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HR imperatives in the hi tech industry - managing thru turbulent timesn


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a presentation made at CII forum in bangalore about the emerging trends and key imperatives in HR

Published in: Recruiting & HR
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HR imperatives in the hi tech industry - managing thru turbulent timesn

  1. 1. Turbulence is the new Tranquility • Technology Disruptions change the way we Learn, Live , Work and Play • Reimagine and Reinvent to stay relevant • - Blackberry , Nokia and many more …………. • New Age CEO has a different DNA • a drive to dominate environments, Restlessness , Challengers ,Speed of Light  Each Big Inflection Point last approx. 10 years Or Shorter
  2. 2. And the Much talked about Millennial workforce Smart Ambitious Connected Direct And Fearless Informal Has a Life !
  3. 3. Talent Acquisition is turning on its head What we need to Know and Do  Near term is the new planning horizon  Build V/s Buy – You cant fight wars !  Skills and not jobs are advertised  Hiring is increasingly social so is the Employer Brand Org structures are transient – swarm and solve a problem  Feedback becomes real time – jury out on written review  You cant plan for careers – you can plan experiences – Career Lattices  Collaboration is fast and virtual Differentiation is no longer a lip service  Obsessive focus on top 20 % - Identify , nurture , reward , retain Engagement strategies are Swift , Short , compelling , mobile  Gamification  Pulse Surveys are replacing employee surveys Data is worthless if there are no predictive analytics No Sacred Cows- Alertness , Adaptability , Agility , Ability