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The Library Management Software of Cresent Network

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Cresent Network Softgranth Ppt

  1. 1. Library Automation Software Introduction & Overview
  2. 2. Library Automation Software, “Softgranth” is Marketed and Promoted under the joint Leadership of CRESENT NETWORK Pvt. Ltd and Multifacet Softwares Systems. Softgranth is Developed at IIT Kanpur by Multifacet Softwares System (P) Limited (MSSPL), a software company at SIIC (SIDBI Innovation and Incubation center), IIT Kanpur. IIT Kanpur and MSSPL are having joint Intellectual Property Right (IPR) on Library Automation.
  3. 3. Salient Features 1. Fully Web based application Developed in latest (Microsoft .NET) technology 1. Easy to use and accessible from anywhere in the world over the internet (24X7) 1. Caters to ever expanding needs of library automation 2. All modules of the software are fully integrated which saves from re- entering of data. 3. Link for auto cataloguing 4. Incorporates arrivals of serial issues with varied type of schedule to manage claims for missing issues. 5. Facilitates Partial cancellation, arrival and payments. 6. Order letters/most of the reports can be saved/printed/e-mailed 7. Auto email service to borrower for different activities like reservation, cancellation, issue-receipt-reissue, over due alert etc. 8. Upgradeable to RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification)
  4. 4. Salient Features 11. User specific menu 12. User specific rights up to form & control level 13. Customizable circulation policy for members (patrons) up to category and item type. 14. Multimedia (Video Clips, Scanned Images, Sound, Slide Show) can be attached to catalogue records with multiple URL 15. Provision to enter special characters 16. Auto-suggestion on call number, based on earlier catalogued Items 17. Provides Transaction Analysis (complete audit trail) 18. e-Resources (CD Rom, e-Book, e-Thesis, e-Project Reports, e- Articles-Circular/Notice, e-Journal, e-File, e-Manual, e-Document) 19. Real time Web OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)
  5. 5. Salient Features 20. Cart facility in OPAC for saving/printing/emailing selected catalogue records for future reference 21. Integrated CAS (Current Awareness Services) and SDI (Selected Dissemination of Information) (Email, save, Print) 22. Auto e-mailing wherever necessary 23. Auto copy tracking system 24. Graphical presentation of statistical data 25. Provision for Back Log entry / Retro Conversion 26. Single window for issue / return / reissue. 27. Combination keys (Alt +)for calling relevant menu items from forms (Keyboard Shortcuts) 28. Online Reservation / Reissue 29. Online current awareness services 30. Online book request for procurement 31. OPAC search should have option for selection of phrase, all of these words, any of these words and wild card also
  6. 6. Salient Features 32. Option to use MS-SQL/Oracle as RDBMS 33. UNICODE Compatible 34. GUI enabled 35. Completely browser based(Works on internet/intranet) 36. Scalable to any number of members/users and library items 37. Multilingual 38. Import / Export based on MARC21 39. Catalogue data editing in Marc format also 40. Completely Barcode enabled with inbuilt bar code generator 41. Catalogue card printing based on AACR2 (Anglo American Cataloging Rule 2) Scheme 42. Auto generated late item reminder 43. Periodic member account clearance 44. Backup/Restore module wise for selected tables & complete database 32. Complies ISO standards 33. FAQ / Help for easy understanding
  7. 7. Salient Features 47. Supports TCP/IP for communication and networking 48. Option to select menu types (Tree/Popup/Both). 49. Combined form for Issue/Return/Re-issue with built-in intelligence. 50. Ever-growing list of features and benefits. 51. Upgradeable to Union catalogue. 52. Z39.50 Client/Server technology 53. Can be applied to wide range of libraries of Schools, Colleges, Institutes, Research Organizations, Corporate Houses, and Resource Centers etc.
  8. 8. Login Screen for User (s)
  9. 9. Login Screensoftware (s) Menu of for User
  10. 10.  Master Management Menu  Lekhya (Acquisitioning)  Suchi (Catalogue)  Circulation  Patrika (Journals/Serials)  E- Resources  Binding Menu  Other Library Services  Stock  Audit Trail  Administration  OPAC  About Softgranth
  11. 11. Our Valuable Clients  Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur (IITK)  International Institute of Saddlery Technology and Export Management, Kanpur (IISTEM)  National Sugar Institute, Kanpur (NSI)  Ambedkar Institute of Technology for Handicapped  L.N. Mittal Institute of Information Technology  Pt. Dwarka Prasad Mishra Indian Institute of Information Technology Design & Manufacturing  B. R. Ambedkar Agricultural and Engineering College  Dayanand Girls College, Kanpur  Dayanand Women’s Training College, Kanpur  Juhari Devi Girl’s Post Graduate College, Kanpur  Indian Council for Philosophical Research, New Delhi (ICPR)  State Forest Research Institute , Jabalpur
  12. 12. 10, Mandir Marg, Mahanagar Ext., Lucknow - 226006 Uttar Pradesh, India Email: Tel: +91 522 6524989 CONTACT US