create a really excellent profile • Select your categories of interest wisely • Start creating board of what you find right away. • Pin 1 promo per 20 pins7
    8. 8. Pinterest Settings • Upload an image or logo • Link to Facebook • Link to Twitter • Find friends through your networks • Hide your Pinterest profile from search engines • Deactivate your account at any time • Update your account details at any time8
    9. 9. Your Pinterest Boards9
    10. 10. Setting Your Board Topics • Use fun titles • Include keywords • Include a board for clients • Include a board for inspiration • Your HQ location/insider view • Be a real person, not just a marketer • Reorder boards as needed to create the impression you wish to create10
    11. 11. Set a Board Cover If you do not set a board cover, then the last item you pinned will be the main one that shows. This can be good for some of your boards in order to show that your boards are updated regularly with interesting content, but for your business boards, be sure to set a board cover that reflects well on your topic and on your business.11
    12. 12. How to Pin• Upload images from your computer• Add a pin directly from a URL• Use the Pin It Button from Pinterest-follow the video instructions provided on the
    13. 13. Formatting Pins • Use creative titles • Use keywords • Tag others with @ symbol • Add prices to products if your goal is direct sales. • Credit your sources when possible. • Ask questions in order to encourage comments13
    14. 14. Adding Links to Pin Uploads14
    15. 15. Types of Pins • Images from your website/blog • Images from blogs you read • Images from customer sites • Photos • Infographics • Logos • Food and Fashion • Text slides • Videos • You can pin almost anything15
    16. 16. Summary of Part 2• You have learned how to get an account, set up your profile, pin and upload pins.• You have also learned how to format your pins, link using your pins, and about the type of pins you can use to market your business on Pinterest.
    17. 17. What You Will Learn in Part 3• How to set up a pinning strategy• Copyright issues you need to be aware of when using Pinterest• How to collaborate with others• How to build your audience• Integrated marketing strategies using Pinterest• How to measure and track your success
    18. 18. How to Use Pinterest for Marketing Purposes End of Part 2A presentation derived from “How to Use Pinterest forMarketing Purposes,” by Jeff Hamilton, Evelyn Trimbornand Martin WarnerEternal Spiral Books