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Why strategy failure in Nepal


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Published in: Economy & Finance
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Why strategy failure in Nepal

  1. 1. Statuary Publication The documents which are published here is the sole publication of the Author. Any misuse and the mis-interpretation of this document by anyone, author does not take the responsibility for the same. Why Strategy Failure In Nepal? Why in Nepal, these kind of things happening from the last few years.? When Nepal went for new constitution assembly procedure, then afterwards, many thing was been changed in Nepal, our country facing day by day economic trouble with crowded people in the assembly, not doing anything, but being corrupted in their position and making our country in failure and making it more vulnerable, that’s why International pressure and our neighbours specially India is playing a negative role to make our country more painful in peace, security and nationalism. Though there was a mandate given by the Nepalease citizens to make a new constitution in 2063 B.S, and the coaliation forces went in assembly, but due to the same old people inside the assembly and the more crowded people, the mandate was been neglected by all 601 crowded people and we saw more than 4 prime minister, and government, but stil nothing changed, but became more corrupted and more vulnerable, and our country Nepal- day by day facing economic problems, strategy failure and due to International and India pressure, our country is in the next war zone. due to political instability, political unfaithfulness and due to this terrifying situation, the current government is neglecting major parties in street and due to the syndicate of the four top leaders, and the current government president chief justice Mr. Khilraj Regmi and his team are trying to bypass the
  2. 2. major 33 parties and want a fresh election in Nepal, which is not a permanent solution for Neplease citizen, but a ready for a war zone again in Nepal. Though we Neplease are able to vote the leaders who can make our country in more futuristic and make our country rise in economy, sustainable development, and our overall development and make our country independent, but these things are in zero conditions today and what we see now, is that, due to our many corrupt leaders, though they are born in Nepal, but they give and pay attention what Indian government say and what US say,not listen nepalease citizen’s major voices, the top leaders and the government officials give damn to 3 crore citizens vote and voice, but they believe only to the south face and the international agencies. Due to more social domestic like dog, they used to run towards south and wanted their career as a blessings from south to make their government in Nepal. Everybody know what is going in Nepal and about the situation in Nepal. Though by the data and collected information, Nepal’s literacy rate was high during few years, but it seems the data are incorrect and people became blind, may be! if not then there should be a strong voice about making free Nepal. But not, people seems they were not interested what is going in Nepal. They only think about their benfit, not to the nation. The topmost leaders, few diplomats, the army top men, the social workers and some few more who are more realistic to say as a nationalist in Nepal, are coordinating with south and international agencies trying to do whatever they wanted to do in Nepal. But it’s our bad luck everytimes, because in Nepal when we see hope for new Nepal, then the south will act here as if our country Nepal is their private property and drive a steering as they want, not by our leaders. Then why to vote again?
  3. 3. People are so dull and intoxicated by south face that they instead of making warn to them, they(the top parties leaders) go to the embassy per wednesday to meet the ambassdors and for new tactis how to make this country failure and run according to their style. Even our few top leaders, few social workers in the name of human rights and ngo/ingo’s, few diplomats, many supporters of south face are making our country life a living hell and they are enjoying their life with destroying our economy, destroying our unity in the name of caste, religion, place, only to be stable in the post of ministers and presidents. Majority are not here to make us unity and peace, but they are here only to rule and make our country failure in strategy, failure in foreign policy, failure in economy, failure in government, though south face was succeeded to failure the political stability in Nepal, because they knew that this 601 crowded people will not be united and protect their nation being a nationalist, and they act as a catalyst and dissolved our assembly by making quarell between different parties in the name of madhesi’s, inclusion and exclusion and the leaders which are representing their parties in the constitution assembly being a slavery of so called south face, not having a proper direction and faking citizens from the area where they have won elections and promised to the citizens, that they will give us new constitution from constitution assembly. From very begining we knew that this tricks are played by Indian government, how then, the maoist which was been trained, though i cannot say 100% that all are non-nationalism, but while looking their strategy, it seems much terrifying situation during few year records here. The maoist who had followed communism and became a powerful getting 120 seats in 2063 BS elections, but also been forced
  4. 4. by south face what they want here in Nepal; our badluck again that people or the citizens of Nepal are focussed on parties face but not for making strong Nationalism, and due to this conditions, the same part of life started, the same old leaders there again, uneducated leaders, corrupted people, crowded people, who never went for respecting people’s vote, only went for making governments, pointing each other. But in corruption, they became united and destroyed our image infront international and neighbours by making this country failure in the name of caste, religion, culture, male, female, inclusion, exclusion and more such banners. Our country Nepal is completely failure in strategies now and due to this disadvantages there was a multilateral pressure from neighbours and internationals here in Nepal. Due to our political leaders who used to blame each other and there is a main line agency which has made our constitution assembly failure and the failure was made by a chief justice khilraj regmi and his bench, and the funny situation of Nepal is again we are seeing here is that, the same person who is main responsibilty to collapse our constitution assembly is the president of the ministers and the government. What a shocking thing is going in Nepal and no body speaks on this matters. They used to blame each other and making more unfaithful towards each other and this is a concept of firesale. And today this government became one of the mercenary government and which is a black day for Neplease citizen and for our motherland. But who thinks, what is going in Nepal, people are interested in social benefits, only for their pleasures,
  5. 5. nobody think for their nations, only focus on their supporting leaders and parties, and this is a bad luck for we all. Here in Nepal, if people is united as a nationalist, then only the newer face will be there in constitution assembly who have an agenda for making new Nepal, but it’s our country bad luck and that’s why people are more interested in parties rather than few party and a Nationalist. We should give a vote to that leader, who can support and respect people’s vote and develop our nation. Our general thinking is that we gave a vote to leaders, but after winning they didn’t went for development, people always forget one thing that “Development is not a magical ring, it takes a time to developed a city and Infrastructures”, but due to poor knowledge or political negative influence by other people, people get frequently changed. As we see many changes in capital, during Dr. Baburam Bhattarai period’s. Being a urban planner and well educated, he tried and due to his faith, he never make his strategy failure, that’s why the road are seems much more widened here. He has tried to make a change in the societies, but people who are pessimistic, always have a question inside?, and as we know the other leaders, even Indians, International don’t want Nepal rise, peace, security in Nepal, they want to make a medium to break peace and unstable so that they can be here in Nepal for failing this country and making it back again, in the war zone and this things should be understood by every Nepali, so that they can make free from such disorders. Though Indian government are very much interested to capture Nepal resources and enter in Nepal supporting Americans to established Dalai lama in the name of free Tibet, but one thing Indian should also know, if India thinks that helping will make his country benefits, then it will be proved wrong in the coming future.
  6. 6. Americans are like a termites, when they enter anywhere, they had always destroyed their peace, security, resources, and killing many citizens in the name of terrorist. We see many examples here in this world. The main agenda of americans is to enter in Nepal, so that he can control both India and China, because both countries are emerging in great powers and Americans never want the Asian rising in economy or in nuclear power or in development. If India thinks that, they had win by disturbing Nepal’s peace and everything, then one day in future we had a chance to see India’s health. The situation is out of control here in Nepal. The political parties, are main responsible for making our country strategy failure in Nepal. South being a huge population of 130 million contains only 543 seats direct assembly members and 2 are been appointed by presidents. But in context of Nepal, 601 including direct and parties vote, being so much smaller country than India (south) are here only for destroying this Nation resources, and in the name of different banners, political leaders are disturbing people’s unity and wanted to rule not as per by their performance but by south and Internationals. The transitional period is not going to end but there is more blood shed arriving here in the country. We want a free and bold Nepal, not interfering by South nor International governments. Though, it is meaningless to speak on this issue as we know our leaders are not so capable to be called a Nepalease rather to be called as a slave of Indians.; and they are still proving here by their body language as well as their influence more focus on Indian speech rather focussing for Nepalease people and give us a new constitution. When after late king Birendra and his family was sorted out by so called political strategy, then afterwards many practical steps was been
  7. 7. carried out in Nepal. Though we Nepalease thought, that the unified maoist will act strongly against such interfere, but they posses the same character as the other parties leaders do and went on many such agreement which shouldn’t be done. And there are few leaders who want Indian government interfere in our local and National issue rather sorting internally by table talks and agreement. Our political leaders are not thinking for their motherland, and their Nation, they only thinks and works as per Indian government and Internationals, why how- Then we see here from the begining that; whenever they want to be in ministers they used to run towards south to make them stable. Due to this political strategy , everyone can understand what is happening inside our country. Even this condition occurs; people are not here being united, but joining and representing different parties for vote and this election which is going to be happened in mangsir 4 2070, how the top leaders get 2/3rd votes having unclear agendas regarding federal state and overall development? The top parties don’t have a clear agenda’s and people are engaged again to rejoin for new constitution, and we know all, that this time also, people will not get new constitution rather political leaders and parties again be united to failure our economy and policy so that they can again rule without making new constitution and blaming each other. Nobody cares for nepalease citizens here. some few nationalist party will, but we know one thing, if few nationalist want to do something, then south acts here and everything will go according to that, as we see the 32 parties including maoist parties are outside in the road, but this brokers (The current government people) are here ready to do elections as like panchyat sytem.
  8. 8. Government is in the war zone ahead and still knows that the late PLA which are been proved as unqualified army are supporting maoist, that’s why our country men who is main responsible to collapse constitution assembly by supreme court chief justice Khilraj regmi and his bench and is again here to advertise how this constitution is important for civillian of Nepal, these people are responsible to destroy our peace, security and policies. But who cares? People of Nepal are more dull, and easily made fooled and many such media are also responsible to drag this country in hell. If media gets money for their TRP then they can highlight fake news in more broader way, and our citizens don’t get the actual information and start believing what the news channel speaks. Our another failure is that we don’t go for finding true things purely, we just believe what the news channel says. The current government status is mentally weak and adressed few days ago as they were ready to prepare war but not ready to talks. Because the addressed was only to harm civillians only. The 10 days national strike was been made by 32 parties and for to collapse that instead of normalizing by talks, government is in cruel path. They told that if any unpleasant occurs then government is ready to pay Rs 25,000 and if anyone gets hurt, then government will pay attention, but the government fail to address that they were not in favour of citizens and civillians. As if they are more eager to attack the 32 parties leader, their supporters in a mercenary way and if few or more civilian dies, then government is ready to provide intensive rather than security. What a government we posses in Nepal? Everybody should think nicely. It’s about us, we Nepalease citzens, so every Nepalease who stay in Nepal as well as who are in neighbouring country as well as
  9. 9. in abroad, think twice, whom we are voting and is there any guarantee that we all Nepalease citizen are geting our new constitution this year? The current situation of Nepal is horrible and if this continues then we don’t see any hope being stable nation in the upcoming days. Though all Neplease should understand one thing, if we be united and warn our country leaders who really are responsible for our country’s future then they should go for talks with 32 parties which are outside the part-2 constitution assembly elections. If government has made their mentality not to go for talks, then Nepalease army and few corrupt leaders are on the way to confrontation rather than making this country stable, secure and in peace and development. Though it’s our bad luck, that we choose such leaders and make them win by voting them instead of throwing them forever. Nepal lacks nationalist citizens rather citizens are favourable according to the parties. Few people are here in Nepal who really works for benefits of Nepal, but more people-though they gets votes to change Nepal, but act according to what other demands, that’s why different kinds of strategy are failure in Nepal. The more corrupt leaders win, the more unstable governments and our head of state is also responsible in this matters. Being the head of the state, President Rambaran Yadav, had played a negative role and been dragged in political affairs from the first period till date. Though president is just like a statue for a Neplease kingdom. Here in Nepal the political leaders are in the way to do anything, because whenever leaders want some changes in Interim constitution, they go for president and want as per they
  10. 10. say and president act according to them. Then how do we Neplease judge this kinds of happenings here? Nepalease should think now, think from both the sides, is the four party leaders are in peace or are making our country in war zone? I am quite shocked why people of Nepal are not reacting on this kinds of issues. If leaders can then- they can go for publishing our constitution righ now. If “editing, President can pass the law, then why this kinds of election is here”? Only to make people confuse and due to our few leaders who are not here to make peace and rise our country but only want quarell and failure unified maoist and confront with another maoist, so that congressmen and the other parties who don’t want changes but act as if they were in the process to change and rule this country again always faking the citizens of Nepal and act as per Indians view. And everybody knows why king was thrown from his palace. It is not that people went to throw king, It is also from south because that time our king didn’t obey’s Indian idea and that’s why today’s maoist and 7 parties get an agreement in Delhi and it is clear that, if south wants then only- Nepal will be developed and if not India can make rise and fall to anyone, this situation arises because Nepalease don’t believe that they are more capable than Indians or any internationals. But due to our so called leaders, this things is happening still and now Indians are in the way to make more failure in this country. When indian foreign secretary arrives and talks with few leaders, the agreement was been dragged and suddenly government reacts and steps back which was been agreement with 32 political parties call for conference. So what is happening in Nepal, each one knows, but
  11. 11. also our citizens don’t stop Indians torture, but found to be silent as if we are a slave of Indians. Similar cases was happened last few months ago. The BSF of India came to Nepal and search for Nepalease home and terrible things happened, but due to silence of our top most leaders, it can directly be called that, this leaders are here for confrontation with people rather making this country in progress and peace. In Nepal, the educated people are interested in their pleasures, political leaders are interested in faking people, people are mainly interested in joining and supporting parties whom they favour, social workers in the name of ngo/ingo’s are busy in frauding people, some ingo’s in the name of inclusion and exclusion are donating dollars, some few westerns in the name of christians and dollars, encouraging people to change their religion; chief justice and his bench who collapsed our constitution assembly is in the prime minister post, corrupted people in the government and ambassdor post, traders and merchants are making their own law to disturb’s society, police men are showing their power to poor class people and corruption everywhere, party favourable media, not favour to Nationalism, and our whole country is in the way to unfollow the rules and regulations. and as i said earlier this is the term of –Firesale. Though hope for the best and as fast as possible, the Nepalease government and the 33 parties including maoist who were in the streets have a peace talks rather more prepare for confrontation and a war zone, which will be more vulnerable situation for we all Nepali people and our country Nepal. It will be more fruitful if all the parties participating in election and fullfil the National current demands, which can be a way to make our country protected from
  12. 12. more blood shed and failure from progressive path and at last don’t make our country and country people divide in the name of caste, religion, inclusion, madhesi’s, exclusion and such banners. First we all are a Nepalease people and we all should think first for our country Nepal. Then we can go for our identity and federal state. If this country exist, then we Nepalease can be united forever and our country Nepal flag will be respected by everybody. If not, we act like a Nepalease, there will be a south flag as our national flag in the coming future. In my opinion, there should be a 5 federal states and not more than that. Our geographical including Terai, mountain and himalayan region having its own importance from east to west as well as from north to south. The cultural, social, economical, custom, religion and the mix community pattern living is only found in Nepal and; people are much united by social norms and religious point of view. we should be much aware from such mafia who wants our country be broken in the name of caste, religion, and such banners. And this kinds of country is a unique combination of people, their belief, custom, social welfare, unity which in the different parts of the world lacks,; that’s why bilateral and multilateral pressure was here in Nepal to collapse our unity and want us to be in quarell in the name of caste, religion, sex, and such other banners; so that they can interfere on our local issues and can show their power in our country to divide people’s view and can rule and capture our resources like medicinal herbs, Mt. Everest and such other mountains, our archaeological features, our resources of waterflow, our flora and fauna, our each and valuable resources which are found in this country Nepal.
  13. 13. At last, if there will be a decentralized of power in 5 development region, then we do not have to bargain and go again for quarellsome for dividing our federal states here in Nepal. I think, every party will agree and we also know that if really the parties which are inside in Nepal are really a Nationalist and act according for Nepalease citizens who really speaks true and want a secured and bright future and development in Nepal, then the parties and the top leaders will not make our pride fall forever. Amit Pokhrel Post graduate student of Urban design and conservation