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The Food & Travel Mainfesto


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Two of my most passionate pursuits in life are food and travel. Although, many food enthusiasts and travelers would put these two in separate baskets, for me, food and travel goes hand-in-hand.

In this manifesto, we will explore some ways to optimize your next food & travel experience.

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The Food & Travel Mainfesto

  1. 1. TheFood &TravelManifesto
  2. 2. Uncopyright: This manifesto is uncopyrighted. Feel free to copy it, share it, steal it or post it on your blog. Although, attribution is alwaysappreciated.Thanks,Amit Sonawane - Fishing Buddha
  3. 3. Food Two of my most passionate pursuits in life are food and travel. Although, many food enthusiasts and travelers would put these two in & separate baskets, for me, food and travel goes hand-in-hand.Travel In this manifesto, we will explore some ways to optimize your next food & travel experience.
  4. 4. It is an age-old secret that, somehow,has been lost. Food offers the traveleran unique insight into the culture andthe ways of the people. “Best way to learn about a new cultureWe often take this for granted and is through theirstick to the safe options. If you are food.”traveling then being safe is a foolishidea. Traveling is about getting out ofyour comfort-zone. Make some localfriends and see where they eat. Trycooking with them.Leave the reviews and restaurant-finder apps at home when you travel.All you need is your five sense to travelwell.
  5. 5. “Involve all 5 senses when eating & traveling”Smell See Touch Feel Listen
  6. 6. Agenda is useless. Itinerary should“Travel have dreams, destinations and bucket- list items only. Many of us rush travel. The desire to see everything, do everything and be everywhere ruins the experience. slowly; Travel slowly. Take in the culture, smell the coffee-shops, talk to the locals, watch the people go about their lives, eat taste the freshly baked breads. Stay. Do not rush. And when you sit down to eat; eat even slower. Never eat alone in a new city. Make friends with the locals and get to know them over a meal. Ask if you can visit the chef in the kitchen. slower.” Take him/her to the local market next day. Learn about their foods.
  7. 7. “If there’s a line,then the food is probably worth the wait.”
  8. 8. “You don’t need $ a lot of One of the biggest excuses to not travel and get out is money, or rather lack of it. money To travel well you need a curious mind, a taste for adventure, a quest, some personal stories to share, and willingness to get out of your comfort zone. Not money. to travel well” Money doesn’t enhance your travels. You might not need money to even book that ticket to your destination. Some friends of Fishing Buddha are world-renowned for travel-hacks. So, don’t let the lack of money stop you from traveling. Traveling to far corners of the world will convince you how complete lack of money can introduce you to some of the happiest of peoples.
  9. 9. Traveling and experiencing the world’sfood is an adventure. It is a futileattempt if you resist change.Try everything once. We live in aprotective cocoon of a society.However, some of the places you willtravel to are free and pristine.Don’t let the fear of unknown stop youfrom making unforgettable memories,meeting amazing people and tastingthe most delightful foods.One of the golden rules of the art offood & travel is - be brave. “Don’t be awuss .”
  10. 10. “Tweet about itlater Social media is here to stay. It is a wonder how so many people can connect so rapidly over a hashtag or a photograph. .” Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and all the other wonderful services really make it possible to document, collect and share your passion, work and adventure. 20 years ago, I couldn’t However, social networks can also be have imagined sharing a picture of my a distraction. Many times, I catch meal with a total stranger from Ireland people basking the in glow of their who also likes sushi. smartphones, connecting with the virtual worlds, while the real world just As a friend of mine once said, “These slips away. other humans are just floating around, one chance decision away from being Traveling gives you a chance to your next closest friend.” experience the reality of life. Sometimes one slight moment completely turns the whole trip around for good. You don’t want to miss that one fleeting moment. Be present when it happens and share it later when you are back in your hotel room or home. You’ll experience more, remember more vividly and, as a result, be able to share more with your friends and family.
  11. 11. Everybody has a story. We tell a story with our lives. One of the Fishing Buddha rules to live by is, “learn to tell a story with your life.” When you go on travels do not forget to pack some stories with you. Even a simple story about how or why you set off on this trip would do. When you sit with a total stranger and tell them the story of your life, something wonderful happens. Minds glow, hearts open and smiles blossom. Sharing your life’s story is a very intimate and an extremely friendly gesture. Nothing else help you make faster, long-lasting friendships than sharing of a story.“Always share So, always share your inspiring story with the people you meet on your travels. Preferably over a meal. your Also, do not forget to listen to theirstory stories. .”
  12. 12. “Be interesting .” Many of us travel for our own sake. Travel is not a selfish act. When you begin your travel or sit-down for a meal in a foreign land, do not forget to give, and not just take. Travel is not just about learning from other cultures, cuisines, peoples and their customs. Traveling is also about spreading your message and leaving your legacy. One of the ways you can do that is by simply being an interesting traveler. Be an interesting stranger to talk to. Be an interesting customer to walk into a local bar. Be an interesting passenger to get on the flight. When you are interesting, people will remember you and what you are all about. It creates a long-term memory. And a memory is the most beautiful gift you can ever give to the people in your life.
  13. 13. “Travel is not really about leaving our homes, but leaving our habits.” - Pico Iyer
  14. 14. Do not be afraid to connect withpeople. Although you probably won’tbe staying there for long, it will makeyour trip worthwhile if you make newties on your trip.When you are back, stay in touch with “Connect.”these new friends. Make them a partof your life and share your own lifewith them.The biggest joy of traveling comesafter the fact when you reminisce.Being in touch with the people whoactually made those memoriespossible is the second biggest joy.So, stay connected.
  15. 15. When you write about your “ Write about yourexperiences, you preserve that, notjust for yourself, but for the rest of the experiences.”world, for years to come.Writing about your travels - the placesyou visited, the people you met, thefood you ate - and publishing it for theworld to see is one of the mostgenerous things you can do.Writing helps you create your ownunique experience, you own littleadventure story. It attracts otherreaders and it multiplies yourpassions.You writing might inspire somebodyelse to take up a food & travel journeyof their own. And their life’s story willinclude a chapter about you.
  16. 16. “May your life’s storyinclude several chapters on the places you have been and the people you met there.May you always savor every bite and never eat alone. May you always have thepower to bring a smile on astrangers face and a mind full of memories of those smiles.” Thank you.
  17. 17. About Fishing Buddha is the blog of Amit Sonawane. Amit writes about the small things in life that ultimately make the biggest impact. In his writings he explores life as an art. His life’s four passions are - traveling, food, writing and philosophy. Besides the blog, Amit is also a friend, thinker, aerospace engineer, MBA student, entrepreneur, photographer, biker, climber, Tough Mudder, cook, reader, stoic and a minimalist.Website: Twitter: @amitsonawane Facebook: