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  1. 1. Submitted to: Submitted by:-Madhavi Damble Ashish Gupta(11MK45) Ashish Malhotra(11MK46) Atul Choubey(11MK47) INDIRA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT, PUNE
  2. 2. Dena Bank was founded on 26th May, 1938 by the family of Devkaran Nanjee under thename Devkaran Nanjee Banking Company LtdIt became a Public Ltd. Company in December 1939 and later the name was changed to Dena BankLtd.In July 1969 Dena Bank Ltd. along with 13 other major banks was nationalized and is now a PublicSector Bank constituted under the Banking Companies (Acquisition & Transfer of Undertakings) Act,1970. Under the provisions of the Banking Regulations Act 1949, in addition to the business ofbanking, the Bank can undertake other business as specified in Section 6 of the Banking RegulationsAct, 1949.Milestones One among six Public Sector Banks selected by the World Bank for sanctioning a loan of Rs.72.3 crores for augmentation of Tier-II Capital under Financial Sector Developmental project in the year 1995. One among the few Banks to receive the World Bank loan for technological upgradation and training. Launched a Bond Issue of Rs.92.13 crores in November 1996. Maiden Public Issue of Rs.180 Crores in November 1996. Introduced Tele banking facility of selected metropolitan centers.Dena Bank has been the first Bank to introduce: Minor Savings Scheme. Credit card in rural India known as "DENA KRISHI SAKH PATRA" (DKSP). Drive-in ATM counter of Juhu, Mumbai. Smart card at selected branches in Mumbai. Customer rating system for rating the Bank Services.LOGO:The logo of Dena Bank depicts Goddess Lakshmi, the Goddess of Wealth, according to Hindumythology.The contemporary D in the logo reflects the dynamism, dedication andthe drive towards customer satisfaction.MISSION:DENA BANK will provide itsCustomers - premier financial services of great value,Staff - positive work environment and opportunity for growth and achievement,Shareholders - superior financial returns,Community - economic growthVISION:DENA BANK will emerge as the most preferred Bank of customer choice in its area of operation, by itreputation and performance
  3. 3. BOARD OF DIRECTORS:- Presently we have more than 545 ATMs all across India of which 2 are Biometric ATMs. Dena Bank offers the following types of cards: 1. Dena ATM Card 2. Dena Insta Card (Un-named Debit Card) 3. Dena Debit cum ATM Card (Named Debit Card) 4. Dena International Gold Debit Card
  4. 4. PRODUCTS AND SERVICES:- DEPOSITS LOANS SERVICES Premium Savings Account Dena Niwas Housing Core Banking Solution Scheme Finance Dena ATM Services Premium Current Account Scheme Verified by Visa Services Scheme Dena Vidya Laxmi Internet Banking Dena Jeevan SB Account Educational Dena e-Tax Pay Dena Maha Tax Bachat Loan Scheme Mobile Banking Yojana Dena Suvidha Phone Banking Dena Super Premium (Personal Loan) Dena Alert Services Current Scheme Dena BillPay Account Dena Auto Finance RTGS / NEFT Dena Platinum Current Scheme Dena IndiaRemit Account Dena Consumer Inbound Remittances Scheme Durable Loan Direct Tax Collection Dena Freedom Deposit Dena Trade Finance Indirect Tax Scheme Scheme Bancassurance Dena Samruddhi Deposit Dena Senior Citizen Distribution of Mutual Funds Scheme Pensioners’ Loan Scheme Demat Services Dena Fixed Deposit Dena Mortgage Loan ASBA Scheme Scheme Visa Bill Pay Dena Senior Citizen Scheme Dena Rent Scheme GoRecharge Dena Recurring Deposit (Finance Scheme against Rent Dena Loan Linked receivables) Recurring Dena Doctor + Deposit Scheme Dena Gold Loan Dena Minor Savings Scheme Scheme Dena Alpa Bachat Khata Dena Cash CertificateSTRATEGY :-Dena Bank : Gujarat strategy “The Dena Bank management is chalking out a `Resurgent Gujarat’ package. It will have two aspects— participating in various projects here and internally ramping up the bank mechanism in the state.” “Dena bank already has a very strong presence in the state and with Gujarat making rapid progress in almost all sectors, the bank has decided to accord a major thrust in the state in the coming months,” With over 525 branches in the state, which is about 35 per cent of the total branches of the bank, the bank aims at a much larger share of business from Gujarat. “About 30 per cent of the bank’s business comes from Gujarat. We want this to go up manifold with the proposed move,”Dena Bank scouts for fresh talentsWith a view to strengthening its operation, public sector Dena Bank plans to engage specialists ininformation technology (IT), economics research, marketing, human resource an law