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IE international mba application -Question D


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IE international mba application -Question D

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IE international mba application -Question D

  1. 1. Question D-Cite at least one example of when your leadership had an impact on or changed a certain situation, and justify how an IE Master’s Degree program would help you to strengthen or improve this competence. By- Captain Amit Sharma
  2. 2. My leadership skills helped my company, Anglo Eastern Ship Management to save 100,000 USD
  3. 3. MV. Hanjin Venezia was going for dry dock on 8th Nov, 2011. The quotation from Yiulian dry-dock for extensive repair work was approximately 750,000 USD
  4. 4. Strategic Planning & Operational Efficiency • • • • • Created the list of activities which were commenced while vessel was at anchorage also, increased the man power during the dry-dock to reduce the cost and to save time. Made detailed dry dock specifications and then re-confirmed when dry-dock was fixed with the Yiulian Shipyard to save time. Minimize the cost in the dry dock by creative thinking, for example, Hatch covers piled together on ship instead of dock yard. Approved financial incentive for the crew to motivate them. Convinced company to perform few activities by ship’s crew after the dry dock while waiting for the next charter.
  5. 5. Key Skills Used • • • • • • • • Budget management Human resource management Leadership skills Time Management Strategic Planning & Thinking Operational Management Logistics Negotiation
  6. 6. MV. Hanjin Venezia came out of dry-dock under my command on 3rd Dec, 2011 with the final payment of only 650,000 USD to Yiulian dry-dock
  7. 7. Tool Arrows in my MBA quiver after IE MBA • • • • • • IECP –REAL LIFE CONSULTING PROJECT, will help me in improving my problem solving skills. CREATIVE MANAGEMENT THINKING, will help me in finding new and useful solutions. NEGOTIATION, mastering the power and influence process along with handling conflict management. FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT, will develop my Financial analysis skills. STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT, will enhance my skills to implement as planned in dynamic environment and improve efficiency. LEADERSHIP CURRICULUM, will help me thrive to become a Global leader with maximum impact. All the above programs will help me further to strengthen my key skills which I used during this project.