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Power solution


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Published in: Technology
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Power solution

  1. 1. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd Power Solution A comprehensive protection for you premises
  2. 2. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd • Power Solution is protection device which protects your home/ office against damage in case of voltage fluctuations of extreme nature. • Its is version of OVCD (Over Voltage cut off Device) • It is the only product in the market which give you protection against neutral open conditions • Other equipments including a servo stabilizer would get burnt What is Power solution?
  3. 3. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd Features • Neutral open protection (Protection up to 440 volts) • Withstands up to 6000V spikes • Smart start • Under/over voltage protection • Line monitoring indication • Overload protection • Voltage monitoring indication • Bypass facility for maintenance • No wave form distortion • Lightweight , transformer-less design • Compact size. Optional features • Lightning protection( Class B and C SPD) • Available in both single phase and 3 phase models
  4. 4. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd Where is it to used? • Power solution is product which is to be installed at the incomer of premise before the internal distribution board. • This protects all the equipments and electronic appliances from getting damaged by extreme ups and downs of power supply.
  5. 5. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd • None of these protection devices will protect the equipment against extreme over voltage. • If in case if neutral open condition, these will get damaged themselves along with connected equipment. • Manufacturer of your equipment will not provide warranty services for damages caused by voltage fluctuations. But already there are protection systems installed like MCB, UPS , stabilizers, capacitor banks etc.
  6. 6. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd How is Power Solution different from other products Features Power Solution Fuse MCB Power saver Stabilizer Undervoltage protection yes no no no yes Over voltage protection yes no no no yes protection at 440V yes no no no no save power no no no yes no distortions in power no no no ? yes protection from spikes yes no no no no shortcircuit protection yes yes yes no yes overload protection yes yes yes no yes
  7. 7. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd Cost to a person/company if there is product damge due to voltage fluctuation Costs projected are indicative and may vary for product and services. Eg: Appliance AC 1 ton" Incident under warranty out of warranty Remarks repair charges none Rs. 3000+ change of internal parts complete damage none (conditions apply) Rs. 30000+ cost of the appliance minor fire caused Rs. 50000+ Rs. 50000+ small fire can cause burning of furniture, items along with AC. Major fire caused Rs. 300000+ Rs. 300000+ Damage to all belongings cost of repainting and repairs Rs. 500000+ Rs. 500000+ Cost of repairs / reburbishments. fire brigade charges Rs. 5000+ Rs. 5000+ Loss of life ?? ? incalculable.
  8. 8. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd Technical specifications
  9. 9. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd Some of our clients who have implemented this solution And many other OEMs and System Integrators…
  10. 10. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd Contact Us. 105 Samayak, Sagar plaza industrial complex, Sativali road, Vasai east. Thane. 401208 Telefax: +91 22 29270346/ 29271885 Mail : Web : Blog: www.
  11. 11. MSS Powertech Pvt Ltd Thank you Switch on MSS …. Switch off worries