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  1. 1. ARE YOU AWARE OF 12th FIVE YEAR PLAN...?Let’s Explore
  2. 2. 12th Plan targets in Education▪ Achieve Mean Years of Schooling of 7 by 2016-17▪ Eliminate social & gender gaps in enrolment by 2016-17▪ Increase Secondary Education GER to 90%▪ Increase Sr. Secondary GER to 65%▪ Reduce secondary drop out rate less than 25%▪ Reduce gender gap in literacy to 10 percentage points
  3. 3. 12th Plan targets in Employment▪ To create 50 million additional non-farm job opportunities in manufacturing and service sector.▪ Increase skilled workforce to at least 50 million.▪ Increase percentage of workforce receiving formal training from present 10% to 25%.▪ Doubling the annual training capacity from the existing 4.5 million.
  4. 4. Mean Years of Schooling (MYS) • 12th Plan targets to achieve Mean Years of Schooling of 7 by 2016-17 as compared to current MYS of 5.12.
  5. 5. Gross Enrollment Ratio (GER) • Current GER for Secondary Education is 62.71%. 12th Plan targets to take this to 90% . • Current GER for Senior Secondary Education is 35.92%. 12th Plan aims to increase it to 65%. • From the graph comparison between males and females GER can be done for SCs, STs, non-SCs/STs and overall.
  6. 6. Educational Goals of 12th Plan • Adjoining graph shows the current and expected values in various areas of education
  7. 7. Distribution of Budget • Adjoining graph shows the distribution of budget in areas of educational sector.
  8. 8. Sectoral Employments • Adjoining graph shows employment variation in different sector with passage of time. • On pressing the play button we can see this variation. • This variation can also be shown as a bar graph and line graph. • 12th plan aims to create 50 million additional non-farm job opportunities in manufacturing and service sector as major employment is only in agriculture.