Real Estate Management System


Published on is probably India's first online store for software for consulting physicians, cardiologists, gastrologists, nephrologists, ophthalmologists, andrology experts, infertility specialists, physicians, Doctors, Specialists & Clinics including Prescription Writing, Electronic Health Records, Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management. All these softwares have been developed after years of research and valuable inputs from specialists located throughout India. These software are easy to use, require very less typing, works quickly and saves precious practice time.
This software is specially designed for Infertility Management experts, IVF Experts, IUI Experts. It is a very robust software, easy to use and requires minimum typing. It covers these aspects:

Menstrual / Personal / Obstetric History
Primary / Secondary Infertility
TB, DM & HT History
DNC Parameters
Surgical History: Laparoscopy / Hysteroscopy / HSG
Surgical Treatment
Infertility Treatment: IUI / IVF / ICSI
Ovulation Study

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Real Estate Management System

  1. 1. Introductory Document
  2. 2. Infosoft ® Real Estate Management System (REMS) is designed and developed with one goal: to make it easier for you to orchestrate the complex workflow associated with managing multiple real estate sales in a constantly evolving regulatory environment. Our suite of software for real estate tools is designed to allow you to increase your property load, while maintaining a manageable work flow.
  3. 3. To properly market our business and our listings in today's world, the real estate professional needs to manage their contacts, prospects and customers efficiently. In our business, this means specialty information fields that track what's important to us and our customers. We need to be able to easily get new contacts into the system, using automated online forms in many cases. Along with creating direct mail campaigns, we need to be able to send mass emails, and track their results. Most of all, we need as many of these tasks as possible to be accessed from one computer display screen. Their full potential, old fashioned property tracking methods like juggling paper folders and hard copy spreadsheets begin to seem like a bad dream of inefficiency, squandered profits, and needless stress.
  4. 4. Project Module • • • • • • Add the payment details against the purchased land (Cash / Cheque) Add the Expense against the project through the Site Office / Head Office Add details of the Layout Project such as : Project Name, Location, No. of Plots, Area of Individual plots (Sq. Fts / Sq. Mtrs), Bifurcation of Residential and Commercial Plot, to add the rates plot wise, Direction, Amenities Facility to add the details of the Construction Project : Project Name, Location, No. of Flats, No. of Shops / Offices, Area of Individual Flats, Shops, Offices, rates Floor Wise, Unit wise Add details of the Layout Project such as : Project Name, Location, No. of Plots, Area of Individual plots (Sq. Fts / Sq. Mtrs), Bifurcation of Residential and Commercial Plot, to add the rates plot wise, Direction, Amenities Add the details of the Construction Project : Project Name, Location, No. of Flats, No. of Shops / Offices, Area of Individual Flats, Shops, Offices, to add the rates Floor Wise, Shop wise / Office wise, to add Amenities
  5. 5. Purchase & Stores Module • • • • • • • • • • Get complete purchase history, item and delivery schedules Maintaining Product wise preferred vendor list Preparation of Purchase Bill based on GRN Tracking transfer of stock from company to work site and viceversa Updating of stock after receipt of resources Compilation of available resources from various project sites for procurement analysis. This helps procurement of the right material at the right time and at the right place Check stock opening balance Stock transfer - Generate material receipt Inventory Management Stock reminders Store Wise / Project Wise
  6. 6. Sales Module • • • • • • • • • Maintains history of customer enquiries with complete details and its subsequent follow-ups Booking details of all unit owners are maintained, rate and issue of allotment letter in a project Define base rate for a project and also, define subsequent incremental floor wise, plot wise (Commercial / Residential / Location) rates. Define Transfer fee and also, cancellation charges between dates Setting up of installment structure for a project Configure other various heads under which payments are receivable, e.g. parking, electric / water meter charges, legal charges, maintenance charges, Development Charges etc. Facility to Book / Sale Plots , Flats, Offices, Shop from any connected office (User) Facility to add the details of the clients (as per requirement) Facility to add the payment schedule (dates) of the client.
  7. 7. • Different modules for different types of property. • Secure access mechanism. • Integrated reports module. • Auto backup facility. • Supports multi user environment. • Separate module for pre sales and post sales functions. • Single click property inquiry. • Integrated brokerage calculation.
  8. 8. Login Window Home Screen
  9. 9. Flat Inquiry Window Shop Inquiry Window
  10. 10. Advertisement Expense Entry Window Follow Up Entry Window
  11. 11. Shop Booking Window Flat Booking Window
  12. 12. What is Infosoft® EPP? Electronic Prescription Pad (EPP) is an electronic gadget / device that digitally captures and stores the prescriptions and diagnosis you write in your own handwriting on ordinary paper. You actually write with a pen on paper. These prescriptions can be transferred to Infosoft® HIS through a specially coded embedded software bridge program.  First time in India  Connection with computer not required while you write the prescriptions  Your hand written prescription is directly given to patient, while it is saved  Built in memory  Expandable memory  Can have 100+ letter pads  Has its own battery for the pad as well as the pen  Easy to carry  Looks very stylish and comes with a carry bag  Can carry it to OT / ICU / Laboratory etc.
  13. 13.  Write the prescription in your own handwriting  Write the prescription on your own letter pad  Prescription that you write is saved for later use  Works even when electricity is not there  Works in case of computer systems network failure  Very stylish and elegant looking  Very slim, easy to carry  Available with carry case
  14. 14. Infosoft® was founded in 1999 with an aim to provide R & D based innovative services. It is a fast growing services & solutions company catering to domestic and international clients. Infosoft is a provider of Enterprise Software Solutions in Healthcare, Real-estate and Telecom domains, Web Portals, Social Media Marketing & SEO services. Infosoft has catered to top MNCs, NGOs, Defense and governmental organizations over the years. The journey so far :  Probably the First company in Indian private sector to develop online, real time securities trading system for a Stock Exchange.  Developed World's First Java-based multi-lingual chat and mail portal.  Developed & Implemented an Internet-cum-Intranet based E-Governance project in all the districts of Madhya Pradesh, India.  Provided numerous innovative mobile solutions and services to US, Europe & Singapore-based companies.  Developed the World’s first India-centric Diabetes prevention & management web portal  Developed innovative solutions for Healthcare and Real-estate Sectors.  Handled Social Media Marketing for numerous top companies in India.  Developed profitable web portals for clients based in India, Europe and USA.
  15. 15. – Web portal for prevention and management of diabetes in true Indian context. Diabetes Manager - desktop application with facility to sync with web server for scheduling appointment with doctor, investigations, Ordering prescriptions, Live Chat, Health Calculators, SMS & E-Mail alerts. Real Estate Management System – a fully secured software system for managing pre-launch, booking and sale of apartments, bungalows, row houses, brokerage and discount management and MIS Reporting. Infosoft MMS EMS Testing Suite – provides an excellent testing platform for MMS, WAP-Push, EMS, SMS and Nokia Smart Messaging (NSM) applications without having live connection with MMSC / SMSC. Personal Finance Management Application (PFMA) – helps managing personal finances in a better, effective & efficient manner. It provides alerts & reminders to pay your installments on time & to recover the money due from various investments in time. IMET S
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