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The Blood Bank Management System has been created with a purpose of replacing all of paperwork done at the Blood Bank. All aspects of blood banking, be it donor record management, component management, crossmatching, blood issue, billing and inventory, all is completely managed by the software. The system boasts in variety and number of reports made available for analysis, legal documentation and insight.

Blood Camp Management and Reporting
Donor Management
Donor Test Results Management and Adverse Reaction Data Management
Search based on Component ID, Donor Registration ID, Donor Blood Bag Number and Donor Name
Blood Components Management
Patient Management System
Blood Issue and Billing
Managing Practical Solutions For Blood Bank Management
Inventory Management System
Fine tuned permission management for access to software for various roles like doctor, nurse, technician, receptionist, co-ordinator etc
Blood Bank Staff Management System
Reports: Adverse Reaction Report, Master Register, Govt Issue Register, Daily Remittance, Donor Register, Blood Bag Reports and so on. We have covered all the reports possible from a blood bank point of view.
All Reports are MS-Excel downloadable

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  • i need help on making SRS for a group project(online voting system|)anyone who has done something like this before please help
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  • Hi Amit, were you a developer involved in the development of this inventory?
    If yess, how can I contact you cause we're working on something like that in Egypt with an advanced features that listed here and I wannted to ask you about some questions.
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Blood Bank Management System - eBloodBanking

  1. 1. Case Study: Rashtrotthana Blood BankJagriti Innovations
  2. 2. • Rashtrotthana Blood Bank is the one of the leading bloodbanks in Bangalore, India. The software was created with apurpose of replacing all of paperwork done at the BloodBank.• All aspects of blood banking - Donor Record Management,Component Separation, Blood Search, Cross-matching,Compatibility Tests, Patient Management, Blood Issue,Billing, Inventory, Blood Camp Management, BloodAvailability, Numerous Reports with excel exportmechanisms is completely managed.• The system boasts in variety and number of reports madeavailable for analysis, legal documentation and insight.• Completely Open Source. Developed using Drupal.
  3. 3. Lists all the donors who participated in aparticular camp .Complemented withexcel export features.
  4. 4. Filters for SelectionClickable Blood Components whichare available for Blood Issue
  5. 5. Form is logicallly organized in sections
  6. 6. Donation Record Links with Edit links for quick modifications
  7. 7. Donor Record Filter Section
  8. 8. Donor Test Report: Filter ForSelection
  9. 9. Cross Match done for the componentDonor Record Link
  10. 10. Patient Blood Issue Billing, CompatibilityReport, Blood Label Printing... Allrelevant documents are auto-generated.
  11. 11. Multiple Reports in various formats. AllReports made available in the exactformat the institution requested.
  12. 12. Search based on Component ID, Donor RegistrationID, Donor Blood Bag Number and Donor Nameavailable across all pagesStaff with various roles with their profile information withpermission management depending on user role for system usage.
  13. 13. BloodComponentsIssued toPatients
  14. 14. Day-wise List of All Transactions
  15. 15. Auto-generated receipt given to the patient
  16. 16. • Permission management for all roles.• Serology Bulk Update for Donors• Component Bulk Issue to Govt. Hospitals and Fractionationcentres• Provision for Current Inventory Stock Position as well asvisual indication for low stock of items• Crossmatch data validation for each component before bloodissue.• Provision for reserving blood units for a patient• Reports: Sterility Report, Bulk Issue, Discard SachetRegister, Donor Rejection Report and so on.• Configurable Donor Eligibility Parameters and componentwise cost for both Govt and Private institutions.
  17. 17. Visit Site [Demo Site] Healthcare Solution Healthcare Solutions Us