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  2. 2. Landscape Architect: Mikyoung Kim Location: Central Seoul, Korea Owner/Client: Seoul Metropolitan Governme Project Area: 91,000 sqm [2.25 acres] Project Year: 2007 Site info
  3. 3. Site plan The ChonGae Canal was once a naturally formed stream that flowed through the heart of Seoul, South Korea. It served a key role in the city’s preindus- trial development, providing residents with clean drinking water, crop irrigation, and a means of transportation
  4. 4. Between 1970- 1990 Chongae became center of industry , but steam lost its pride . In 2003, the city launched a campaign to uncover and restore seven miles of the polluted ChonGae waterway (shown in yellow), aligning the canal with the city’s new vision of sustainability. The project involved removing nearly four miles of elevated highways. The ChonGae Canal Point Source Park (shown in orange), marks the starting point of the stream restoration in city’s central business district 2007
  5. 5. A new park, “Sunken Stone Garden,” was built at the water’s edge in the heart of downtown, creating a vibrant public space that reunites adjacent neighborhoods and reconnects the people of Seoul to this historic waterway.
  6. 6. During the monsoon season, the ChonGae used to overflow its banks and cause massive flood damage to buildings and infrastructure. The new design, which includes high levee walls along the sides of the canal, can accommodate a 100-year storm.
  7. 7. Beyond its functional purpose, the new design educates visitors about seasonal and daily changes in water volume. Placing stones at incremental elevations can allow visitors to track the water level. The artful and ever-changing appearance of this landscape makes this an engaging public space.
  8. 8. The ChonGae Canal attracts visitors at all times of the day. The site hosts numerous events through the year including New Year’s festivals, political rallies, fashion shows, and rock concerts. By attracting people from all over the city, the park has helped revitalize neighborhoods and spur business development on both sides of the river.
  9. 9. Air pollution along the stream has dropped 36 percent. Also, summer temperatures along the canal are now 5 degrees lower than surrounding areas Just four years after the stream was uncovered, the number of fish species has increased from 4 to 25, bird species from 6 to 36, insect species from 15 to 192, and plant species from 62 to 308.