Industrial Skyline of India


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How is the Industrial Development Spread around India? Which are the major industrial sectors in individual states of India? What are the major inputs and outputs and their values? What is the market size for industrial intermediate products? How many Units exist and how many people are employed?
Indicus Analytics examines the 23 major Industrial Sectors and 60 sub-sectors for every state and district in India. It analyses every sector on important parameters such as no. of units engaged, production, persons engaged in industrial activities, consumption of industrial products for intermediate use and identifies the top sub sectors in every district.
The product is meant for analysts, researchers, strategists, industrial marketers for intermediate products and institutions.
Data estimates are presented at three points in time 2000-01, 2004-05 and 2008-09. The product is available in 3 versions – basic (2008-09 data for all states), Premium (data for all states at three points in time), and Premium plus (with additional district level data for 2008-09).
For each of the 60 3-digit NIC codes (each representing an industrial sub sector), the product provides 5 key variables – output value, input value, consumption value, number of units and number of people employed. The estimates of these variables are available for every state and every district of India.

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Industrial Skyline of India

  1. 1. Industrial Skyline of India 2008-09 All States and Districts
  2. 2. Contains Industrial Output for key Industrial product categories Inputs consumed by each Industrial product Category Workers employed by each Industry category Units producing each category Consumption of each Industrial Product Category
  3. 3. For Analysts Researchers Strategists Industrial Marketers of Intermediate Products Institutions
  4. 4. Coverage
  5. 5. Industrial Product Segments
  6. 6. Industrial Product Segments
  7. 7. Industrial Product Segments
  8. 8. Industrial Product Segments
  9. 9. Industrial Product Segments
  10. 10. As with all Indicus products, the product comes with a query software with GUI navigation which allows the user to drill down to the states via clickable maps. The users can extract data in spreadsheets, and create maps and charts with parameters.
  11. 11. Options Basic Estimates of 60 segments (3-digit NIC code) for all states of India, for the year 2008-09 Premium Estimates of 60 segments (3-digit NIC code) for all states of India, for 2000-01, 2004-05 and 2008-09 Premium Plus Estimates of 60 segments (3-digit NIC code) for all states of India, for 2000-01, 2004-05 and 2008-09 and all districts of India for 2008-09
  12. 12. For queries or placing orders please contact Indicus Analytics Pvt. Ltd. 2 nd Floor, Nehru House, 4 Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg New Delhi- 110002. Phone: 91-11-42512400/01 E-mail: