Look for the better side of taliban


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Look for the better side of taliban

  1. 1. Look for the better side of Taliban, who will be governing Afghanistan after 2014after the shameful defeat and retreat of all Western forces. They spent billions ofdollars at the expense of over 8 to 10% high unemployment rate, growinginequality in America and a constantly growing debt of trillions of dollars sincethey started fighting in 2001. They had to sacrifice over 2000 soldiers’ lives forover 13 years from 2001 to 2014 to defeat Taliban with all modern weapons andtechnology. It has been a graveyard of all 3 Big Super Powers since 19th century,Great Britain, Russia and America.What was the secret of the success of these poor, backward people fighting SuperPowers of 20th and 21st century without modern weapons and technology? TheirFAITH and IMAN in Allah and their spirit of Jihad rescued them from the wrath ofall so-called Super Powers, who are no more Superior than Allah.Thanks toHussain Khan, Tokyo
  2. 2. ARE TALIBAN REALLY BARBARIANS?By: Hussein Khan, TokyoA lot of one-sided and baseless stories are being circulated against Taliban. TheSecretary of State, Hillary Clinton, has also talked about the `mortal danger ofTaliban and further expressed her exaggerated fear of Taliban taking overIslamabad. Some people accuse Taliban of ¡°beheading people, denying girls ofschools, barring women from coming out, and measuring beards of men and alsoburning schools and music shops.¡± That is not the real face of Taliban. Thesecular opponents of Sharia and the so called liberals are misinforming anddemonizing these matters and painting a picture of Taliban as barbarians.Based on such false accusations the war is being carried out by the US inAfghanistan and in Pakistan aided by the Pakistan army. A vast number ofinnocent civilians are being dally killed by the army which cannot locate the truemilitants and therefore treats all civilians as militants. It also resulted in a hugenumber of civilian exoduses from their homes to safe areas. No power in theworld history has ever succeeded in killing only the real militants in any guerillatype of war. Always innocent civilians are killed much more than a few realmilitants. The killing of such innocents provides more recruits to the resistancemovements. Such a war could not be won either by the US and NATO forces orby the Pakistan army. Despite 8 years of high-technology war of a Super-powerlike the US, Obama admits, "we are not winning in Afghanistan" against the ill-equipped Taliban. It was for the same reason that Musharraf had to make a dealwith the so called "terrorists" after huge losses of Pakistan army. The same reasoncompelled the Pakistan army and the secular provincial ANP government ofNWFP to conclude a Peace Agreement with the Taliban after 18 months offighting an unsuccessful guerilla war against them.As regards the accusation about girls education, Taliban deny it both in speech aswell as through the practical execution of their policies. They had to close someschools, both of boys and girls as well, in Afghanistan due to lack of funds. Butfalse propaganda is carried out against them as if they closed girls schools only.An anti-Taliban report in the New York Times of February 14, 1996 says, "It is a
  3. 3. world where there has been a systematic drives to push women back into purdah,the traditional Muslim arrangement that prevents them from seeing any menoutside their immediate families. Under Taliban decrees, women have beenforbidden to work outside their homes, except in hospitals and clinics, and thenonly if they work exclusively with women and girls." For the Westerners and thesecular Muslims, purdah may be equal to pushing back women into illiteracy or itmay be regarded as something discouraging women from education. In Islam,Purdah is basically to prevent the free mixing of sexes, which is the root cause ofseveral social evils of a modern society, leading to rape, divorce, illicitrelationships, and birth of children outside the wedlock and so on. But it is not animpediment to womens education. Many highly-educated Muslim women todayare contributing to society with Hijab. Even in the above anti-Taliban report, it isadmitted that the women were allowed to work in hospitals and clinics. If Talibanwould have abandoned womens education and prevented them from going toschools, from where they brought women to work in hospitals and clinics? Itindicates as to how false are the reports that Taliban are against the education ofgirls and women!No doubt, they have blasted some of the girls¡¯ schools in Swat, as they werefighting against the Pakistan army which had made these schools its operationalbases for attacks on Taliban. Now after the peace agreement, all girls’ schools arefunctioning as usual. Maulana Sufi Mohammad has not spoken anything againstgirls¡¯ education. Secularists have made it their propaganda agenda to createhatred against Sharia. The number of girls schools destroyed by Taliban is quotedbut the readers are not informed that these schools were operational bases of thearmy, which was attacking and killing them.Taliban are blamed for usurping womens rights. Better to ask about it to a Britishwoman journalist, Yvonne Ridley, who was arrested by Taliban, while onassignment with the London¡¯s Sunday Express in 2001. After her release fromthe Taliban prison, she converted to Islam. What kind of impression incidents ofthis nature create about Taliban? Does the barbarian behave like this? Will aWestern educated lady, a well-informed journalist by profession, convert to thereligion of the barbarians after remaining as their prisoner for several days? She isnow working for a Muslim Television station in London covering herself withIslamic decency and Hijab. She is a renowned British journalist. She now works
  4. 4. for the Iranian-based 24-hour English language news channel Press TV, where shefronts her own London-based current affairs show, The Agenda.There is no Taliban rule now. After visiting Afghanistan in November, 2008, shehas written about the present situation, "The only winners emerging fromAfghanistan these days are the drug barons who preside over the world¡¯s largestheroin trade and the pimps who control the Chinese prostitutes operating from thescores of bordellos and brothels which have emerged since the US militaryoccupation.. .So there you have it ¨C Afghanistan a country in the grip of recklesssoldiers, slappers and smack."During about 6 years of their rule in Afghanistan between 1994 to 2001, Talibanrightly claim to have established law and order, cleansed the society from all kindsof crimes, completely eradicated the production and the sale of drugs, as admittedand appreciated by the UN as well. As regards the emergence of Taliban in 1994,the same New York Times report of February 14, 1996 says, "Only a year ago, therise of the Taliban was greeted with widespread enthusiasm in areas of the countrythat they now control. Their sudden emergence as a political and military force,from a base in the southern city of Kandahar, was propelled by their pledge to"cleanse" Afghanistan of the killing, rape and pillage that became endemic underthe cover of the civil war that ensued after Soviet troops were withdrawn in1989.......Out of the anarchy that followed the Soviet retreat from Afghanistan in1989 emerged numerous competing factions, many of them still fighting withweapons that had been supplied covertly by the United States. Divided by tribalorigins, personalities or strictness of their interpretations of Islam, the factions havebattled for control ever since. A new and stringently fundamentalist faction, theTaliban, arose in Sept. 1994, in protest against the abduction and rape of a group ofAfghan women and teenage girls by local warlords who had gained power in thefight against the Soviets. Invoking the memory of forebears who fought the British,the Taliban pledged to rid Afghanistan of the warlords, whom they described as"parasites" masquerading as Muslims. Within four months, they controlled a thirdof Afghanistan. Since then, their fortunes have varied. Herat, the key city inwestern Afghanistan, fell in Sept. 1995." How one can call such people barbarianswho have emerged to unite their country against the competing factions, to protestagainst the abduction and rape of Afghan girls and to rid Afghanistan of thewarlords, who were regarded as "parasites" masquerading as Muslims? How the
  5. 5. people emerging for such lofty ideals can suddenly become terrorists andcriminals, as they are presented in this color by the anti-Islam secular media?The same New York Times report, which is basically anti-Taliban, ridicules theTaliban punishments in the following words, "The new Afghanistan is a worldwhere murderers and "enemies" of the Taliban are hanged from cranes and thebarrels of tank cannon, where the execution of others found guilty of killingconsists of being shot in the back with rifles by their victims fathers, and whereconvicted thieves are subjected to surgical amputations of their hands andarms.......After the anarchy of recent years, many Afghans have welcomed theharsh punishments meted out by the Taliban to some violent criminals, whileothers have been horrified... ..According to reports published in Pakistan, therewere public executions carried out in the eastern Afghanistan city of Khost a fewdays ago." The Taliban punishments are described in a ridiculous style, but onehas to see the character and face of Taliban in it. This shows that Afghans havewelcomed these harsh punishments as they have got rid of anarchy and lived inpeace. Justice was meted out promptly. It further illustrates how strict Taliban hadbeen against all kinds of crimes. As a result they have eradicated crime inAfghanistan during their 6-year rule. What is ridiculous is the propaganda againstthem that such people have now turned to become barbarians and criminalsthemselves against whom they had been giving such severe punishments. Thiskind of baseless propaganda against them cannot hold ground for long.No civilized government in 21st century could be successful so far to achieve suchfantastic results in prevention of crime and maintaining law and order in theirrespective countries. Neither America, nor Europe, nor Japan, nor any othercountry, except Saudi Arabia, can claim their success in prevention of crime,homicide, rape, drugs, fraud and what not. the late King Faisal once replied to aquestioner in the US that the crimes committed in New York in one day are muchmore than all the crimes in Saudi Arabia in more than ten years. Every year the rateof crime is on a constant increase in every so-called civilized country today.In maintaining law and order in society, Taliban deserve to be ranked as No.1 inthe world. In view of these big achievements of Taliban government, it is better toforgive some of their extreme measures about beard etc., which are extraordinarily
  6. 6. insignificant in nature and do not deserve to be demonized by our secularized orliberal intellectuals.As regards the beheadings by Taliban, there are reports in some Westernnewspapers that Taliban have beheaded some of the criminals who werepretending as Taliban commanders in their ranks. The secularists are falselypropagating that such beheadings were those of the innocent civilians.American spies and CIA informers are inviting Drone attacks to their own people.Since 2006 these attacks have killed only 12 militants. An article about Droneattacks in Pakistan published in a US web site, Council on Foreign Relations onMarch 20, 2009 by Greg Bruno states, center for American Progress counts asmany as 543 people killed by U.S. since 2006; only twelve were top al-Qaedaoperatives. These 543 innocent civilians were killed because of Americaninformers in the Taliban ranks or in the civilian population. These CIA spies arethe real murderers of innocent civilians. Do such spies and informers, who are thereal murderers, not deserve the punishment of beheadings?Taliban have not become insane to carry out beheadings of innocent people. Theyhad solid proofs and reliable evidence against those criminals who deservedbeheadings. To blame Taliban for every act of inhuman crime or violence is theresult of mischievous misinformation which is intentionally carried out by thesecular enemies of Sharia.Our central and provincial governments have been blaming Indian agencies andprofessional criminals for most of the inhuman and criminal activities as theyoccurred in Baluchistan, in Lahore against Sri Lankan cricket team, and inMalakand Division. Why our 6th sense cannot separate criminal activity from thelofty mission of Sharia implementation goal of Taliban Jihad. Why should allcriminals be regarded as Taliban?
  7. 7. Pakistan government has accused India, Afghanistan and Russia for thedisturbances in Baluchistan. A news item in the daily DAWN (April 24, 2009)states, "At a closed-door Senate session on Thursday, Interior Adviser RehmanMalik presented a bleak picture of the security situation in the country and showedwhat he called evidence of the involvement of India, Afghanistan and Russia interrorist activities. It is the first time Pakistan has blamed these countries and citedevidences which, it is believed, will be shared with the international community,particularly the United States, which has expressed concern over growingmilitancy in the country. Following a harsh statement by Secretary of State HillaryClinton, US special envoy Richard Holbrooke telephoned President Asif AliZardari on Thursday and conveyed a similar message. During the Senate briefing,the adviser said that all major incidents of terrorism and suicide attacks were linkedto India and Afghanistan, adding that terrorists were being trained by them in thosecountries and in North Waziristan and being sent to the settled areas."The Governor of the provincial government of NWFP, Owais Ahmed Ghani hasblamed criminal elements, not Taliban, for the "terrorism" in Swat valley. He hasaccused the enemies of its agreement with the Swat Taliban, which was concludedwith the help of the mediating role of Maulana Sufi Mohammad. Such groups aretrying to dislodge the peace and the improved law and order situation in Swat afterthe agreement. For this purpose, they have adopted such mean and false methodsas showing a fake film of a girl being beaten by lashes to ridicule Sharia andIslamic punishments. Provincial government has categorically denied about theflogging incident. It has called this fake film incident and other criminal activitiesin Malakand Division as an attempt to create an atmosphere against the Nizam-eAdl regulation.In a news item published in DAWN, (April 27, 2009), Governor Owais AhmedGhani has said, ¡°The enforcement of Nizam-i-Adl was demand of the entirepopulation of the Malakand division and the government has enforced the law inline with their cherished desire. Sincere efforts are under way for itsimplementation and the system will definitely get practical shape,¡± he said. If itwas a demand of the entire population of the Malakand division as the governorOwais says, then why the fulfillment of such a democratic demand is dubbed assurrender to Taliban at gunpoint? Its opponents have raised false alarm andunnecessary hue and cry as if it is an act of caving in to the violence of a fewmiscreants.
  8. 8. The governor, in the same statement, made it clear that "........certain miscreantswere bent upon attacking the police force, kidnapping of citizens, thefts andlooting and damaging the public and private properties.. ......The governormentioned certain incidents of terrorism in Malakand division, particularly thekilling of a former district nazim of Lower Dir, Alamzeb Khan, and District PoliceOfficer Khurshid Khan along with their colleagues. Besides, he said, policeofficers and jawans were also martyred, in an attack on mobile van of the force atMalakand University. Such kind of criminal and subversive activities, thegovernor said, were intolerable and therefore, police and the Frontier Corpslaunched a joint action against the elements, who were not deserving anysympathy. Mr Ghani appealed to the religious scholars, political leaders andgeneral public to create a congenial atmosphere for implementation of Nizam-i-Adl and play their positive role to curb the activities of anti-Nazim-i- Adlelements." Taliban are accused of all criminal activities in Malakand Division butthe provincial government puts the blame on criminal elements and not on theTaliban.Rather it is requesting the Taliban to cooperate with the provincial government tosubdue the miscreants. Accordingly, Swat Taliban has successfully negotiatedwith the Bunir Taliban to vacate the city and not to display the arms. BunirTaliban agreed to it and vacated the city. But unfortunately Pakistan army wasmobilized next day unnecessarily to kill the Taliban in Lower Dir and Bunir. Thesame job was successfully carried out earlier by the Swat Taliban. But thealarming statement of Hillary Clinton, devoid of appreciation of ground realities,forced the Pakistan army to show its muscle by killing a few hundred citizens of itsown country for the pleasure of the US policy-makers. Such pressures by the USare counter-productive and costing unnecessary civilian life and disrupting thepeaceful livelihood, as they had to migrate in thousands to safe places.No doubt the real Taliban are also taking a few extremist measures. But we haveto separate criminal activities from the pious mission of Taliban to establish Shariacourts for swift justice. Despite all false accusations and several years in jail inAfghanistan as Taliban, Maulana Sufi Mohammad and Swat Taliban haveachieved success in their struggle and Jihad to establish Sharia in Swat. Sharia wasalready enforced in Swat state for over 110 years before its forced accession and
  9. 9. assimilation in Pakistan by a secular military dictator Gen. Yahya Khan. Skywould not have fallen, if the people of Swat demanded to revert to a system ofSharia courts, with which they had been familiar for the last 110 years.We should look to the other side of the coin as well and find out the causes as towhy Taliban movement has emerged in Pakistan and why it is becoming more andmore popular and powerful day by day?It was an Afghanistan phenomenon earlier. In addition to our secular militarydictators, American Drone missile attacks have generated it in Pakistan. Americahas brought the Afghan war into Pakistan in the name that it has become asanctuary of Al-Qaeda and Taliban leaders of Afghanistan.The secular military dictators, like Yahya Khan and Pervaiz Musharraf, haveforced Pakistan to detract from its ideology against the democratic wishes of itspeople. As a result, a violent Taliban movement has sprung up in Pakistan to resistit, since there was no way out for the democratic forces to assert themselves undermilitaristic dictatorial regimes. Such dictators in collusion with the U.S. have sownthe seeds of violence in Pakistan. They have thus motivated Taliban to resist themthrough violent methods. In the absence of democracy, they had left only the doorof violence open for the lovers of Pakistan ideology.Patriotic and sincere Muslims are facing this tragic situation, as no government hastaken any serious step in Pakistan for Islamizing our country during the last 60years of its existence. Had the government moved in the direction of its 1973Constitution, which was a reflection of peoples democratic wish to frame andimplement laws according to Quran and Sunnah, Taliban movement would nothave taken root in our society.Whatever small beginning was initiated by the late Gen. Zia-ul Haq in thisdirection, another secular military dictator, Gen. Musharraf, reversed it. HudoodLaws of 1979, based on Sharia and on the consensus of all eminent Ulama and
  10. 10. Muslim Jurists of that time, were abrogated after 29 years of their peaceful andsuccessful implementation. There was no public outcry or agitation in Pakistanagainst these Islamic Laws during the 29 years of their enforcement. This anti-Islamic measure compounded with the massacre of innocent Lal Mosque studentsby Musharraf government have fueled and pushed the Taliban movement in ourcountry to its extreme.In addition to the frustration all true Muslims in Pakistan feel against the secularcharacter of all our governments, aerial missile attacks by American Drones haveprovided Taliban with unlimited suicide bombers to recruit against these attacks totake revenge. Instead of forcefully resisting it, Pakistan government is simplypaying lip service and appears to be a US partner and a complicit in favor of theseattacks. Taliban have therefore targeted Police, army and other symbols ofgovernment administration to take the revenge of Lal Mosque massacre and theDrone attacks killing hundreds of civilians. Western news agencies like AP havementioned in their dispatches that the terrorist activities of Taliban have increasedtremendously after the Lal Mosque massacre of innocent students by the Musharrafregime. A US counter-terrorism report (DAWN May 01, 2009) says, "Thecoordination, sophistication, and frequency of suicide bombings that increasedsharply in 2007, continued to grow in Pakistan in 2008. By November 30, therewere already 57 recorded suicide attacks in Pakistan, in comparison to 45 reportedattacks in 2007. These attacks will be constantly increasing as long the US wouldtry to force its will upon the government and the people of Pakistan against theinterests and the wishes of our countrymen.Peace would return to Pakistan and all violence will come to a halt, if US missileattacks through unmanned Drones are stopped immediately and Swat-like peaceagreements are not demonized as surrender to Taliban. Rather such agreementsshould be concluded in all those tribal areas where Taliban are active. AfghanistanTaliban regard themselves as freedom fighters against the colonization of theircountry by foreign forces. They were not even aware of 9/11 planning and hadmade no contribution in these events. Pakistan Taliban will be silenced with thestoppage of Drone missile attacks and the implementation of Sharia in their desiredareas.